December 31, 2005

Volume 44 

1. HUMAN Aisha Interest Story: New Years Resolutions
2. SPORTS: Van Gundy Out, Riley In, Heat beat the Lakers!
3. SPORTS: FIFA 2005 Player of the Year
4. TV: Dave Chapelle Conspiracy Theory
5. FILM: Software says it can predict future film flops and hits
6. FILM: King Wrong
7. FILM: Chronicles of Narnia
8. FILM: Brokeback Mountain
9. FILM Da Vinci Crock
10. MUSIC: Eminem Impersonator Imprisoned
11. MUSIC: New York Times Questions Spears Suit
12. MUSIC: Madonna Lawsuit
13. MUSIC: Warner Loses 30 Million This Quarter
14. MUSIC: iTunes Price Increase?
15. MUSIC: Billboard Can’t Count; “Elvis Record for Most Top 10 Hit Singles Still Intact”
16. LEGAL FILE: Repeat Copyright Infringers
17. LEGAL FILE: Sony Payola
18. LEGAL FILE: Sony BMG threatens international security with XCP
19. LEGAL FILE: Sony BMG infringed the Copyrights of source code programmers
20. LEGAL FILE: Follow up – Disney settles one of several ride death suits
21. LEGAL FILE: Jennifer Aniston sues paparazzi for invasion of privacy
22. LEGAL FILE: Blackberry Copyright Infringement lawsuit could cause shut down
23. FINANCIAL: Jackson Beatles Catalog Pt 2
24. WORLD NEWS: Dictatorships and the Dictator who dictate them
25. HEALTH: Are Cell Phones Causing Tumors in Kids
26. RACE RELATIONS: Race Riot Erupts In Australia
27. RACE RELATIONS: White Supremacists and Ethnic Cleansing
28. RACE RELATIONS: Prussian Blue follow up: stage mother April Gaede
29. SPIRITUAL: More cult stuff again
30. SPIRITUAL: What Are You Pursuing
31. SPIRITUAL: Meddling Parents – Sometimes it’s a good thing.
32. SPIRITUAL: Do Unto Others

Correction: 1-2-06  In the "FILM: Chronicles of Narnia" section of the Column it is supposed to say after 3 weeks of box office receipts, not after 4 weeks of box office receipts, (let's be technical) The Chronicles of Narnia has under performed the studio touted expectations of surpassing the Passion of the Christ, in box office sales, doing roughly half the numbers of the Passion of the Christ, evident via side by side box office chart comparisons. Either way, it still means the same thing. It was a secular audience.

HUMAN Aisha Interest Story: New Years Resolutions

1. Stop making type-o's on this web site.

2. Stop slamming the people who stole my copyrighted work, a resolution that will probably last for approximately one month, until the January 2006 Sound Off Column rolls around.

3. Most importantly (as the previous two I clearly can’t do) by God’s Grace help make the world a better place.

SPORTS: Van Gundy Gone, Riley Returns, Heat beat the Lakers


Stan (left) Pat (Right)

Stan Van Gundy has resigned as coach of the Miami Heat. Best wishes to him in the future. Last season was a lot of fun.

And best wishes to your brother Jeff as well, who will always hold a special place in Miami's collective heart...for trying to stop the fight between Larry Johnson and Alonzo Mourning and inadvertently sliding down the latter's leg, then hanging on for dear life. That is our city's favorite sports moment. Thanks for the memories.

Seriously, I wish you the best in your future endeavors.

Longtime Heat coach that many of us watched on TV for years, Pat Riley, and his hair gel, have returned as head coach. From his early days leaving New York for Miami and needing extra security every time the Heat played the Knicks in New York (kidding - at least I hope) to helping build the Heat into a world class team, Riley has done a lot for the organization.


The Heat beat The Lakers on Christmas Day. Just thought I'd mention that. Not rubbing it in or anything that the Heat won.

Cause you know I'd never do something like that, as it is always good to be a gracious winner and not remind the competition that you mopped the floor with them on national TV on Christmas Day, with all their families and the whole nation watching...and syndicated different languages.

Don't get mad, I'm just playing.

The Dolphins, who I wrote about last month, are also on a roll as well, with a four game winning streak.

SPORTS: FIFA 2005 Player of the Year

Soccer player Ronaldinho

I saw the FIFA 2005 Player of the Year Award ceremony on the Spanish language channel Galavision and it was nice. Runner up, Englishman Frank Lampard, much like myself, didn't understand some of it though, as it was televised in Spanish, then Ronaldinho made his acceptance speech in Portuguese and runner up Samuel Eto'o spoke in French.

Just teasing, but FIFA truly is international and I enjoyed watching the ceremony.  

Credit to Ronaldinho - his footwork is truly impressive. Congrats!

TV: Dave Chapelle Conspiracy Theory

Comedian Dave Chapelle [Photo Credit: Steve Granitz/Wire Image]

Since Dave Chapelle went acachapella there have been rumors as to the cause behind the voluntary end of his show (get it?  acappella means without accompaniment - ok, it was a corny joke, but I'm not ashamed to admit it).

A new web site had put forth its own explanation of what happened = a wealthy black conspiracy at the hands of Oprah Winfrey, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and several others, to end his show due to the negative stereotypes portrayed on the show.

Some believed it, some didn't. I read the site and the claims were really something, however, there was no digital or physical proof or witnesses.

Then I thought, wow, and here it is all this time I thought it was the weed that got to him and he cancelled the show.

Then the site host put up a disclaimer stating it was only a parody and not based in truth. The internet is something else. That site got media attention and had people wondering if it was true or not.

Regarding Dave, I hope he feels better soon. Depression is no joke. Neither is weed.

He was reportedly being advised by the same guru that advised Lauryn Hill. No disrespect intended, but I'm not a fan of guruism. I'm very wary of it, as it has an indelible track record of detrimentally misleading many.

No matter who you are, at the end of the day you have to remember, a guru cannot be your guide or your judge. Only God can truly be your Guide and He is your Judge. Only He knows all the answers and He gave you your own mind, not for other people to make it up for you.

FILM: Software says it can predict future film flops and hits

Tech News World reported Professor Ramesh Sharda developed a program that can predict whether a film will be a success or flop at the box office.

However, in my humble opinion, the software has one major flaw…it can't watch the movie. It can't gauge it for human emotion and reaction to key parts of a film.

The article quoted analyst Boyd Peterson who said before the release of King Kong:

"To predict whether 'King Kong' is going to be successful, I don't know how important that is. But to predict something that is a little bit more esoteric is a more difficult task."

Um, even King Kong bombed. Speaking of the Ape that was D.O.A before the movie even ended…

FILM: King Wrong

Box Office bonanza or Box Office banana?

It seems "King Kong" slipped on his banana and flopped. King Kong gave Hollywood a serious Maalox moment this week, when its first two days of release midweek barely cleared $15,000,000.

While I think Jackson is a talented director, the mere thought of the executives at Universal reaching for the Maalox made my day. Over the weekend, it cleared $50,000,000 - which was still considered a flop in the press and industry in light of the fact that a.) Universal was expecting $90,000,000 and b.) They spent $300,000,000 making said film.

Universal thought it would be the next "Titanic." Ironically, it was a Titanic of sorts – literally. Just not in the sense of the word they expected.

It’s amazing. One should never count one's chickens before they hatch. The press hyped this movie up to extremes, calling it a “blockbuster” before it was even released. Now the numbers are saying otherwise.

FILM: Chronicles of Narnia

Follow up on the last Sound Off Column where I wrote:

"I am asking Christians to NOT go see the 'Chronicles of Narnia.' Let Disney and the demons who run it get their revenues elsewhere from secular audiences. They have shown time and time again that they don't care about us. Disney, its devilish vulture Michael Eisner and his underlings, could care less about us. They’ve shown it with their actions one too many times."

Disney didn't quite get what they expected. They got secular audiences, not the Christian one it expected. They wanted "Passion of the Christ" box office numbers, but didn’t get it. They got half that number, which translates into a secular audience, not a Christian one.

"Passion of the Christ" was in a few hundred less theaters than Narnia, yet Narnia still under performed with all that blanket advertising and promo to Christian and secular audiences:

In the first four weeks the "Passion of the Christ" was out it made $295,507,244

In the four weeks the "Chronicles of Narnia" has been out it has made $163,544,000

Big difference in numbers. About half. With all the marketing and promotion Disney did for Naria, more than the "Passion of the Christ" had, with the pre-release publicly touted expectation of pulling in better numbers, in deciding to go for Christian and secular audiences, it has under performed, when they expected it to surpass.

It did half that amount. People boycotting Disney certainly didn’t help numbers either.

So far in America, after movie theaters get their cut of 45% of box office receipts, Disney has made $90,200,000 on a movie that cost $180,000,000 to make, in addition to tens of millions more to market and advertise.

I have not seen this film and have no intention of supporting anything with the Disney name on it due to how they criminally stole copyrighted works from me that were Christian and removed the Christian references from it, reaping millions in criminal profit, as mention in my lawsuit listed on this page.

However, even looking at excerpts, themes and the soundtrack to Narnia, a DVD I recommended on this site before Disney ever got the idea to remake it and sadly unChristianize it, it’s clear it was not a true Christian film once Disney got through with it. Old habits die hard, huh Eisner.

FILM: Brokeback Mountain

The new film, Gayback, um I mean Brokeback Mountain got quite a bit of attention in the press recently, hyping it up for its Hollywood touted debut.

I thought to myself, "Huh? A gay cowboy film? What is this world coming to." Tonto would pass out!

Hollywood is a trip. But sorry, I'm not buying it. A gay cowboy? Who, the guy from the Village People?

I have not seen the film and will not (hey it's not my cup of tea), but an article I read indicated it was about two gay cowboys who had girlfriends and discovered they were gay and left them for each other to be together in their gayness.

Oops spoiler alert! (smirk). Oh wait, you're supposed to yell spoiler alert before you give it away (joking).

I read there were gay scenes in the film. I've written this in this Column before ("Alexander the Great") and I'll write it again, straight people don't want to see dudes kissing each other. Not gonna happen.

Of course, the reviews were glowing because, well, Hollywood is mostly gay. May as well rename it Gaywood.

However, let the plot of that film have been in reverse, two gay cowboys, who go straight and marry women, and Hollywood would have thrown a massive hissy fit and paid for horrible press reviews in an attempt to kill the film. 

In other gay news, Elton John had a civil union ceremony with David Furnish. It was reported he was "horrified" when Christian fundamentalists (they say it like it's a bad thing) turned up to protest the "first gay civil unions earlier" in the week, and was "determined it wouldn't happen on his big day." It was reported he got the Police to stand guard.

They do have the right to gather peacefully and protest, just like gay people have the right to gather and protest  -and do all the time.

However, the Elton highlight of the week was him calling Madonna a "miserable cow" as mentioned further in this Column. Those two have been going at it for a while. He made fun of her lip syncing, she made fun of his hair. She boycotted his wedding, he called her a "miserable cow." Ah, two gay people fighting.

FILM: Da Vinci Crock

Movie still from a Blasphemous scene from the forthcoming film the Da Vinci Code 

The above posted movie still says “So dark the con of man,” a blasphemous take on one of the names of Christ, “The Son of Man.”

The church had the "Omega Code," now Hollywood is putting out the "Da Vinci Code" in a pathetic attempt to destroy the character of Christ and the tenets of Christianity.

The whole premise of this movie is the fictitious, meritless, baseless claim that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married and bore an illegitimate child that the Church has been hiding.

Uh, that sounds more like something Hollywood would do. And when has the church ever been able to hide anything. It is always under constant scrutiny from Hollywood. And when they can't find anything, they invent something. 

