December 31, 2006

Volume 56

1. SITE NEWS More Hacker And Hosting Company Problems
2. NEW YEAR Happy New Year
3. RIP James Brown
5. CELEBRITY Sound Off Column End Of Year Awards
6. CELEBRITY Celebrity Kids
7. CELEBRITY Out And About
8. CELEBRITY Flashback Pic
9. CELEBRITY Look A Likes
10. CELEBRITY Tori Spelling
11. CELEBRITY Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt
12. CELEBRITY Britney Spears
13. CELEBRITY Al Gore Leaves Lindsay Hanging
14. CELEBRITY Destructive Kaballah Cult Members
15. CELEBRITY Paris Hilton
16. CELEBRITY Beyonce
18. CELEBRITY Um, Maybe This Divorce Was A Bad Idea 
19. LITERATURE OJ Book And TV Special Cancelled
20. TV Miss USA, Rosie v. The Donald
21. SPORTS The Heat Beat
22. SPORTS Retro Andre Agassi Tennis Pic
23. LEGAL FILE Madonna Lawsuit
24. LEGAL FILE Robert Mueller (FBI)
25. NATIONAL NEWS Xenophobe Tancredo
26. SOCIAL Michael Richards' Racist Rant
27. NATIONAL NEWS Bill Clinton Eavesdropping Scandal
29. INTERNATIONAL NEWS The Man Known As Saddam Is No More
30. SPIRITUAL The Family  

SITE NEWS More Hacker And Hosting Company Problems

I'm sorry I could not post the mid-month project update that I promised on the Diary page last month. Hacker problems prevented it. When I fixed the problem, I decided to stay off line for a bit to get some other work done.

Then when I started publishing this month's web site updates, the commissioned hacker from this legal case tampered with hosting company Go Daddy's servers, blocking the site from being properly published, rendering this lovely error message that read:

NEW YEAR Happy New Year

It's the end of the year and boy was it an eventful one with problems thanks to lunatics in Hollywood, but by God's grace I persevered. I'm looking forward to the new year and new ventures God has brought my way. I've got a lot planned and I'm very excited.

I want to wish you and yours a happy New Year. Thanks for visiting the site and God bless you. Be well in the new year.

RIP James Brown

Singer James Brown passed away this month in Georgia at the age of 73. Many artists cite him as an influence on their music.

However, the thing I liked most about James is that he lived in Georgia, one of my favorite places, and was a black man who wasn't ashamed of being black. He had full, fine African features that I'm sure the mainstream frowned upon at times, but James didn't care, because he was "Black and Proud."

That should serve as an example to many. Don't be ashamed of your looks. God made us all. None of us are better than the other because of our race. That's just pure foolishness. 

James saw times in America's history where black people were treated very badly, like second class citizens, but rose to the top anyway.

He was exploited by many whites in the entertainment industry, as was the standard in those days, and oddly in misconduct that still exists today.

However, he went on to become a music legend. My condolences to his family.


What's "Head On" and why is it "applied directly to the forehead."

CELEBRITY Sound Off Column End Of Year Awards

Best female: Halle Berry

Best male: Madonna

Best comeback: Whitney (good to have you back)

Worst comeback: Britney (if that's your comeback you need to stay back...way back)

Best black white guy: K-Fed (team Kevin)


Cutest black guy: Tyrese

Cutest Jewish guy: Bryan Greenberg

Cutest white guy: Matt McConaughey

Cutest Latin guy: Enrique Iglesias

Cutest Asian Guy: Jet Li 


Stupidest dis song: “Give It To Me” by Justin Timberlake and Nelly Furtado 

Best stand by your man: Beyonce (“to the left to the left,” Jay-Z) 

Best lip-sync on an album: Paris Hilton

Best foot in mouth disease: Rosie O’Donnell 

Best “I’m high” look: (a tie) Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears

Best public weed smoker: Paris Hilton (so air headed she doesn’t even hide it)  

Best meltdown that seems to never end: Tom Cruise 

Best lying publicist: Liz Rosenberg (you're evil - hope you enjoyed the horrific baby abduction adoption press)

Most creative publicist: Eliot Mintz (you’re good - at covering for Paris. We know she's guilty, but boy can you spin) 

Best craziest celebrity cult: Kaballah (because can’t no one stalk, eavesdrop and steal like you).