The movie refers to this lie as one of the biggest cover-ups in history. I think one of the biggest cover-ups in history are the sheer number of toupees and plastic surgeries in Hollywood.  

The IMDB plot outline states: A murder in the Louvre and clues in Da Vinci paintings lead to the discovery of a religious mystery protected by a secret society for two thousand years -- which could shake the foundations of Christianity.

"Clues in Da Vinci's paintings" are what this lie of a movie is based upon. Yes, just what we need for factual evidence - the painted ramblings of one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Get it? - One of the Teenage Mutant Nija Turtles was named after Leonardo Da Vinci:

Leonardno (Da Vinci) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

In all seriousness, Da Vinci was a good painter, but I cannot believe so called hidden clues in his paintings are what agnostics, atheists and Hollywood Christianity haters have been clinging to, clutching at straws, in an attempt to somehow discredit Christianity and somehow justify their unethical, godless conduct.

The book and movie blasphemously state the supposed clues in the paintings are that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married and had a child.

So we are supposed to toss out the window, years of Biblical, archaeological, scientific and theological discoveries and findings proving the births and deaths of people and events in the Bible, Bible prophecies that have happened in our world as predicted in the Bible before they happened - in favor of Hollywood's defamatory slandering and libeling of Christ with absolutely no proof whatsoever.

First they tried to recast Christ in Hollywood's image, as gay and having gay fantasies while dying on the cross in Jesus Christ Superstar, now Hollywood has recast Him as straight, but married to Mary Magdalene with an illegitimate son.

I've said it before and I will say it again, if someone made cutting movies about key people in Hollywood, they would run to their shrinks crying and threatening to sue, but when they mock, defame, malign and libel people, it's supposed to be acceptable. That's called a pathetic double standard.

The author of the "Da Vinci Code," Dan Brown, is quite the hypocrite as well. He reportedly grew angry when someone released word of a fact based, albeit unflattering book they have been writing about Mr. Brown.

He was also sued for copyright infringement, in what author Lewis Perdue (no, not the chicken guy) called the copyright infringement of his works "The Da Vinci Legacy" and "Daughter of God." While there were rip offs of his work, the Judge deemed it un-copyrightable rip offs, even though he was previously granted copyrights for said works. Hmmm. 

Typical of Hollywood, once again they are attempting to use psychology on the church in telling us to go see the film then make up our minds if it's blasphemous, so they can get us in the theater and get our money, which is all they really want.

Don’t they have secular audiences for that. That is who the film caters to. Why don’t you pitch the film to the atheists and agnostics and leave the church alone.

Come back when you actually come up with something that is actually a real Christian film and stop trying to fool people. Gibson did and the church paid to see that. So it's not that the church is unwilling.

I’d actually have some modicum of respect for Hollywood if it didn’t try to con and disrespect people of the faith so much. One would think you'd have more to do with your lives. 

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, why should the church pay to have someone mock, malign and defame us. Ethics plays a big part of it.

Imagine if I made an annihilating film about recently ousted former Disney CEO Michael Eisner, then went to his family, pitching it to them, telling them to go to theaters to pay to watch me rip their father to shreds – but keep an open mind, while you watch a film I made to mock, deride and disintegrate your father’s name and legacy forever.

Would his family say, "Aisha you’re so brilliant, this is the film we‘ve been waiting for all our lives. We’re gonna buy advance tickets to see it. And line up around the block to get in the theater just to watch you cinematically rip our father to shreds."

Given that analogy, how is it Hollywood wants the church to go see the Da Vinci Code, which defames, libels, maligns, mocks and impugns the character of Christ, the Son of God, our Father.

Hollywood frequently does films that slams Christianity, as the majority of Hollywood is hedonistic and opposed to the basic principles of the Faith that stresses ethics.

You’re not smart and we aren’t stupid. Go watch your own movie.

Another thing. Why doesn’t Hollywood make the “Mohammed Code.” Oh yea, that’s right. The extremist Muslims would blow you to smithereens.

MUSIC: Eminem Impersonator Imprisoned


Eminem (left), impersonator Christopher Duncan (Right)

And from the well-at-least-he’s-not-insane file: Eminem had a video named Stan about an Eminem impersonator who kills his girlfriend, stuffing her in the trunk of his car. Impersonator Christopher Duncan acted out the video in being an Eminem impersonator just like Stan, who locked his girlfriend in a suitcase and killed her.

Christopher Duncan was convicted of murder in London and sent to jail for 25 years for the brutal murder of his date, Jagdip Najran, a law student and aspiring singer. It was reported she went back to his apartment with him after meeting him, he had sex with her, then beat her over the head with a metal baseball bat and stuffed her into a suitcase whilst she was still alive.

He was alleged to have been drunk and high.

Reuters reported: On the night of the murder, Duncan had met his victim in a London karaoke bar where the manager said he had been "aggressively" performing songs by Eminem, notorious for his violent and misogynistic lyrics. "One doctor who examined you says you are a grandiose self centred individual with a high opinion of your looks, musical abilities and sexual prowess," the judge said.

Women need to be careful. Some pull a Paris Hilton, meet people and sleep with them not knowing who they really are, endangering their health and lives.

But that’s the image portrayed on TV and in film of what you should do, because it will supposedly make you hot, as in cool. Meet a total stranger, sleep with them, then call up your friends in the morning and brag about. In this day and age that is a dangerous habit that needs to stop.


Reiteration: as written above, "2. Stop slamming the people who stole my copyrighted work, a resolution that will probably last for approximately one month, until the January 2006 Sound Off Column rolls around."

You know what, I don't believe in procrastination, so let's not wait until January:

MUSIC: New York Times Questions Spears Suit


Pic Caption: "Britney Spears Ditches Madonna on Malibu Shopping Trip... halfway through a shopping trip in Malibu, California, in favor of a little clingy black number. And the reason? Rather than a ruck with Kabbalah queen Madonna, we reckon Brit's quick change is because she suddenly remembered just how flattering a plain black top can be." - National Ledger.

It looks like The New York Times helped out US Weekly somewhat with an article questioning the validity of Spear's lawsuit for libel against the latter, stating the wording in the legal action reflects that technically they are being sued for calling her and Federline "goofy."

I have not read the suit, but if that truly is the basis for said legal action, it is going to be hard to convince a jury that Britney Spears is not goofy, in the bad sense of the word, as in her show should have been called "Idiotic" instead of "Chaotic":

"It is worth noting that in the filing, Ms. Spears did not sue over the magazine's printed allegation that she and her husband had made such a tape. While Mr. Singer said no such tape existed, it is not cited in the suit as the source of the libel, only the suggestion that she and her husband acted "goofy" while they watched it with their lawyers. The magazine's article makes no such suggestion to my reading, only that they acted "goofy" while making the tape, not while watching it." - New York Times

Me personally, I think she is suing because she wants the money. Someone's got to pay for the homes, hair extensions, the lip syncing lessons and legal fees.

Far worse has been said about her and she did nothing. All of a sudden she is displaying this unconvincing righteous indignation. If you say so.

MUSIC: Madonna Lawsuit

Lip syncist Mad-onna

Recusal Request

On December 13, 2005, in a written motion, I formally requested the judge, Cecilia Altonaga, recuse herself as presiding judge in the case, due to a significant conflict of interest, not being versed in the case or the serious matters surrounding it, unprovoked verbal abuse and not ruling on urgent matters that allowed Madonna and co. to criminally steal millions more in copyrighted works belonging to me, six weeks after the lawsuit was filed and they were served and given a cease and desist order.

On December 22, 2005 I checked the Court's computers and it did reflect a new Judge had been assigned the case, however, I have not received written confirmation of this yet, therefore I cannot confirm it. The computers on the second floor in the records room seemed to be more updated than the ones on the ground floor.

As I expected, this case has gotten off to a bad start. This is why I told you all in this Column two months ago (before all this happened in the case this month) that I am going into court with no expectations. I had read numerous entertainment industry lawsuits, about 100, and 98% of them bore a very disturbing pattern.

Consequential Congressional questions need to be asked as to what happens in these entertainment industry cases - especially the ones with Warner Bros and Disney as defendants. Looking on, one walks away with a certain impression. It doesn't look good.

Conflict of interest

Here is an excerpt from my motion to recuse, regarding the conflict of interest:

4. Code of Conduct for United States Judges


C. Disqualification.

(1) A judge shall disqualify himself or herself in a proceeding in which the judge's impartiality might reasonably be questioned, including but not limited to instances in which:

(d) the judge or the judge's spouse, or a person related to either within the third degree of relationship, or the spouse of such a person:

(i) is a party to the proceeding, or an officer, director, or trustee of a party;

(iii) is known by the judge to have an interest that could be substantially affected by the outcome of the proceeding; or  

5. After filing this lawsuit on September 30, 2005, the Plaintiff researched the assigned judge, Cecilia Altonaga on the internet. She came across an article in an F.I.U. magazine that featured Judge Altonaga. Said article noted that Judge Altonaga’s husband, George Mencio jr, is a partner in the law firm Holland and Knight. SEE EXHIBIT A and B.

 6. One of the Defendants in the case Aisha v. Madonna, “Jive Records,” is wholly owned by the influential multi-billion dollar corporation Sony BMG (SEE EXHIBIT D), who are, upon information and belief, one of Judge Altonaga’s husband’s biggest clients SEE EXHIBIT C. Judge Altonaga should have disclosed this very important fact.

7. Upon reading the above-mentioned article, the Plaintiff instantly knew the name, Holland and Knight, due to said firm having been listed in numerous entertainment industry digests and publications over the years. They are well known in the entertainment industry, representing many industry members. This concerned the Plaintiff, but she hoped for the best and continued to work on her case with Judge Altonaga presiding, rather than having to ask for the awkward “motion to recuse” a Federal judge.  

8. However, due to recent developments, namely Judge Altonaga ignoring several of the Plaintiff’s pleadings for judicial intervention in what is a very serious case with U.N. human rights violations, not being versed in the case and inappropriately chastising and verbally abusing the Plaintiff at the case’s first pre-trial hearing, the Plaintiff has serious misgivings as to whether or not the case will be impartially tried under the current circumstances, coupled with the serious conflict of interest.

9. Though the Plaintiff submitted credible evidence in support of her pleas for judicial intervention to stop the Defendants from criminally stealing and using anymore of her copyrighted works they are in unlawful possession of a copy of, Judge Altonaga ignored her pleas. And with no judicial intervention, this empowered the Defendants to criminally steal additional copious amounts of the Plaintiff's copyrighted works after suit was filed on September 30, 2005, releasing it into the marketplace on November 15, 2005, reaping additional millions in criminal profit, causing even greater damage to the Plaintiff, over which she is furious. 

The judge asked for an amended lawsuit of 60 pages, with which I complied. She was going to give me a month to do it, but I thought about it briefly and it really wouldn’t leave much time for process serving within the allotted time. Therefore, I turned it in two business days later.

However, as I wrote in my motion to recuse, how can a 60 page double spaced lawsuit adequately explain the theft of dozens of copyrighted works, valued at hundreds of millions of dollars, that were criminally spread around the industry by Madonna, to close to 100 Defendants, who knew she had stolen the works she was selling to them and contracting them to assist her in making into songs, movies and books, acting as some sort of criminal defacto publisher of works that do not belong to her.

While I was able to include all the defendants, counts, laws broken and my legal entitlement to relief, important items and incidents had to be left out and submitted as exhibits in the case.

She did not rule on several requests for intervention to stop the criminal copyright infringement of my work, which Madonna and co. took full advantage of even after a cease and desist order. One would think, what's the big deal. Issue an injunction barring them from stealing anymore work.

Do I not have the legal right that my copyrighted works NOT BE STOLEN. That's not an unreasonable request. U.S. and U.N. laws state I have the right to own my copyrighted works and them not be civilly and or criminally infringed by an ever-sued-for-copyright-infringement-child-choking-popstar and her partners, trying to fight off the fall of her career and illegally bulk up their own bank accounts. 

In essence, it is a legal document barring people from breaking specific laws anymore - laws that judges are sworn to uphold. It should not have been a problem.

But the judge did not address it, which allowed Madonna and her cohorts, to criminally use more of my already copyrighted works in open, criminal violation of U.S. and United Nations laws, six weeks after I filed suit on September 30, 2005, and they were sent cease and desist orders, in releasing "Confessions On A Dance Floor" on November 15, 2005, which willfully infringed copyrights from my released and unreleased works, the latter they criminally procured a copy of via hacking.

I stated in legal filings the urgency of what was going on and the judge deliberately did not address it, yet addressed other matters the Defendants put in filings regarding. This gave that crook Madonna the green light to continue to criminally violate the U.S. Constitution, U.S. Copyright laws and scores of United Nations laws.

It empowered Madonna and co. to criminally steal millions of dollars more of my copyrighted works and sneak them out 6 weeks after they were served the suit, which infuriated me.

In essence, they are fighting me in court for the legal permission to continue to CRIMINALLY violate millions of dollars worth of my copyrights that contain songs, music and writings from this publicly read web site and items from my private copyrighted catalog of 6,500 songs, 2 dozen scripts, 4 dozen film synopsises, 11 book manuscripts, 4 dozen music video treatments and 3 dozen photo treatments. It is an absolute disgrace. 

In a verbally abusive December 9, 2005 hearing called by Madonna’s ambulance chasers, the judge suggested the case be sent from Federal Court to State Court – when there are numerous violations of Federal law in the case. Copyright infringement cases are tried in Federal Court, as attested by numerous legal documents, filings and case law which point to this fact.

During said pre-trail conference, the judge asked me my web site address and visited it, as she aggressively and accusatorially questioned me LIKE I WAS THE ACCUSED. Tell me, how was that appropriate. She asked me questions that alluded to the fact that she had not read the case or even glanced at any of the news clippings.

As I spoke about “my copyrighted works” in the context of what was stolen, she asked, “You have copyrights?” which completely astounded me as the case is for “copyright infringement” and it was written all over the lawsuit and in other filings that I have "copyrights." I told her, "Yes, I have many copyrights, several of which they have violated" and that "I have been copyrighting works since I was 14 years old."

Another example: the judge granted the Defendants a 60 extension to answer the lawsuit, yet denied me a 60-day extension in serving the Defendants, several of whom have been dodging service.

In light of these facts, in a written filing on December 13, 2005, I asked the judge to recuse herself.

I wrote this on here to let you know what happens in these entertainment industry cases.

New infringements

"Confessions on a Dance Floor" - Every song on "Confessions on A Dance Floor," released 6 weeks after I filed suit on September 30, 2005, ripped off items from my released CD "Aisha" and criminally damningly, from my above mentioned private copyrighted catalog of unreleased works only available on my business computers that were hacked and in the Library of Congress in Washington D.C.

Said catalog was copyrighted way before she infringed it. Dates of authorship were also digitally secured via other time stamped digital means and additionally through poor man's copyrights.

For example, there is an UNRELEASED song I copyrighted over a year and a half ago titled "Goodbye." It starts off with me saying the word "Goodbye" in different languages and telling the person I want them to leave and the relationship to end. Madonna's rip off  "Sorry" starts off with her saying the word "Sorry" in several different languages and her telling the person she wants them to leave and the relationship to end. Both songs are also about the same thing, however mine was written and copyrighted way before hers.

I also have another UNRELEASED song that was copyrighted over a year and a half ago that she ripped off to create "Sorry." They share mutual lyrics, only mine was copyrighted a year and a half before hers and written years before hers.

Disco rip off – some of you are probably wondering, as critics have wonder aloud, where Madonna’s new disco theme came from and why. Apart of my copyrighted catalog, is a disco music video treatment and pic treatment I copyrighted well over a year ago that Madonna has illegally used without permission. She knocked off several of my already copyrighted photo treatments and the disco video, copyrighted over a year ago, and has used it in violation of numerous laws. 

American Dreamz – Another Madonna/Warner affiliate, Paul Weitz (Sitcom "Off Center" and forthcoming movie "His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass (2007)") has criminally used one of my already copyrighted scripts titled "Presidential Dreams" (script copyright 2002 and site registration April 2002) to make his criminally infringing "American Dreamz" (copyright 2005, 3 years after my script and web site registration) for Universal Pictures and have been added to the lawsuit. I read a scene by scene synopsis of the film a couple weeks ago, written by a critic who saw it and immediately noticed the blaring infringements.

My 2002 copyrighted script “Presidential Dreams” is a patriotic comedy/drama about the American presidency, a singer and the Middle East, among other things – all unique and distinct in one script, among other items they willfully stole. Defendants Paul Weitz and Chris Weitz’s 2005 illegally copyrighted rip off script “American Dreamz” is an unpatriotic comedy/drama about the American presidency, a singer and the Middle East – all once unique to my previously copyrighted works until the Weitz brothers criminally ripped it off.

The role I wrote for myself in the script that they have ripped off, apparently has Mandy Moore cast as that character. There’s that name again. Between "Saved!" that I wrote about last year in an article on this site that has been read by scores of people, and "American Dreamz"…I’m really getting tired of her. Can’t she take a normal role for a change, in a movie that isn’t crackpot and stupid, isn’t irreverent or mocking something people value. For someone who pretends to be so nice, you sure take a lot of jerkish roles.

"Sister’s Keeper" – A planned film that amazingly has the same title as another of my copyrighted film script synopsises "My Sister's Keeper", where Madonna's established Disney affiliates, after already stealing other items from my unreleased copyrighted catalog, just dropped the word "my” from my title “My Sister’s Keeper” and are illegally using it.

There are hackers getting 1 to 9 years every month for hacking, why should they be any different. They’re doing the same thing and have stolen valuable literary property worth millions that they have illegally made millions off of.

What kind of world do you live in where it is permissible and morally acceptable to criminally hack a computer, copy the already copyrighted contents and start using it to make songs, movies and books to reap millions in criminal profit via hacking and grand larceny.

And in light of the fact that the Copyright Office has sworn to me that they never released any of my private unreleased copyrighted songs, music video treatments, movie scripts and book manuscripts AKA my copyrighted catalog, to anyone - coupled with the fact that there is irrefutable digital evidence that my business computers were being hacked on a regular basis, with these already copyrighted works mysteriously surfacing in Madonna and her partners and affiliates new projects, says what the source of the criminal leak of said copyrights are and who commissioned it.

It is clear how she came across a copy of my private unreleased copyrighted catalog and criminally started using it, which contains over 6,500 songs, 2 dozen scripts, 4 dozen film synopsises, 11 book manuscripts, 4 dozen music video treatments and 3 dozen photo treatments.

And they knew Madonna didn't write it and could not afford to buy the sheer volume of work in my catalog that took me over 20 years to author and copyright. They knew she didn't write the stuff she was pitching and selling to them all over Hollywood, but scumbags like Eisner and the Weitz brothers didn't care.

They criminally bought my copyrighted works from her that she illegally obtained a hacker procured copy of. They know she gets sued every 5 minutes for stealing people's work, but deliberately looked the other way in exchange for getting songs and scripts, among other things, at discounted prices and in exchange for career favors in helping her with her dead film career.

You know, criminally stealing Christian copyrighted beats, songs, film scripts and book manuscripts and selling and using them amongst yourselves, will guarantee you a miserable life from God - and considering within a month of Eisner beginning to engage in this thoroughly illegal, disgraceful and shameful practice at my expense, in conjunction with Madonna, after 20 years as CEO of Disney, the board unceremoniously kicked him out - and Madonna has also been met with a string of personal and professional misfortune since the time she started engaging in this illegal activity at my expense. It says there is truth to the old Christian adage about not stealing from God or things dedicated to or about him.

I echo the sentiments of Rabbi Cohen regarding Madonna inappropriately using religious items for profit (using the name of deceased Rabbi Isaac Lurie), "Her act is just simply unacceptable and I can only sympathise for her because of the punishment that she is going to receive from the heavens."

New Cases Found

It seems the Material Crook has done this before and in Miami as well. Last week, while filing some papers at the courthouse, I searched additional computer case filings and found two other cases in Miami alone for Madonna misconduct. There are many around the country and several around the world against her, as she has no concept of other people’s human rights and property rights. Yes, a veritable little thug.

One was for trademark infringement, as she loves to infringe, and the other was for invasion of privacy, wiretapping, harassment and civil rights violations. Some of the same things I sued for. That one caught my attention the most.

It seems the Material Pervert is prone to invading people's privacy, having been sued for it a few times now.

In 1996, a Miami Beach man named Alfredo F. De Castro filed an invasion of privacy and civil rights violation lawsuit against Madonna – for harassing him and his wife, invading their privacy, then engaging in a conspiracy to terrorize and destroy him for he and his wife being monogamous heterosexuals. I don't know if she liked him or what (she's shown through her actions that she is prone to chasing married men and acting like a moron if she can't have them), but the lawsuit didn't detail everything. 

I sued her for invasion of privacy, harassment and civil rights violations as well on September 30, 2005, the very things she was sued for on October 23, 1996. She keeps getting accused of the same misconduct over and over again.

I found another lawsuit this week where she was sued for "invasion of privacy" once again, in attempting to use unauthorized video footage of two gay men without their permission.

It’s amazing, all these cases, but unrelated people, all have the same charges of “invasion of privacy" and "civil rights violations.” The whole thing is just plain sick. The same miscreant keeps doing the same unlawful deeds over and over again to innocent people.

Isn’t it a comforting thought to know that sicko has been invading people’s privacy for that long - not. That is of course, when she’s not getting sued for choking small defenseless children who pester her for an autograph on her day off.

It’s amazing how the most horrible human beings can hide behind celebrity and commit crimes worthy of imprisonment, to other people’s detriment. That’s called being a danger to the public.

Invasion of privacy continues

Things I‘ve been saying over the phone have been and continue to be repeated verbatim on a weekly basis by that demented parrot Madonna in the same misconduct Court TV's Diane Dimond and others complained of from Madonna’s lawyer’s private investigator and that small Hollywood set of theirs.

Several people I speak to over the phone regularly have witnessed this happen numerous times. Just like Diane Dimond complained of from that same set - this has happened about 30 times now in that I say something over the phone to family, friends or business associates, then days later items from the conversations appear in a published Madonna article or interview attributed to her. Here are a few of many:

1. On Monday (the 12th of December, 2005) one of my friends called me asking me to pray for a little girl we all know. Out of nowhere she was diagnosed as having a brain tumor and was to have surgery the next day. Earlier in the year, another of our friend's daughters was diagnosed as having an abnormal growth on her brain, a form of a tumor. We went to the local children's hospital to see her and all prayed for her. Days after, Dr. Benjamin Carson operated on her and by the Grace of God, almost a year later, she is alive today when they said there was a high probability that she would die that very week or on the operating table due to the nature of the tumor on her brain. 

I said to my above mentioned friend that called me on the 12th, who works for a cell phone company, "I wonder if it's the cell phones causing these tumors. They need to stop kids from using cell phones." Both girls are smart, usually healthy, born and raised in South Florida with no known genetic disposition to this type of illness. But in the same year, both developed abnormal growths on their brains. They don't go to the same school or even hang out together. They only know of each other.