Best exploitation of black people: Madonna

Best criminal rip off of a song: Gwen “Mr. Ed” Stefani for “Orange County Girl”

Best drug lord: Gilla Mogilevsky of the Kaballah cult for getting busted with $2 million dollars in drugs


Best national team: The Heat

Best international team: Arsenal

Best effort even if they didn’t win: The Mavericks

Best Coach: Pat Riley

Best beatdown: Carmelo Anthony 


Best ally: Britain

Best manufacturer of affordable stuff: China

Best island: Jamaica (totally impartial choice on my part)

Best at blowing up stuff they're not supposed to: Hezbollah aka Hezblowup

World leader most likely to catch a beatdown in 2007 if he doesn’t stop pointing missiles at people: Kim

Best arrest: LAPD arrest of Paris Hilton

Best beatdown by a police squad: The LAPD

Best purse watchers: The Secret Service (have you found the purse yet) 

Best politicians: Rudy Giuliani and Barak Obama 

Best at evading Congress: Alberto Gonzales and Robert Mueller 

Best attempt at concealing a bribe: Representative William “Freezerman” Jefferson

Best attempt at concealing the squandering of tax dollars: Robert Mueller of the FBI (sure, the computer company ate your homework).

Best cover-upper: Robert Mueller (yea, like those are the real Lennon files. Next you're gonna be telling me Jimmy Hoffa's under a barn...right next to Al Capone's vault).

Best kickback: a hat trick! 

Worst judge: Marcia Cooke (so good she doesn’t even have to read cases before she fraudulently throws them out). 

Best worst political nominations: Nancy Pelosi (you gonna nominate Osama to head national security next?)

Best peppering: Dick “McCormick” Cheney

Best foot in mouth disease: Representative Tancredo  

Best national eavesdropper: George Bush (who was probably looking for terrorists)

Best international eavesdropper: Bill “Bubba” Clinton (who was probably looking for a date with Princess Diana -cough- so was Hillary).

Worst company: Enron (because you’re criminals who defraud the poor and middle class)

Worst bank: Washington Mutual Bank (because you’re criminals who defraud the poor and middle class)

CELEBRITY Celebrity Kids

Pictured below is TV host/comedian David Letterman with his thoroughly adorable son, Harry:

Victoria Beckham and her cutie pies Brooklyn and Romeo:

Last month I teased the Affleck's over Jennifer leaving the adorable Violet with her dad Ben for the day, who I joked probably can't cook. This month Jennifer took Violet to lunch to celebrate her birthday.
Violet: Ahh, that's more like it!

Violet: No, I'm not dating Maddox Jolie-Pitt. We only text message each other!


Jennifer Lopez was out and about at a gala in Los Angeles. She really doesn't look 37. She looks like she is still in her 20's.

The stylish Victoria Beckham at her product launch:

Hands down one of the best looking men out there, Tyrese, in this great, attractive suit. TyReses Pieces, you look great:

Another great looking man, Shemar Moore, handsomely dressed in black:

Model and TV show host Tyra Banks on the red carpet looking beautiful. That hairstyle is superb:

Actress Cate Blanchett looking stunning in this unusual dress:

Tsunami survivor model Petra Nemcova out and about looking casual and beautiful:

Actress Halle Berry looking great in this cute, causal outfit:

Actress Reese Witherspoon also sporting a great casual look:

And for the PETA-is-gonna-get-you-segment, but you still look great anyway:

Latifah wearing a great ensemble that is furiffic (is that PETA I see in the back - run, girl, run):

Mariah Carey, another furiffic one. This fur may not be real, though. But it looks good:

CELEBRITY Flashback Pic

"Vision Of Frizz Ease"

Ooh ooo ahhhh/
Treated me kind/
Sweet Frizz Ease/

Just kidding. This style was hair today, gone tomorrow. But it was working. Mariah, where did the curls go? You and that flattening iron are getting too close. Just kidding. Your hair looks good either way. 