Four days later on December 16th, 2005 a Madonna article appeared in the news, "Madonna bans her kids from cell phones."

2. Last month I said to another friend I regularly speak to over the phone, reiterating something I had said to another friend over the phone previously, I want to go to Japan with my music. I told him "I love Japanese culture, Japanese music and Japanese food."

Two weeks later, an article appears in the press that Madonna has just arrived in Japan and quotes her as saying she loves Japanese culture, Japanese food and Japanese music.

3. I called my mom on her cell phone about a party I wanted to have in relation to my music. She said that's gonna cost "thousands" and I said, not if I do it myself and hold it at a beach park on Miami Beach. I said to her over the phone, "It'll only cost $50 bucks."

Two weeks after, I read a Madonna article in the Sun Newspaper UK, established fellow privacy invaders sued numerous times by different people for shameful cases of invasion of privacy, written by Madonna's publicly professed email pal, Victoria Newton, stating Madonna just threw her husband a birthday party and it "only cost 30 quid." The translation of that from British slang into American slang is it "only cost $50 bucks" - the very words I had said to my mother over the phone two weeks prior.

When has Madonna ever done anything that cost $50 bucks. I told my mom we could have it at a local park on Miami Beach. Madonna held hers at a local UK pub.

4. I was talking to one of my friends over the phone about different things. I told said friend that I had this not so great dream that I released my album into the mainstream, became very famous and ended up with several stalkers. Then I started talking to said friend about John Lennon and how stalkers can be dangerous and that I didn't want anything like that. I told said friend how I'd seen the Dakota Building (where Lennon was killed) in 2001 on a trip to New York and was creeped out.

Two days later, I read an article in the same Sun Newspaper UK column written by Madonna's pal Victoria Newton that was titled, "Madonna fears being killed like Lennon."

5. In late September of 2005 when I was in England, I called my mom in Miami from my aunt's house on the outskirts of London. We talked about different things, as I had been away for a week. Among the topics of conversation, I told my mom over the phone that my Aunt, her sister, was, "Teaching me how to use the washing machine," so I could was my dirty clothes that were accumulating over the course of my 9 day trip. English washing machines are very different from  the ones in the U.S. They are more similar to U.S. dishwashers in style and design. I had no clue where to put the soap.

A few weeks later on Late Night with David Letterman (you know the one where he got her to ride a horse), Madonna says she had to "learn to use the washing machine" in England.

C'mon, Madonna, miss "you haven't polished the taps enough" to the staff and "I have two maids," using a washing machine. Yea, I believe that.

6. I was talking to one of my mom's friend's over the phone, who is a live-in caregiver of a 92 year old millionaire, that likes his liquor. He doesn't get drunk, but he likes his liquor. I said to her over the phone, since he's made it to 92, why not try to get him to 100 years old by switching his beer to non-alcoholic beer. I told her she can buy him special non-alcoholic beer. She laughed and said, "Do you want him to throw me out!" She said she is not touching his liquor, as he would know the difference.

Four days later an article appeared in the press (Google entertainment news headlines) from Madonna's camp: Madonna orders special beer, to be shipped to her country home.

Those are just a few examples of many incidents where this has happened and been witnessed by myself, several of my family members and several of my friends.

People who talk to us over the phone are always complaining that the phone is making popping and cracking noises, in spite of the fact that we have gotten new phones.

I researched it and experts in several publications refer to the cracking and popping noises, that Court TV's Diane Dimond also publicly complained of when her words over the phone, like mine, started coming back to her through others and other sources, when Madonna's lawyer's private investigator tapped her phone, as being what happens when a digital wiretap hops on a wiretapped line at the beginning of telephone conversations it illegally records.

These, among others, are detailed, specific incidents of things that happened that many people witnessed, that myself and no one else can make up, that are all easily verifiable, that were later repeated in Madonna interviews by Madonna herself. And considering her lawyer Bert Fields and his frequently utilized private investigator are the subject of an FBI wiretap probe, having to hire criminal lawyers to represent them individually in said probe, says there is a precedent for this type of misconduct from that camp.

As stated before, Court TV's Diane Dimond, actor Sylvester Stallone and comedian Gary Shandling are among the reported wiretap victims. So were several screen play (film script) writers, movie produces, industry executives and entertainment lawyers who were representing opponents of the individuals who commissioned the wiretaps. 

Many of said wiretap victims complained of finding out about the wiretaps via crackling and popping noises on their telephone lines and the things they said privately over the phone coming back to them through other sources like the newspaper attributed to others and through their enemies repeating it to them verbatim - conduct described by security experts as an harassment technique utilized to scare and discourage legal opponents and vocally out spoken enemies who investigate and or discuss someone's misconduct publicly.

That's Hollywood for you.


Get it? Kleptomaniac, Kleptomadonna?

She is clearly a kleptomaniac. She bragged publicly in a 2005 issue of Vogue of stealing money from her employer's cash register and it was written in a book that she would "go on shoplifting sprees at Mitzfield's Department  Store and D&C Dime Store in Rochester, Michigan."

It is clear she has never had any respect for people's property rights. She is a habitual thief.

Madonna Loves the Kids...literally

In the book "I Hate Madonna" (thanks to "Flea Dip" for directing me to this book) author Illene Rosenweig wrote of a 25 year old Madonna making out with an underage youth. Um, didn't they put Mary Kay Letourneau in jail for that:

"Madonna's first manager, Camille Barbone, brought her 16 year old cousin to catch Madonna's show, Madonna ordered the teenager to, "Stand in front so I can see you." That way during the performance she could grab him by the collar and sing into the teenager's face. Later Barbone discovered the two making out in her dressing room, and Barbone wrenched the two apart. "He's awfully young," Barbone chided Madonna. "Yes," Madonna replied with a shrug, "but he's awfully cute."

The book also mentions the video "Open your Heart" where Madonna perversely kisses a 12 year old boy on the mouth who watched her at an x-rated peep show:

"The video ends with Madonna kissing a 12 year old boy full on the mouth, then happily skipping off with him into the night...Sean Penn fumes over the video, in which his wife portrays every pervert's fantasy, and he is, in the words of one friend "sickened" by the sight of her lasciviously kissing a child."

Hates signing autographs, is particularly cruel to children who ask for them

A group of young girls waited patiently for hours in the Westbury Hotel lobby for Madonna's autograph. Her personal assistant, Melinda Cooper told the crazy pop star:

“They’ve been waiting here all day, Madonna. Why don’t you sign an autograph for them” to which the she-devil Madonna walked up to the kids and said " 'If I do it for you, then I’ll have to do it for everybody. You’re nothing. You don’t mean anything to me' then turns and leaves."

What kind of sick, nasty thing is that to say to children. Who does stuff like that. Even Cruella Deville would have signed the autograph by now.

On a lighter note, the funniest line in the book stated, "She (Madonna) tested her microphone from every angel." Given what has been said about her lip syncing, my only question is, why?

She clearly has a problem with signing autographs. She was even booed in London a few months ago for refusing to do the customary autograph signing at Leicester Square.

As I wrote on here before, she choked a little boy who wanted her autograph. The little 10 year old fan, Keith Sorrentino, "Whose parents sued the superstar after she choked their son," that pestered her for an autograph on her "day off," along with his sister Darlene, said of her:

"Madonna beat me up. We're her fans. We were following Madonna out of the San Remo (co-op). I ran in front and took her picture and she said 'Please, not today, it's my day off.' We kept following her up different blocks...and that's when she stared cursing me out - she's got some mouth on her- and threw me against the wall. Look, I got bruises." - 10 year old Keith Sorrentino

Because, when a little 10 year old fan follows you around seeking an autograph, the sane, rational thing to do is punch their little lights out - (Not! What a lunatic. Who does that to a kid).

She settled the $600,000 lawsuit filed by his parents' attorney, out of court. 

Madonna and Satan...go figure!

“I think someone is protecting me. I don’t know if it’s an angel. It could be the Devil. He could have his own agenda.” – Madonna

Well at least she doesn't sound crazy (shakes head). Never mind her father is a Catholic. How she turned out to be such a hellion is beyond me. Apparently he is not claiming responsibility either, as he reportedly said she was not raised at home, according to one magazine.

Madonna the Hypocrite

She was “eating out of garbage cans” at one point when she was broke, but now gives orders to her personal assistants to leave notes on chrome taps in the bathroom that read, “You have not polished enough.” How delusional. One would think someone who had nothing would have more sympathy on the working class, but I guess not. Pretension is the order of the day.

Madonna The Lunatic Bird Killer

Another quote from Page Sux, I mean Page Six:

"December 5, 2005 -- MADONNA quit hunting after a shot deposited a half-dead pheasant at her feet. "I was mad for shooting a couple of years ago," she tells Tatler magazine. "I loved my bespoke outfits and everything. It was so much fun. That all changed when a bird dropped in front of me that I'd shot. It wasn't dead. It got up, and it was really suffering. Blood was gushing out of its mouth, and it was struggling . . . I haven't shot since . . . I realized I had a kind of bloodlust, and was manically shooting things and trying to kill as many birds as possible."

Exhibit 1,000,000 – Additional proof of lunacy. Defendant chokes children, verbally abuses children, makes out with a 16 year old at age 25, kisses preteen boy on the mouth in music video ("Open Your Heart") and "manically" shoots little birds.

While I am not against hunting, the line, "I had a kind of bloodlust, and was manically shooting things and trying to kill as many birds as possible" is positively creepy and crazy sounding.

A Family that steals together...well, steals together

“It was my husband, Guy, who told me the album was No. 1 in America. I was shocked, stunned, happy. I said, 'We have to celebrate.' So we opened a bottle of champagne - not something I usually do, though I probably should do more of that - I had a glass, and then I sat and cried for 20 minutes. Really. So many conflicting emotions, but basically tears of joy. Don't let anybody tell you commercial success doesn't matter." Madonna tells the New York Post about her deep emotional response to the discovery that she can still fool some of the people some of the time." – Edmonton Sun

She isn’t fooling anybody as the next segment will show titled “Madonna rips off Kylie.” But before I get to that, why is she tearing up at the album going to number one the first week. Her last album went #1 in America the first week, just like this one did, and still flopped after all the receipts were counted a few months later.

Don’t let anyone tell you age always comes with wisdom. Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it. What great role models they are for their children. They get to watch mommy and daddy rip people off .

"I got married for all the wrong reasons. "My husband did not turn out to be everything I imagined him to be." - Madonna

Um, the question is, did he know he was marrying a lunatic that would kill his career and get him involved in a sick cult?

The problem with this woman is, looking on people assume she is a pop star just lip syncing songs, but a closer look at her via credible lawsuits, testimonies, biographies, and accounts from people she willfully robbed of money and property and others she assaulted and was willfully abusive to, reveals a sick, avaristic woman obsessed with stealing, invading the privacy of innocent people in very foul ways and being cruel to children.

Some people who don't know better look at her as a famous pop star, but there is a despicable human being behind the fame, who continues to hurt and harm innocent members of the public, among them children. That is sick.

You are what you do - and she has done and continues to do a lot of horrible, despicable things to innocent people. As evidenced by the above cited lawsuits and numerous victims' accounts, she is clearly out of control. 

Madonna rips off Kylie

A follow up to last month’s Sound Off Column, where I wrote about how Madonna ripped off several people for her new album, "Confessions on a Dance Floor," - among them Kylie Minogue. I noticed the pathetic music rip offs on Madonna's album, but this month others have been pointing out the image rip offs - and they are quite blaring.