Singer Chante Moore Singer Ciara

Basketball Player Allen Iverson Rapper LL Cool J

CELEBRITY Tori Spelling

Stories have been in the press about the discord between Tori Spelling and her mother, with reports indicating she has been financially cut off from her late father's estate. I think she should get her inheritance. She is his child and it wouldn't be fair to do otherwise.

CELEBRITY Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Angelina and Brad take a ride in India:

Angelina in her role as goodwill ambassador meets with officials in India:

Official: Yes! she showed up without pretty boy - I have a chance!


Angelina Jolie as Marianne Pearl

Above is a pic of Angelina Jolie as Marianne Pearl, the widow of slain journalist, Daniel Pearl. The still is from the Daniel Pearl biopic "A Mighty Heart."

Pearl did not deserve to die and in such a horrible manner. He was a bright, good looking, socially conscious man whose life was cut short over him being Jewish, which was wrong. No one deserves to die because of their ethnic background.

I remember when I wrote about him in the Column in 2003, shortly after, someone sent me an inappropriate email that said "Daniel Pearl beheading video" because I didn't applaud his death. I will never applaud the death of an innocent person of any race, religion or nationality.

Side bar: don't Daniel Pearl and actor Tim Allen resemble each other.

CELEBRITY Britney Spears

What is wrong with Britney Spears. I wrote about her bizarre conduct last month. This month she didn't conduct herself any better.

There she goes again with the nasty, devilish look on her face. She looks evil in this pic (cult involvement will do that to you). Her eyes have become so mischievous:

Satan Spears

Britney constantly goes around looking like she is out of it, while K-Fed goes around looking normal, you know, for a black white guy:

K-Fed looking normal and ghetto fabulous:

New York Post Article

Bubbalicious Britney ever chewing gum. She could be in the electric chair and she'd still be chomping on that gum.

The New York Post was so assumptive in their article on Britney going into a public bathroom with oil heir Brandon Davis, in implying they were having sex in the public toilet (just class, Britney).

How dare you be so presumptuous. For all you know she was in the bathroom doing drugs with him. Shows how much you know. How dare you besmirch her character like that. Just no ethics! (LOL)

US Weekly Outs Britney On Drugs

Last month in the Column I wrote that Britney looks high. This month, US Weekly, Britney's favorite magazine (LOL) did an article on a witness seeing a drug store in her purse in the ladies room. They claim it was a stash of painkillers and anti-depressants. 

Sorry, but with the way she's been looking whacked out, I believe it's something far stronger than prescription drugs.

You need to stop beaming up. At this rate, you're gonna o.d. by next year. Then K-Fed and the dirty Kaballah cult will get all your money.

Britney Buys Her Own CD

Britney Spears was recently pictured buying her own CD. Why, to remind herself of how far she's fallen:

Somebody needs to Shout those stains out. That's what they make detergent for:

Here's another reminder of how far you've fallen:

Britney In More Mess

"Britney Threatens Her (Other) Ex-Hubby? Since Brit's split from K-Fed, their exes have come out of the woodwork -- with one claiming that Spears sent him a thinly-veiled threat.

Britney's 55-hour ex-husband Jason Alexander appeared with Fed's baby mama Shar Jackson on "The Dr. Ablow Show," where Alexander revealed that Britney contacted him by leaving a voicemail saying, "Don't say anything you'd regret." We're guessing this is exactly the behavior she was warning against.

Shar, who reportedly fed Fed on Thanksgiving, believes Kevin fears that Britney will steal their children away from him, saying, "He's probably scared Britney might take his kids and go back to Louisiana and he might not see them."

When asked for her feelings on K-Fed's craptastic rap career, Shar politely danced around it, never giving her opinion and just wishing him luck. A little late."