As pointed out by Dlisted, to the left are the original Kylie pics, to the right are the later Madonna rip offs (Madonna even stole 1-888-Confess from Kylie's previous 1-555-Confide). How pathetic: 

Kylie Madonna rip offs

Madonna was ripped by scores of people on different web sites this month for ripping off Kylie Minogue’s work. One site in particular was pretty blunt about it, where members of the public let rip. Here are some excerpts from Dlisted:

1. Madonna is totally copying Kylie Minogue. I hope she gets royalties - Egotastic

2. Madge is Totally Copying On Kylie! – Dlisted.

3. Madonna, show some class. Kylie is fighting cancer and you steal her ideas? What a ****h! – ffleur

4. I am now shamed to have copied her album illegally. Copycat ****h. bxprincess1183

5. Princess, copying it illegally is what she did to Kylie too, so I say it is perfect. – Jan

6. Wow that is it. It's sad that in Madonna's desperate attempt to cling to her youth, she has to sink so low as to copy some one who is younger than her. It's just sad. – Heemi

7. She has made a living "borrowing" the style of others. What's new. - Joe

8. Madonna is 0% original - Megan

9. I'm sick of seeing her boy a** too. - Heemi

10. Kylie did it better. - hot black chick

11. If I were Gwen I would have this ***t everywhere and tell Madge, Who's the ****h Now????? Don't hate.
re the Belgium ruling. The link between Madonna and said unknown Belgian singer is Patrick Hernandez (remember early Madonna?). Madonna stated that she had never ever met said unknown singer. Paris Match found a pic of them cavorting over wine at the table in very limited company. Makes you wonder, hmmm? - Anonymous

12. What a ****ing hack Madge is. I hate her. - Kats

13. Madge, I mean sorry ****ing MADONNA has been stealing for years!!!! hello! Her like a virgin days were a ripoff of Cyndi Lauper and her electronic albums past have been rip off of cher. - RAMBONE

14. That ****h was probably hoping Kylie would die when she filmed this so she could call it a tribute!
Madonna was copying bjork a few years back too...right around ray of light. - Mpls

15. Madonna is so ****in over it's pathetic. Kind of like her acting ability. – manchild

16. I respect Madonna and all, because she has been around (pun intended), but that is no reason to release an alleged 'new' album and hope we purchase it. If you have ABBA, Donna Summer, Michael Jackson in your CD collection already, then you ***n near already have 'Confessions on a Dancefloor'. H***, Madonna is even sampling herself to keep costs down. Is that what Kabbalah does? Make you cheap and ***t? I bet that water makes you want to shop at Ross. Kylie better watch her back. She is already recovering from cancer. Madonna could have her elf-ish a** 86'ed in no time flat. - The Breakdown

17. Shout out to Kylie. Health blessing coming your way from me, luv! - Traci

18. Those pics are from three different videos of kylie. but yeah madonna clearly copied kylie's image. or in other words, she is 5 years behind kylie. - Anonymous

19. Her last tour should have more appropriately been named 'The Recycling Tour' because that is what she has been doing for decades. Debbie Harry is still waiting for her check. - Anonymous

20. I've been saying this for weeks... Madonna is morphing into Kylie ! What a hack singer! - Andy

21. Madonna/Madge/Esther does not know the meaning of the words "creative" and "original". Yeah, I have been saying it since this ****h has come on the scene, she started out copying Deborah Harry from 'Blondie' and she has been sliding around copying like a *********** her whole career. All you Madonna whores can now start the *****ing about the Madonna hating, she relies on the stupidity and the willingness of her fan base to spend money to feed her ego and life style. She needs to sit her old a** down, she is an embarrassment. The real title for her new album should have been called "Confessions of an Old Whore". Now that ***t would have made sense. - Geneviève

22. Madonna's copied people's looks and styles for years and she has the nerve to say Gwen's copying her style. Please. – Kim

23. you totally busted her! i thought you were just being uptight when you told me that but this totally proves it! – mitch

24. D***! It's one thing when another artist inspires you to do something of your own, but Madge basically did a copy paste. – Nicole

25. Madonna whores, the truth is painful, but accept it. Madonna was, is, and will always be a hack. The sooner you accept that, the more money you will keep in your pocket and not putting it into hers. - Geneviève

26. Those frames where taken from different video clips. The one with confide is real early days Kylie, I remember that came out when I was about 7 (so early 90's kylie). The one with the mirror is from an ad for Kylie's underwear, Love Kylie. Can't believe how much Madonna ripped her off. Its like she got a copy of Kylie's biography and put her new album together from it! – Danielle

27. let's not forget - Madonna was just found guilty of plagiarism for the song "Frozen" just three weeks ago! Some people "copy" other singers, Madonna just plain rips em off! ****in' hack. - monicita

28. Madonna is a copycat, though. It wouldn't be so annoying if she'd just own up to it and stop being so pretentious about her own so-called creativity. Artists with integrity always give kudos to those that inspire them. When you don't, you end up looking like a copycat. Madonna should know better as old as she is. – Libressa

29. oh wow big surprise, like the ****h has ever done anything original. Madonna has made a career out using and ripping people off, why would old age and two publicity stunts...uhm I mean kids change her any? - Stewie

30. Oh I am soooo happy that someone other than me actually thinks that! The thing is, Kylie does Kylie WAY better than Madge does Kylie. If you are going to overtly copy someone, you better do it better! - Anonymous

31. lol, now all the world can see plagiarism is not Foxy! - Shasti M

Madonna's "Confessions on a Dance Floor" made worst album of 2005 lists

Apparently the disco theme isn’t going down too well for her. She made a few worst album of 2005 national newspaper lists:

1. Sounds - The worst albums of 2005 - Washington Examiner: 9. Madonna, "Confessions on a Dance Floor": Hey Madge, disco is dead.

2. The Worst of 2005 – Newsday: After I harshly reviewed Madonna's new album, "Confessions on a Dance Floor" (Warner Bros.), I received several outraged e-mails, one deriding me as a "bitter old queen." Folks, I love Madonna as much as any straight man can (I even liked "Vogue"), but "Confessions" remains one of the most vacuous, misguided albums I've ever heard. Here's another opinion: I never liked "Ray of Light," either. Keep those e-mails coming! – Newsday, Rafer Guzman.

They seem to be fond of that. It’s the same sad few from a Madonna sponsored fan site going around emailing every site that says anything about her that doesn’t sound like a glowing, placed press release camouflaged as an article that she and her team spend all day faxing to media outlets in shameful bids to keep her name in the paper. Your replacement Britney has arrived. Let it go, already.

Madonna slammed by Jewish writer over Kabbalah

And I thought I could Sound Off. Julie Burchill went postal on Madonna in her column. In Ebonix, she basically called her a chickenhead. A few choice excerpts from an article on Jewsweek titled “Plague of the pop tarts” where Burchill wrote:

"The biggest bull******r in town, Madonna, is well into her stride with her latest "re-invention," and don't we Brits know it! It was bad enough having to live with these periodical spasms of self-regard when she lived in the U.S., but ever since she married the equally phoney Guy Ritchie - how did Mr. Madonna get that tough-guy scar? Fell off his polo pony and landed on his silver spoon? - and came to live in dear old Blighty…"

"They fawn over everything and anything about her (Madonna) - her poor new record, her mothering skills, her scary thighs…"

"…And the signs are she's (Britney) getting dumber, not smarter; since finding her faith (Kaballah cult)."

"In the case of Madonna, what one really objects to, even more than the pious anti-materialist rants of this most money-grubbing of entertainers, is the fact that she has claimed some familiarity, however peripheral, with the greatest religion the world has ever seen - and reduced it to something that cleared up her husband's verrucas."

Another positive Madonna review (ok, so it's not positive to her, but I see it as positive):

"The winners of our annual Knucklehead Awards are...Madonna: for being a raging hypocrite. There she is, perched atop her tower of Kabbalic self-righteousness, nattering on about how materialism is evil, all the while making millions. Her concert tickets are pricey, she's peddling everything from children's books to Kabbalah water, plus she got a rumored $12 million to star in one of Versace's ad campaigns this past year. As if totally unmaterialistic people are the ones who buy the Italian fashion house's expensive baubles. An aside: Following in Madonna's footsteps, as a Versace model, is fellow Kabonehead Demi Moore." - Seattle Post Intelligencer

Elton v. Madonna Round 3

Madonna reportedly said she forgave Elton for saying she lip syncs and "When you're going to see a live band, it's one of the most exciting things that you can see. And I don't want to go and see someone who lip-syncs, thank you very much. I got a lot of flak for (saying) it. Somebody said, 'Well, she (Madonna) can't sing when she's in the crab position.' Well, there you go... especially if she had hemorrhoids as well."

However, when asked to come to his wedding she refused prompting this quote from Elton: “Madonna, the miserable cow, wouldn't do it. David asked her three times."

Is it just me or do these two not like each other.

MUSIC: Warner Loses 30 Million This Quarter

Is that all. The shareholders shouldn’t worry then, right. This announcement was called a victory by some. Because that’s the objective of any good business, to lose tens of millions of dollars per month, as opposed to hundreds of millions of dollars per month. Talk about goals and priorities.

And since when is losing $30,000,000 a victory. When it happened to MC Hammer, people said it was a bad thing, now Warner loses $30,000,000 and it’s a good thing all of a sudden. Martha Stewart wouldn’t call that "a good thing."

A victory is when you can make a call to a big corporation without having to press 10 phone keys a few minutes apart to get to the right menu to get to the right department that tells you to leave a message -cough- a certain bank I used to bank with. That’s a victory.

Back to Warner. It’s all in the wording. They supposedly “slashed $100,000,00 million in losses” which reduced their quarterly losses to $30,000,000. Um, did they fire 50,000 more people again.

Seeing the word “losses” coupled with that many zeros in the same sentence is never a good thing.

According to the L.A. Times –“In a conference call with analysts, Chief Executive Edgar Bronfman Jr. pointed to the company’s digital growth as evidence of Warner Music’s ability to expand while overall sales are declining.”

Mr. Bronfman, the Securities Exchange and Commission Act requires you to disclose to them and your shareholders what the source of your (latest Madonna touted) digital revenues are: copyright infringement, criminal copyright infringement, hacking and corporate theft, all felonies.

To not do so puts you in violation of SEC rules for knowingly engaging in acts that violate U.S. and U.N. laws… and you were given advanced legal warning that you are committing crimes that violate U.S. and U.N. laws, but continued to do it anyway, and renewed said unlawful conduct in releasing product into the marketplace that broke scores of laws, six weeks later.

MUSIC: iTunes Price Increase?

It seems Edgar Bronfman jr. wants to raise the price of iTunes songs from .99 cents, because, as he puts it “Not all songs are created equal — not all time periods are created equal. We want, and will insist upon having, variable pricing.”

Apple’s Steve Jobs reportedly said, “If they want to raise the prices it just means they’re getting a little greedy. We’re trying to pull people away from piracy and say, ‘You can buy these songs legally for a fair price.’ If the price goes up a lot, they’ll go back to piracy. Then everybody loses.”

Sorry, but I agree with Jobs on this one. You try to milk the public again, as was done before with ridiculously high priced CDs and no singles if they only want to buy one song, and they will send you up the creek again. As much as you think the ball is in your court Mr. Bronfman, it is not.

The public handed the industry its butt once before via piracy, let’s not provoke them to do it again, shall we. Some people never learn.

Stop trying to rob the public, maybe then they’ll stop trying to rob you (and the industry).

This year, I’ve bought about 75 digital downloads for under $1 each, but let those prices go up courtesy of the industry forcing retailers' hand and see if I will continue to buy them. If I as a musician am saying this…what must the public be saying.

And no, I’m not talking to you Mr. Bronfman, as I have been following my own boycott not buying any CDs, DVDs, merchandising ect, from your company Warner Bros, for your company and artist Madonna willfully violating copious amounts of my copyrighted work, starting with stealing music, pics and writings from this site in clear view of scores of people, then progressing to criminally pillaging my private copyrighted catalog worth millions. You all seem to be fond of committing felonies.

This just in: Warner Bros records subpoenaed again by Eliot Spitzer for questioning in industry price fixing.

MUSIC Billboard Can’t Count; “Elvis Record for Most Top 10 Hit Singles Still Intact”

A follow up on last month’s Sound Off article, “Madonna Ties With Elvis,” where I questioned the alleged tie for the most Top 10 hits in music history in light of Madonna’s label admitting in a Federal document that they committed felonies and misdemeanors via payola, and stated Elvis’ record should be left intact.

Well, the Elvis Presley Fan Club put out a press release stating his record "is still intact." They questioned Billboard’s tabulation that led to the alleged tie. Join the club, pardon the pun. I’ve been questioning Billboard’s broke calculator for a long time.

However, Elvis Fan Club President, Jason Edge, edged Billboard, putting the smackdown on them for stepping on Elvis’ Blue Suede Shoes:

Fred Bronson miscalculated the intelligence of the Elvis fans by trivializing a couple of huge double sided Elvis hit records by counting them as 1 Top 10 song even though each song appeared in other Top 10 song charts. Mr. Bronson correctly pointed out that the Hot 100 chart was not in existence prior to the year 1958 when Elvis had many of his hits. What Mr. Bronson failed to include in his explanation of how he came up with his tally of Top 10 songs was why he chose to count hit songs from the Best Seller chart, instead of the Top 100 chart which preceded the Hot 100. By using the best seller chart, he excluded songs such as Hound Dog which was listed separately in the Top 10 in the Top 100 Chart and the Airplay chart in use at that time.

It is a fact that 1 record can only count for 1 sale, yet, 1 record can have 2 hits. In the case of the long forgotten EP, you could actually have more than 2 cuts charting off the EP single, which is another area that Elvis’ incredible chart feats have been all but forgotten. When determining the number of Top 10 Hits in this era you chose the Best Sellers Chart over the other Top 100 Chart or the Airplay Chart. Either of these would be more representative of number of hit songs and not number of best selling records. By using the Best Sellers chart you have basically done nothing more than count number of Top 10 selling records and not Top 10 Hit songs.

As an example let’s look at Hound Dog and Don’t Be Cruel. Both songs were listed together at #1 for 11 weeks on the Best Sellers and Most Played in Juke Boxes Chart. Don’t Be Cruel and Hound Dog were listed separately on the Top 100 chart and peaked at #1 and #2 respectively. Both songs were also listed separately on the Airplay chart and peaked at #1 and #4 respectively. Anyway you slice or dice it, these were both big Top 10 Hits. - Jason Edge, President - Elvis International Fan Club

So it’s back to the drawing board for Madonna and Warner.

This rush to proclaim Madonna has tied with Elvis didn't have anything to do with trying to upstage Mariah Carey's then pending but expected, now announced news of tying with Elvis in #1's, did it. Madonna has a way of always trying to beat people to the punch at all costs, even if it means unethically and untruthfully.

LEGAL FILE: Repeat Copyright Infringers

The Intellectual Property Protection Act of 2005 sent to Congress in November 2005 could prove a very helpful tool in discouraging people from committing willful copyright infringement. It’s very sad that people on both sides of the isle are not respecting copyrights, both members of the public who engage in piracy and illegal downloading and singers, actors, directors, labels and studios in the entertainment industry who regularly, willfully plunder independent writers copyrights and illegally reap millions doing so.

This new law would criminalize such behavior and in essence kill two birds with one stone, in addressing behavior on both sides of the coin.

The best thing that can come of it is discouraging copyright infringers. I mean really, who wants to go to jail over piracy or stealing copyrighted works that did not belong to them. It will make people think twice, especially with the RIAA about, who would be all too willing to petition for violations to be enforced with jail time.

The entertainment industry is a mess and in a state of disarray. This potential law could be a step towards cleaning up some of the problems and gaining some order.

The DOJ needs to come up with a lip syncing law next. Just kidding.

MUSIC: Sony BMG threatens international security with XCP

Sony BMG's Thomas Hesse, "Most people, I think, don't even know what a rootkit is, so why should they care about it?" Apparently international security experts cared.

It was reported the Sony BMG XCP Trojan jeopardized national and international security in America, Britain, Spain and Holland.

Some seem to forget that members of the government/civil servants like music too.

Another computer scientist pinged different systems to see how many were affected by the SonyBMG Trojan, and he said over 520,000 came back as having been touched by it.

LEGAL FILE: Sony Payola

An article in the L.A. Times implicated long time Sony executive Donnie Ienner in the recent payola scandal and referred to him as being aware of the unlawful practice. This has not been a good few months for Sony BMG. It’s been one problem after another.

And here’s another one…

LEGAL FILE: Sony BMG infringed the Copyrights of source code programmers

It was reported that Sony BMG hypocritically infringed the copyrights of open source code programmers in its anti-piracy/anti-copyright infringement XCP Trojan.

"We can confirm that at least five functions in the XCP software are identical to functions in LAME,' Thomas Dullien from Sabre Security, a company that specialises in the analysis of complex software, told Reuters. Although open source software can be freely used, it must be credited as such. No mention of it was made in the XCP code. First4Internet and Sony BMG declined to comment." -

Lessons #1 for the computer industry, in the entertainment industry when people infringe copyrights, they don’t share credit.

XCP CDs still on store shelves:

"It is unacceptable that more than three weeks after this serious vulnerability was revealed, these same CDs are still on shelves, during the busiest shopping days of the year. I strongly urge all retailers to heed the warnings issued about these products, pull them from distribution immediately, and ship them back to Sony." - New York State Attorney's Office

The industry likes to drag its feet and disobey legal orders that costs it money. In the Sony BMG/Warner Bros Madonna copyright infringement recall case in Belgium, people reported the song still being available for sale digitally on the internet.

LEGAL FILE: Follow up – Disney settles one of several ride death suits

Follow up to last month's Sound Off Column article about Disney ride deaths. This month, it was announced that Disney has settled a lawsuit for wrongful death. They admitted liability in the untimely death of 22-year-old Marcelo Torres, who was killed on a Disney rollercoaster.

You know what would be nice. If Disney got on the ball and this would stop happening, as settlements can’t bring back the deceased. The damage is done.

LEGAL FILE: Blackberry Copyright Infringement lawsuit could cause shut down

A lawsuit filed for copyright infringement against Blackberry could potential shut the service down indefinitely. It was reported that a judge rejected a $450,000,000 copyright infringement settlement in the case, which would have kept the service going without interruption.

Blackberry has made a lot of money off said technology and the mere fact that they infringed someone’s copyright to do so says they ought to pay full restitution and punitive damages for what they’ve done.

Often time infringers develop the stance that they should receive a legal discount of sorts in settlements for breaking the law, which is inappropriate. It isn’t some right of entitlement.

LEGAL FILE: Jennifer Aniston sues paparazzi for invasion of privacy

Actress Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Anniston sued paparazzi Peter Brandt for invasion of privacy in photographing her in a state of partial undress, in her backyard from a great distance using a telephoto lens. Said photographer then attempted to sell the inappropriate pics to different publications.

I read the lawsuit online and I think she was right to file suit. People need their privacy. They need their space. It’s a fundamental right. No one should violate that.

It’s one thing when a person is on the street or on the red carpet, but trespassing to take inappropriate shots is an extreme invasion of privacy that should never be tolerated. Lines need to be drawn somewhere.


It is unlawful for people in Hollywood to tap people’s phones and put hidden cameras in their homes. However, this is being commissioned and done by some in Hollywood, who need to be in prison for it.

When you violate someone’s privacy in such a foul, sick manner, you can never restore their dignity to them or their peace of mind – or that of their family for that matter, who are also affected by such invasive, unjustifiable, criminal misconduct.

Just imagine for a second how you would feel if you found out some demented, sick person in Hollywood paid a private investigator to place wiretaps on your phone lines and hidden cameras in your home, recording you on a daily basis. Every time you wake up in the morning, take a shower, make a telephone call, change your clothes, have your meals, talk to your family, talk to your kids, share family moments, watch TV, surf the internet, spend holidays together, have family get togethers – it was recorded by hidden cameras.

It is a despicable violation of U.S. and U.N. human rights, warranting the strongest legal and social condemnation.

Imagine having to tell your family members, especially the younger family members like your children or siblings who are minors, that because of a sicko in Hollywood, who illegally placed hidden cameras in your home, you were illegally recorded in your home day after day after day.

How does a mind become so sick and depraved that they decide they are going to hire a private investigator to trespass, break an entry and commit severe U.S. and U.N. human rights violations against innocent people in surreptitiously placing hidden cameras in a person’s home.

It takes a really depraved, perverted human being to do something like that to innocent people. But then again, Hollywood’s got several sickos and ironically they know each other.

The Constitution and the U.N. guarantees people the right to privacy and human dignity in not having hidden cameras criminally placed in their homes or their phones illegally tapped. Yet some entertainers and executives in Hollywood disagree.

Hollywood needs to be cleaned up. There is no two ways about it. There are people in Hollywood doing things the Mafia wouldn’t even do. But because they are famous and others well connected, they are committing severe U.S. and U.N. human rights violations that they should be imprisoned for.

FINANCIAL Jackson Beatles Catalog Pt 2

Michael Jackson (left, duh like you needed this caption to know) and ex-wife Debbie Rowe (right)

According to the L.A. Times, Fortress Investment Group has granted Jackson a time extension on the loans he took out against his stake in the Beatles catalogue. The L.A. Times stated he owes $270,000,000 in loans, $200,000,000 of which are due now, but his stake in the catalog is reportedly worth $500,000,000, which would certainly more than cover it.

Jackson needs to sell Neverland, tend to the loan, as right now he has a surplus of $230,000,000 in equity in said catalog, that he can't afford to lose.

“The loans are collateralized by Jackson's 50% partnership in Sony/ATV Music Publishing, a joint venture between the singer and the electronics company that owns a 4,000 song catalog, containing such songs as Bob Dylan's "Blowin' in the Wind" and more than 250 Beatles songs, including "Yesterday." Jackson's share in Sony/ATV, which also owns his valuable catalog and Neverland ranch in the Santa Ynez Valley, is worth more than $500 million, according to court testimony.” – LA Times

The three alarm fire regarding the catalogue and impending doom was set off in the press by none other than Fox News' rumormonger and resident libeler Roger Friedman. After he flat out libeled and lied about me in his Column, ignoring mountains of digital and physical evidence, that is after he had been willfully plagiarizing my copyrighted Column for months, I cease to believe anything that liar writes in his column.

He has proven himself to be an accurate source and transmitter of gossip and butt kissing and an inaccurate source of the truth.

I read an article on the Eurweb site, among others, where they quoted Mr. Friedman regarding Michael’s financial demise. However, people wrote in and basically slammed the Fox News columnist for his ample use of exaggeration and false alarms. Some excerpts:

Nothing is going to happen tomorrow. That Fox guy Roger Friedman always over hypes MJ’s problems. MJ will never lose his publishing company or his Beatles catalog. How times have we heard “If Michael come up with 50 billion dollars he will lose his house and file for bankruptcy”. Michael has too many lawyers and accountants to let that happen. Don’t believe the hype! - ChocolateBrownGa1

Some of you are using that brain… this story is full of it.. when Dec20 comes... that Fox guy will create another story as to who will save Mijac all of a sudden... this idiot has been reporting Mijac losing everything for almost 4 years now and everytime this so called deadline comes... he makes up another story to cover his *** wipe story… - yasmine1

Touché. I’ve found him to be quite inaccurate myself on several occasions - and not just with libeling and defaming me in a foul case of actual malice, defamation and libel.