Feedback from TMZ:

1. Jason Alexander is free to do whatever he wants to do...Britney is petrified of her freak truth coming out. Posted at 12:32PM on Dec 3rd 2006 by jane doe

2. These two are just as disgusting. They can't do anything themselves so they ride the backs of someone who will get their names in the media. Shar Jackson isn't even a third rate actress and Jason Alexander is some hick from the Louisiana backwoods. They all are sickening. Posted at 12:34PM on Dec 3rd 2006 by nicole

3. It would be interesting to know how much time Kevin spends with his two kids by Shar. I don't think he wants to see any of those children; I think he just wants money from Britney. Posted at 12:42PM on Dec 3rd 2006 by Hippo

4. Shar and Jason are two people Britney deeply hurt they have every right to be angry...i say good for them for telling it like it is, they've got nothing to hide...

they are many people britney has HURT in her selfish quest for more fame and fortune...shar and jason are not the bad people...its Britney that deserves ***t in her face. Posted at 12:42PM on Dec 3rd 2006 by jane doe

5. who wants to bet Britney will NEVER allow kori, kaleb, sean and jaydn to have a play date together. Posted at 12:49PM on Dec 3rd 2006 by jane doe

6. The only person who has shown any decency and class in this whole situation is Shar. Granted she wasn't too smart when choosing k-dork to father not one, but 2 kids with, but she has never said a condescending thing about him, or Britney, or anyone. You don't see her out at all hours of the night flashing her coot to the world. If anyone should get custody of BS's kids it's Shar! Posted at 12:58PM on Dec 3rd 2006 by rachel

7. How dare Britney threaten him! There must be something embarrassing that he knows about her! Britney is just a user. She uses people for her own gain and could care less about them. I commend these two for not speaking badly about Britney although she has hurt them. That's class. Britney needs to grow up and stop being so dam selfish. Posted at 1:38PM on Dec 3rd 2006 by Amber

8. They have as much right to tell their stories, as K-Fed or Britney has to tell their own. It seems that everyone is on tv, telling personal stories on every station-and they are not always celebrities. These shows only exists because people watch them. If Americans were not so into gossip-these shows would not last. Posted at 2:16PM on Dec 3rd 2006 by Janet

9. The only reason Shar is being so nice and upstanding is she wants K-FED back in her BED. Oh, yea, and the money he is going to get when the divorce is final...she doesn't want any of that either. She fed him for Thanksgiving...I'm sorry but I be darn if I feed the man who walked out on me while I was pregnant with his child, anything for Thanksgiving. Man, if only someone could get all 4 of them to go on Springer, that would be awesome!!! Posted at 2:26PM on Dec 3rd 2006 by Nikki

10. I've always thought that Shar had some class to handle this situation well, and never making any catfights about it. And I wonder why Kevin impregnates all of his women back-to back. Now Shar and Britney both had two babies one after another, and who knows how much more if he stayed with either one of them longer that he had???? K-fed snds like an alien species from a sci-fi movie species wanting to procreate with humans as much a he could, so as to take over the human race???

believe me, karma going back for Britney's **s in this love triangle or rectangle, whatever I can call it! let Jason has his 15 min of fame, he was humiliated by Britney 2 years ago in Vegas...As for Shar I'm sure she's working sumthin up her sleeve...she must surely still love K-Fed too. its a matter of time, she'll accept him back and split Britney's ca$$ ...

And Shar is being so prim and proper on tv that her statement "about how her kids react to K-fed's fate plastered all over tabloids " is totally nonsense...Those kids are not old enough to start buying tabloid mags. and understand any of it???? and quote:< they have to decide for themselves..?????> unquote...what can these under 5 year-olds decide for themselves. Shar is talking as if she has teenage kids ???I say, let everyone in this love rectangle milk Britney for all the pain she's caused them.. huhuhuh (nasty laugh) I'll be back! Posted at 2:49PM on Dec 3rd 2006 by Miss Karma

11. Does anybody know if Jason Alexander still has the voicemail Britney left? If not - why should we believe him? I can understand Shar's concern in the break-up between britney/Kevin but Jason? Really - he is just digging for another 15 minutes of fame. Hey Jason - get your nose out of other people's business! Posted at 3:09PM on Dec 3rd 2006 by Just wondering

12. #1 - I agree. Kevin only wants them kids 'cause that's where the money is. I mean, maybe he is, for lack of a better word, happy that his other kids with are with Shar because she's a better mother than Brit (though that's damn fresh of Fed-Ex saying who's a better parent when he isn't one to begin with). Posted at 3:48PM on Dec 3rd 2006 by tmz_reader