To name a few, he predicted King Kong would be huge and had to take his foot out of his mouth two weeks later when it started bombing. He hyped up Syriana as a future hit, most likely due to his publicly self-professed friends at Warner Bros (they keep getting you in trouble, buddy), and that bombed.

He continually predicts what he feels will be future hits and is almost ever wrong (Jamie Foxx's album being the exception, but who couldn't have guessed that), while in other situations he tries to explain bombs and gets them all wrong, i.e. his convoluted, nonsensical explanations of box office receipts for “Get Rich Or Die Trying” and “In The Mix.”

Dude has a long history of getting it wrong. I'd like to borrow a quote from an old episode of my favorite sitcom as a child, The Golden Girls...Mr. Friedman, "It sure would be nice if you got one of these right."

Just admit already that you don’t know what you’re doing. If you end up with anymore egg on your face, you’re going to become an omelet.

You’re a gossiping busybody that wouldn’t know tomorrow’s news if an angel told it to you the day before.

It’s amazing how he constantly, hypocritically whines about other outlets using items from his column without credit to him, when he himself makes a regular habit of infringing the copyrights of other web sites in material he poaches and uses in his own cruddy column, un-credited to the source he steals them from. Practice what you preach.

Also, why are you still plagiarizing this column (past Columns). I am watching you. You did it again twice in the last week and a half.

You better hope the degenerate pop star that put you up to defaming me will pay your legal fees, but then again she isn't a fan of writing checks, she prefers stealing money from innocent artists and employers as mentioned above.

WORLD NEWS: Dictatorships and the dictators who dictate them

Dictatorships stink. They've never benefited anyone - other than dictators. Well, that is until they get chucked out.

Dictators usually specialize in crimes against humanity. Modern day men like Slobodan Milosevic and Saddam Hussein prove this. Predecessors like Hitler are further proof.

Dictators always want that edge, that so-called power, that control, and claim to do it all under the guise of love of one's country. If one loves one's country, one does not annihilate scores of one's country men for having a vocal opinion other than one's own. That's genocide.

Dictators always get the concept of ruling wrong. Ruling is service, as in serving one's country. True leaders are civil servants. They serve the public and seek to make life better for others.

God says in the Bible, he who is great among you let him serve ("the one who rules like the one who serves" - Luke 22:26).

Back then the younger served the older. Actually, it's still like that. For example, my mom asked my godbrother to go bring her something from another room in the house, then shortly after his mom asked him to bring her something from another room in the house, to which he hilariously and exasperatedly exclaimed, "I'm everybody's slave!"

Back to the scripture. It drew an analogy to youth and service, but it was meant for all ages.

What that scripture means is to the ones who are the greatest in heart and ideals, let him serve everyone else. In other words, to truly be great, one must serve and help others.  

HEALTH: Are Cell Phones Causing Tumors in Kids

Are cell phones causing tumors in kids? Earlier in this Column, I wrote about two of my friends' children who developed brain growths this year. 

They are teenagers and their brains are still developing (scientists estimate the brain stops growing between ages 18-22). I think kids are at greater risk for these growths due to cell phones.

One friend's daughter in Palm Beach County, Florida developed the brain tumor behind her ear (the antenna/where you hold the phone), and the other in Boca Raton, Florida at the back of her head, about 3 inches from her ears.

Kids use their parents cell phones a lot and in the last few years, there has been an explosion of teens having cell phones via cheap family plans that enable everyone in the family to have one.

While I'm not trying to pull a Tom Cruise, and lecture people on the brain, as I certainly am no doctor, but because of what I have witnessed this past year, via two unrelated, normally healthy South Florida girls developing brain growths, one has to wonder if cell phones have something to do with it.

After all, research shows cell phones can cause tumors in adults, therefore what effect is it having on kids.

With all the inventions and great scientific minds in this world, is there no way to make cell phones safer.

RACE RELATIONS: Race Riot Erupts In Australia

White Australian race protest in Cronulla

White Australians attack a Lebanese man in Cronulla

This month, a race riot of sorts erupted in Cronulla, Australia. Months of racial tension between White Australians and Lebanese-Australian immigrants came to a head, reportedly sparked by an attack on Australian members of the North Cronulla Surf Life Saving Club by Lebanese-Australian men who also frequent the area. The protest and attack pictured above was revenge by White Australians for the previous attack.

The Sydney Morning Herald described it as, "A sad and shameful day that began as a beach party celebrating a kind of perverted nationalism that was gatecrashed by racism."

The problem clearly seems to be the unwillingness of a few on both sides to coexist peacefully. No one should be physically attacking anyone - not the Lebanese and not the white Australians - as it is universally unlawful.

I pray they will come to a peaceful resolution.

RACE RELATIONS: White Supremacists and Ethnic Cleansing

Resistance Records' Ethnic Cleansing Video Game

Ah, ethnic cleansing. Me personally, I prefer facial cleansing, but that’s just me. It takes all sorts to make a world.

The video game pictured above, Ethnic Cleansing, aims to teach Aryan youth about, well, ethnic cleansing. The vile, bloody video game has ever so charming concepts (not!) like killing minorities:

"The most politically incorrect video game ever made. Run through the ghetto blasting away various blacks and spics in an attempt to gain entrance to the subway system, where the jews have hidden to avoid the carnage. Then, if YOU'RE lucky.... you can blow away jews as they scream "Oy Vey!", on your way to their command center." - Resistance 

Are these people on crack. I mean, really, who sits around and comes up with rubbish like that. And if you think I'm kidding, here's a link

The white supremacist movement is fighting a lost cause. Keeping the white race pure, or any race for that matter at this point, is like getting toothpaste back into the tube, as so many races have intermarried.

White nationalists have grown despondent, evidenced by members like David Duke voicing his concern that White people will become the "minority"..."by the year 2050."

Me personally, I don't care who is the majority or who is the minority. If everyone is treated fairly, no one (normal that is) will care. If the average man dwells somewhere in this world where he is treated like a human being with rights, he will understand that everyone can't be the majority and accept proper leadership, regardless of who is the majority and the color of their skin.

At the end of the day, God is the one who decides my fate, so I don't pay attention to the color thing.

God is the one who provides my needs. God, I need a Lamborghini! - just kidding.

Eurofest or Eurorest?

The anemic Phoenix Eurofest, a White supremacist rally, barely received any form of a turn out, relegated to roughly 100 people. An attendee stated that he was, “A little disappointed in the turn out...but the people here were of high quality, which is certainly more important than quantity, at least for what we’re trying to do.” Don't make me laugh!

Apparently the originally designated hall of choice cancelled on them two days before the event. Can you imagine - the nerve of them cancelling. Who wouldn't want to have Hitler's horde in occupancy.

White Supremacist Kevin Strum

White supremacist Kevin Strum hates Republicans and Democrats. He said at the recent poorly attended Phoenix Eurofest, "There is no better use for our lives than doing whatever it takes to bring about a race based White society." That whatever it takes and by any means necessary philosophy is not a good one.

He further stated, “Some of us couldn’t even define us or our children and think that adopting Chinese orphans is a good use of their precious lives.”

To racists, everyone looks alike. Though your son isn't Chinese, he is Cambodian, Angelina girl, he's talking about you. He likes to target the high profiled.

"The Holocaust Didn't Happen"?

White Nationalist historical revisionist Fritz Berg

"The Holocaust Didn't Happen" - Fritz Berg. I don't believe that. I believe it did happen. Jewish people didn't go around tattooing themselves with numbers to make a fashion statement. They were branded and treated like animals. Do not deny them what they went through, by insisting it never happened, as historical revisionists like Fritz Berg are intent on doing.

They were violently yanked from their homes, rounded up, publicly stripped naked, "disinfected," washed, shaved, robbed of their dignity and all worldly possessions, experimented on, starved and killed, but Fritzy said it never happened.

 These pics and many accounts of the horrors of the Holocaust are pretty convincing to me:



Jewish Children Prisoners:

Female victim of Nazi experiments testifies against her victimizer at trial:

"Six thousand Mauthausen prisoners wait in the camp courtyard for disinfection. After 24 hours, nearly 140 had died. (July 1941)" -

Prisoners from Buchenwald awaiting execution in the forest near the camp. (1938 - 1940) -

"Three elderly Jews walk arm-in-arm through the streets of Krakow during the final liquidation action of the ghetto. (March 1943)" -

Joseph Schleifstein, a 5 year old survivor of Buchenwald. (After May 1945):

[Pics from and the National Archives, courtesy of USHMM Photo Archives].

Ethnic Cleansing

Back to the issue of ethnic cleansing. White supremacists espouse this as the answer to not becoming the minority. Many supremacist bands have lyrics about killing non-Aryans. Clearly to them it is a very real solution.

Lyrics like, "Let the cities burn, let the streets run red, if you ain't white you'll be dead." How charming and anti-social at the same time (sarcasm).

Race Mixing

How did all this race mixing start? Think about that. Someone white deliberately mated with someone Black or Jewish or Spanish or Indian ect…Therefore, you really couldn't hate other races that much if you are sleeping with them.

It trips me out to read message boards and articles on white supremacists boards where racists are conflicted over sleeping with Black, Asian, Jewish and Hispanic women.

Some supremacists are clueless and not even sure of who to discriminate against. It's something I have written about on here before.

Here's a funny quote I read recently from a message board poster about supremacists who spend their time, "Trying to figure out if women they're attracted to are Jewish or not." It's quite telling. Supremacists are attracted to women who are Jewish.

Deny it all you want. The reason there are so many mixed people in this world is because somebody looked at somebody who didn't look like the somebodies they descended from.

Go Back To Africa?

The integration of blacks and whites was initiated by whites via slavery. Slaves were brought to many countries; it wasn’t a voluntary trip – yet supremacists with ancestors who participated in this want separatism now. Oh, the irony.

Black people need to forgive, but at the same time white supremacists must take history into account, when they hurl commonly used slurs like “Go back to Africa” at blacks, whose ancestors where transported all over the world as slaves against their will.

Blacks and their descendants have built their lives in countries they were involuntarily transported to from slavery days, therefore to spitefully hurl comments like “Go back to Africa” and “Go home” is hypocritical. How did black people get to white areas of the world that our labor later greatly helped to build.

And what would happen if millions of blacks went home to Africa and took our belongings with us. The societies of many countries would collapse and Africa would become overwhelmed and disproportionate. Not to mention, Africa would have more rims per capita than any other country.

Seriously, the economies of countries would be greatly damaged, companies would go under (not just KFC and rap labels), the work force of many countries diminished, militaries of the world effected ect…

You can’t get rid of millions of people and think everything’s gonna be alright. Hitler tried it and it didn't work. Germany could have used the great minds Hitler got rid of. Many other Jews left and flourished all over the world.

In Hitler trying to wipe out the Jewish people, in a clearly unforeseen way, he only made them greater, as many emigrated from Germany to democratic countries like America that allowed creativity and entrepreneurship. We all know how that one ended.

Hitler failed in his plan to destroy the Jewish people. Now you can’t throw a stone at the Fortune 500 without hitting a business with strong Jewish ties, backing or ownership.

They need to rename it the Fortunestein 500 (admit it, that was funny!). 