13. Why is it every time we see Brit she looks HiGh!!! She is on that stuff... Maybe Brit's mom can get custody of them kids until she can get her mind right. Posted at 3:53PM on Dec 3rd 2006 by Wahnetah

14. Hello Brit is always HiGh!!! Posted at 3:55PM on Dec 3rd 2006 by Wahnetah

15. I agree it's Karma - and it's SOO SOOO funny that Justin Timberlake's NEW SINGLE is the What comes around goes back around one! HA HA HA . I'm buying that book cause if she left that voicemail it must be some good ***t. I'll buy $10 bucks to read it. Why not. ha ha - I hope SHAR testifies on Kevin's behalf for his fight for the kids. I heard the mansion just sold for 17 million and Kev gets half, but after fees and ***t it's only supposed be be like 4 or 5 million. That's still a lot. Britney was just looking at a house that was listed at 4.85 million, so she must not have as much money as she used to. HA HA HA HA From 12 million dollar mansions to 5. I'm sure her album will sell - just not like they used to. She is not going to go platinum the first week or anything anymore. I bet it's 200,000 copies first week and that's only if she has a good first single. Those high selling days are OVER. Karma is a ****h. Posted at 4:41PM on Dec 3rd 2006 by Used to Love her

16. Shar is only being nice to kfed because he is the father of her kids! and whether he is a good guy or not, he has every right to be in those kids lives just as he has the right to be in the lives of his and the white trash bimbo's kids lives! Posted at 4:48PM on Dec 3rd 2006 by so sick of brainless twits!

17. Shar has 2 kids. She is not gonna do anything to mess up her paper!! If Britney wants to be a fool and support Shar and her 2 kids so be it!!! I tell you Britney takes stupidity to a new level. Posted at 5:10PM on Dec 3rd 2006 by Kay



19. I don't care what the reason was of why Shar didn't say anything bad about Kevin and Britney after they both did her wrong. She decided to show some class and not talk bad about the father of her kids no matter how hard it was. I think Shar is still upset by Kevin's betrayal though, that's probably why she is still talking about him, maybe it's her way of getting it all out and letting go! Posted at 5:35PM on Dec 3rd 2006 by Amber

CELEBRITY Al Gore Leaves Lindsay Hanging

In a leaked email that appeared on Slate, Lindsay Lohan revealed way too much. So much so, that she blabbed that former Vice President Al Gore said he would help her with her drinking and drug abuse image problems.

Lindsay is a member of the sick and repugnant Kabballah cult, who specializes in theft and invasion of privacy, which they've been sued for more than once before. How ironic that invasion of privacy has come back to them again in that her email gets posted to the world.

The Clintons and co. are in with the Kaballah cult, as pathetic Madonna brags about her affiliation with them every chance she gets. Clinton also endorsed her so called Kabballah cult charity (I don't know why, considering the organization's record of financial impropriety, with them being investigated by more than one world government).

Therefore, Lindsay may have been telling the truth, and I believe she was. While he would help her image by affiliation, she would totally kill his.

In a statement released shortly after the leaked email, Gore via a spokesperson, distanced himself from Lohan. The statement from Gore read:

"As if losing the presidency wasn't enough, now they're trying to turn me into an it girl purse watcher."

Just kidding, he didn't say that publicly, however privately... But he did distance himself from the whole thing.

CELEBRITY Destructive Kaballah Cult Members

Mad-onna - the idiotic, trashy ringleader

Gwen "Mr. Ed" Stefani

Lindsay "It's water not vodka or vicodin" Lohan, Britney "vagina flasher" Spears and Paris "Valtrex" Hilton

Paris and Nicole Ritchie (who has been photographed wearing the Kaballah string several times)

The members of this sick celebrity cult that is under investigation in more than one country, for a laundry list of misconduct,  have shown an extraordinary disregard for public safety and the general welfare of the people around them.