White supremacist groups like National Vanguard should hope they never get their wish of an all Aryan society, as it would be as the old saying goes - cutting off your nose to spite your face.

If you strip away all the contributions minorities and non-Aryans have made to society, life would be much different than it is today. It would set the world back a very far way. Many Blacks, Jews, Greeks, Italians, Asians and Hispanics, among others, have contributed a lot to this world.

I for one am not prepared to going back to life without the gramophone (invented by Emile Berliner, a Jewish German-American). Ok, so it was invented before I was born, but you get the point. I love records and it became the basis for the CD as well. 

For any country to progress as a nation, unity is needed. Remember, "A house divided against itself cannot stand" (Matthew 12:25).

RACE RELATIONS: Stage Mother April Gaede


April Gaede, mother of white supremacists singing duo Prussian Blue, Heiling Hitler.

I've written about stage parents several times over the course of the last year and a half on the site. April Gaede, mother of white supremacist singing duo Prussian Blue, is a prime example ( Possibly the most extreme case of stage mothering I've ever come across.

April Gaede is clearly a troubled woman and she is passing on that dysfunctionality (that's not a word, people). Even within her own White Nationalist sect, there have been very unkind published reports about her alleged tandem of sexual promiscuity and financially conning men out of money.

An article stated the FBI raided her home due to her ties to Matt Hale, a felon and fellow White supremacist, arrested as the main suspect in the murders of Judge Joan Lefkow's mother and husband, who died in a brutal fashion.

It is clear, Gaede has made some wrong choices of great proportions.

Unexpected Backlash

A lot of people took out their anger on Prussian Blue, who were clearly indoctrinated with White supremacist ways by their Nazi stage mother, but she did them another great disservice in placing them on national TV with such hateful, archaic views.

The hate group National Vanguard ( and David Duke use Prussian Blue as puppets and promotional tools for their agenda; not thinking of the effect any of it is having on the 13 year-old girls.

They clearly view it as making them soldiers in their race war, but at the end of the day, they are still kids. And nobody can tell me the barrage of verbal abuse and death threats that were leveled at these young girls didn't have some negative effect. They are after all children. I read they tearfully took it very badly.

While I'm not defending the girls' views, as I strongly disagree with said views (hello! I'm black), I'm appalled that so-called responsible adults push them out in the spotlight to face that barrage of criticism and death threats. More proof that White supremacists are living in another world and are grossly out of touch with the real one.

I guess their mother was expecting they'd become the new Olsen Twins and make a lot of money, but that did not happen. It's a different world, Ms. Gaede. 

They clearly have  been isolated from the real world, so when the story broke on national TV about their views, they were taken aback and off guard by the hate that was hurled at them for their staunch, blatantly racists views.

PR Disaster

The twins seem confused and conflicted more than anything. In a PR disaster of an interview, a writer stated he saw a rap CD by a black artist on one of their chairs after they'd left, that had fallen out of one of their satchels.

They've been trained to say they only listen to hardcore white supremacist music, but Lamb let slip that she likes "Avril Lavigne, Evanescence, Three Days Grace, Green Day, AC/DC, and Alison Krauss" - right before her sister, Lynx, shot her serious glances, cleared her throat "with a hint of malice" and corrected her in stating the names of racists bands, "We're also big fans of Final War, CutThroat, Saga, Max Resist, Youngland, Brutal Attack, and of course Skrewdriver." 

He also got one of the twins, Lamb, on record talking about her favorite flavor of ice cream, "Usually we order vanilla, but as long as Mom doesn't find out, I'll take the biggest helping of chocolate they can dish up."

The other twin, Lynx, boasted in the interview, "Prussian Blue is the color of Zyklon-B residue, which was, by the way, never found at the so-called Nazi "death camps." At age 12, this is the type of thing she has been taught to talk about.

Another troubling quote from the interview regarding their life at home:

Lynx: That's nothing. She fell down the stairs.

Lynx covers blue finger-shaped bruises on Lamb's arm with her hand and they exchange stern and inscrutable glances.

Lamb: I'm kind of a klutz.


A very blonde, albeit bleach blonde, 12 year-old Lynx and Lamb Gaede aka Prussian Blue

Their new CD is entitled "The Path We Chose." C'mon, at age 12, the "The Path We Chose"?...or the path that was irresponsibly and inexcusably chosen for them by their stage mother.

Playing up their roots

A previously brown haired Prussian Blue

Gaede bleached the twins hair from brown to platinum blonde at age 12, playing up their roots, pardon the pun (the girls on the site will get that joke) and dressed them up in pro-Hitler and White supremacist clothes.

She paraded them around on National TV, opening them up to subsequent death threats, hatred, public backlash and scorn for the views she indoctrinated them with. How was that fair to the kids. She should have thought it through.

The twins father, a fellow White supremacist who brands his horses with swastikas, is now challenging their mother for custody:

Boy, I tell ya. Mother and daughters heiling Hitler, the dad branding livestock with swastikas - that's one loco family.

If their mother wants to be a sounding board and spokesperson for the White supremacist movement, she is an adult, she can do that and take the backlash that accompanies such a stance in this more racially civil day and age. But why subject the kids to that.

Even getting the toddler in on the act, having her serve as hostess at a hate filled White supremacist rally. I pray God will help that child, as I can just imagine her future on its current path.

Prussian Blue at a white supremacist immigration protest

Lynx Gaede of Prussian Blue, aged 12: "The immigration is changing our schools because the Mexicans’ behavior is rubbing off on the White kids. Like spray painting and laziness and bad grammar. I see so much of the teachers’ time spent on trying to get the Mexican kids to behave themselves or so much money spent on trying to teach them English that it takes away from the rest of us."

Lamb Gaede of Prussian Blue, aged 12: "White Nationalist or Separatist since a supremacist means that we would want to rule other races and to be honest, we just don’t want them around."

Lamb Gaede of Prussian Blue, aged 12: "I would like to go any place that would like to hear our music. I doubt that would include Africa. But duh - we would never go to Israel."

I don't hate Prussian Blue. They deserve better than what their mother has inflicted upon them and indoctrinated them with, especially in trying to make them the new face of the White Supremacist movement. They're just kids. They should get the chance to be normal. However, in reading their interviews, they don't know how to be normal anymore, as it is so engrained.

I want to encourage people not to hate them or send them death threats. Look at this situation for what it is - a stage mother who has inexplicably gone too far.

SPIRITUAL: More Cult Stuff Again  


Scientology Tom Cruise

This has been an unflattering PR year for Scientologist Tom Cruise. A great fall from grace. I read an article in the New York Times weeks ago that questioned whether or not his image can be salvaged.

After firing a veteran PR woman, who amazingly managed to suppress from the general public all these years just how harmful Cruise's Scientology ties and views are (telling people to stop taking their medicine and bashing women suffering from post-partum depression isn't exactly harmless), he hired his sister to do his PR. Nothing wrong with hiring family. A little nepotism doesn't hurt. Ok, this time it did. He fired her a few months later as well, then hired another industry veteran.

But within weeks of doing so, brought more negative publicity on himself by stating publicly he bought a sonogram machine for use on his impressionable, pregnant young fiancée, which medical doctors slammed as dangerous in the hands of an unskilled professional. Then instructed New York Firefighters who had the monumental task of sifting through and cleaning up the 9/11 toxic wasteland left by the terrorists, to stop taking their medicine and take heavy doses of Niacin, drink cooking oil and sweat it out in a sauna.

This drew the ire of firefighters and their doctors who felt Cruise had overstepped his bounds in telling them to stop taking their meds.      

A lot of the bad publicity Cruise experienced this year, including the Brook Shields incident, was self-induced and there really isn't anything a publicist can do about that...other than reach for the Maalox.

Sorry to say, the problem is with the client. No use in hiring a publicist if you yourself are going to go out there and cause train wrecks. And that's what it's been. A year of train wrecks.

It should also serve as warning to the public just how good some industry professionals are at hiding the unsavory aspects of stars' lives from you. You need to be careful who you listen to and just what they are telling you - famous or not.

I feel Scientology and their infamous "audits" are largely to blame for Cruise conduct (hey, leave the auditing to the IRS). He is so drawn in. Even looking at his interview with Matt Lauer, Cruise looked angry and obsessive in his demeanor, as though in a snapped trance of some sort. Brainwashing does that. The look in his eyes showed it:

Maybe it's time the client revaluates his own life, priorities, views and just where he is headed on his current course. Maybe it's time the client takes some responsibility for his choices and words and sincerely try to change for the better.

While Cruise is free to be a Scientologist, it's his right, the lines become blurred when the by-product of a pseudo-religion causes people physical and emotional harm (Scientology "audit" related deaths, suicidal depressions caused by said "audits" and Cruise dispensing improper, unlicensed medical advice/care). 

Here's hoping, the New Year, God willing, will be a time of reevaluation for him, as this stuff is not harmless and has done damage to his name.

SPIRITUAL Meddling Parents – Sometimes it’s a good thing.

My parents, especially my mom, interfere in my business all the time. "Where are you going?" "Who was that?" "Where do they live?" and "What do they do" are common phrases I hear. They want to know who I spend time with and I can't say I blame them. The way I see it is if I had children I'd want to know those things as well.

Sometimes people get annoyed when their parents ask them too many questions, but at the end of the day they just want to know what's going on with their children. That's not such an unreasonable request.

Imagine if you had kids, wouldn't you want to know. There are a lot of sad occurrences in this world, wouldn't you want to know that your child is far from them.

SPIRITUAL What Are You Pursuing

What are you pursuing in life? Is it good? Is it decent? Will it help improve our world? Is it gonna mean anything at the end of your life.

Some pursue things in life they should not in unsavory attempts to destroy and disrupt other people’s lives. What is it about some that rather than focus on their own lives, they become fixated with trying to hold others down.

Everyone has a right to live in this world that God made. No one has the right to decide that because of a person's color, nationality or religion, they don't have a right to live and must be extinguished and references to them removed.

Doing this has never worked. Hitler tried it with the Jewish people and they grew greater than they were before. As much as Hitler tried to negate their accomplishments in life, it did not work. Only caused people to think the worst of him.

While he is one of the worst examples in history of this type of heinous conduct, people all over the world try to do this on a smaller scale as well regarding people they dislike because of their religion, their skin color and or their nationality. No one has the right to do this. It is completely nefarious.

The person who tries to hold someone down, destroy them or the one who goes around as a busybody interfering and tampering with others lives and well being - how is that a good endeavor?

The ones who go about causing mischief and misery, rather than bettering their lives and others - is this truly what you want your life's work and legacy to be, as it will be what you are remembered for.

SPIRITUAL Do Unto Others

Consequences - the Bible speaks about them implicitly, but do people really grasp the full extent of what is being said.

God in trying to spare people unnecessary pain, put in the Bible, "The deeds of a man's hands will return to him, (Proverbs 12:14) and "Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows" (Galatians 6:7).

It was a warning and a promise all rolled into one. It was basically stating each deed you do to others in life, whether good or bad, you will receive back as well. Sometimes sooner than you think.

Every deed you do to another in life will be done back to you. It’s a universal justice system God put into play in the world that can’t be bought, bribed or abated.

Whatever you do and have done to others, you have done it to yourself, as it will return to you. But some don't get that.

It should be incentive to live your life in a good way, but amazingly some still don't. They rob, defraud, cheat, steal, step on people and commit every form of cruelty in the name of getting ahead.

The reason? There's always someone who thinks they can beat the system. There's always someone who thinks they are smarter than everyone else and the rules don't apply to them. But that's not what God says and maintains in this world. 

It should serve as warning to you to live your life in a better way.


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