Britney Spears - endangered her baby numerous times for all to see and on the road. She has been going around flashing her vagina at people for the cameras, in conduct that has been slammed all over the internet, with people disparaging Britney's, ahem, appearance. She has been partying, drinking, smoking and consuming drugs non stop, despite having a new born and toddler at home. This cannot be good. She further knows of and participates in the sick things that cult gets up to, which is contemptible.

Paris Hilton - could have killed people with her DUI a few months ago. She constantly disgraces her family with her bizarre conduct that ranges from the aforementioned drunk driving to publicly taking drugs, which she has been photographed doing several times. Her CD and accompanying music video contained copyright infringing material from different artists, with people openly stating that the front woman for an indie band actually sang the bulk of the record. She further knows of and participates in the sick things that cult gets up to, which is contemptible.

Lindsay Lohan - is going around a complete wreck, constantly looks high, gets into car accidents that could have injured or killed innocent people, is sporting serious cuts on her wrists, and bruises all over her body, and keeps causing one PR catastrophe after another.

Nicole Ritchie - has recorded copyright infringing music ("Dandelions"), is wasting away, and could have killed people this month via driving down the highway the wrong way, while drunk and high.

It reminded me of a case in Miami where two Christian teens were driving home from church and a skunk drunk FBI agent got on the highway the wrong way. The agent committed vehicular manslaughter, killing them both. According to reports, the FBI reportedly "hid him" in the hospital under a fake name, then launched a cover up pinning the blame on the teenage Jamaican Christian boys, saying it was they who were going the wrong way.

However, the truth came out later when decent people who witnessed the accident came forward and reported it was the agent who was drunk off his face, speeding and going the wrong way. The agent was amazingly given only 90 days. So much for the justice system. Not much incentive for these things not to happen again. For further reference, see Nicole Ritchie driving down the highway the wrong way. 

Gwen Stefani - has been going around looking like a disheveled mess (see pic above) and stealing everything under the sun, from copyrighted music to the Gucci logo for her blatant knock off fashion line (see pic above). You are the definition of trash and thievery.

Madonna - the queen of all theft and international law breaking. This twit is the ringleader in this depraved cult, drawing in other celebrities who know better, but under the guise that the head of the FBI is reluctant to arrest celebrities, they basically run amok in society and disgrace all associated with them in the process. Madonna has been committing willful violations of domestic and international law in America, England, Africa and Jamaica. But, due to the cowardice of the head of the FBI, Robert Mueller, her foul, unlawful conduct has been allowed to reach international shores.

Slaps On The Wrist For Serious Crimes

I've written about this before and I'm going to write about it again. I remember when Rhonnie Spector was beaten and thrown out of her house by husband, famous producer Phil Spector, who stole all her royalties and was allowed to get away with it on the basis that he is a famous musician/icon, so allowances were made for him, though he was showing all the signs that he is a criminal.

As I have written on here before, when you slap famous celebrities on the wrist for serious wrong doing, allowing them to get away with it, they see it as clearance to do far worse. Now Phil Specter has been found with a dead actress on his foyer floor and the smoking gun in his hand.

Had the appropriate authorities reigned him in from the incidents where he beat his wife, stole her money and threw her out of the house with nothing, all willful, felonious crimes, maybe the dead actress would be alive today and Spector wouldn't be on trial for murdering an innocent human being. After what he did to his wife, he should not have been allowed to roam around the innocent, unsuspecting public. He made someone else his prey and now she is dead.

You see serious patterns of misconduct springing from this Kaballah cult as well, and amazingly idiotic celebrities trying to justify it.

If the law says you are not to drunk drive, you are not to drunk drive. Full stop.

If the law says you are not to human traffic, you are not to human traffic. Full stop.

If the law says you are not to steal, that means you are not to steal. End of story.

Good people don't do these things, nor do they go along with them, or try to justify what anyone with any sense of decency can see is horrible conduct.

You are not above the law. Only the worst of men think they are above the law. Decent people understand the law and do their best to stay in line with it.

It is the corruption of the justice system for the famous that endangers everyone in society. Because more often than not, it is the celebrities you have to watch, as some of them are sick in the head and so used to getting their own way that they are not willing to accept the answer "no, you can't have that" or "no, you can't do that."

They go around violating domestic and international law, shaming and disgracing themselves and their families, all because people in the jobs responsible for administering justice, don't do their jobs and it endangers the public.

It can't be one set of laws for one set of people and another set of laws for another set of people, because they are famous. That is the disgrace and shame of any justice system. No society that strives to call itself just can entertain such a shameful double standard and blatant hypocrisy.

CELEBRITY Paris Hilton

Paris Beaming Up In Public Again

Paris is constantly smoking weed and in public, killing the few brain cells she had in the first place. To the surprise of TV host Anne Curry's, Hilton claimed on the Today Show that she is a good role model for girls, yet doesn't see the hypocrisy in this. A pot smoking porn star is not a good role model for anyone. 

Weird pose:

Paris' Lawyers Demand Psychiatry Records

She was the one who needed a psychiatrist when she put that ensemble together:

In her legal battle against actress Zeta Graff, Paris' lawyers have hypocritically asked for the Plaintiff's mental health records. If there is anybody’s shrink records we should be seeing, it’s Paris, because who believes she is right in the head at this point?

She is an unconscionable liar that made up a terrible story out of thin air and floated it to the press being a vengeful little witch. The story as so vile and elaborate. Yet depositions later revealed Paris made it up.

You probably need to start thinking about bribing the judge at this point, as what you have done is so blatant and you've been busted for it in that depo. Ask your friend and fellow cult member Madonna for some tips on that...and how to disgrace and corrupt the legal system in clear sight of the watching world. Just trash.

"Judge Denies Paris Hilton's Request For Psychiatric History Of Woman Suing Her For $10 Million"  

"Paris Hilton is accused of planting false stories in the press about actress Zeta Graff. 

LOS ANGELES — Paris Hilton may think actress Zeta Graff is "berserk," but that doesn't mean she can snoop through Graff's medical records. 

Hilton's request to investigate Graff's psychiatric history in preparation for a $10 million defamation suit was denied Wednesday by a California appeals court. 

Graff, who appeared in "The Fifth Element," is suing Hilton, claiming the hotel heiress dragged her name through the tabloid gossip pages and planted false stories about a run-in the two women had last year at the London nightclub Kabaret. 

Hilton denies the accusation, and her attorneys say they want proof of Graff's emotional distress. 

A judge ruled on Sept. 28 that Hilton's attorneys could depose Graff's psychiatrist and subpoena her records, despite Graff's attorneys' assurances that they would not seek damages for medical treatment, nor offer evidence of Graff's mental state beyond "the normal pain and suffering, namely shame, mortification or hurt feelings, that traditionally accompanies a claim for defamation." 

"We will not produce any testimony or evidence at trial regarding the fact that she had psychiatric treatment as a result of this, the fact that she incurred medical bills, the fact that she had to be prescribed medication," Graff's attorneys argued. 

In an opinion filed Wednesday, the appellate court upheld Graff's right to privacy and overturned the lower court's decision. 

"We believe that the court of appeals reached the correct result. We look forward to trying this case against Ms. Hilton," a spokeswoman for Graff's attorneys Bruce Broillet and Michael Avenatti told 

Hilton's attorney, Howard Weitzman, told that the decision was "a positive result" for their side because it limits Graff's claim for damages. 

The Graff vs. Hilton legal battle began as a war of words in the summer of 2005 over a man with whom they were both involved. 

At the time, Hilton, 25, was engaged to Greek shipping heir Paris Latsis, 23, who previously dated Graff, who is reportedly in her mid-30s. 

The New York Post reported on July 2, 2005, that anonymous sources claimed that when Graff walked into Kabaret and saw her former lover dancing with Hilton to Barry Manilow's "Copacabana," she lost her mind, went "berserk," tried to snatch a $4 million diamond necklace off Hilton's neck, and had to be physically restrained by security guards. 

Hilton told attorneys in a deposition that Graff repeatedly has tried to use Hilton's fame and their tenuous link through an ex-boyfriend to generate press for herself.

Graff's attorneys say Hilton perjured herself. The two are set to face off in court. The trial has been set for Feb. 5." - Court TV


How Old Is Beyonce

The Media Take Out web site, notorious for busting Jay-Z and Beyonce, posted a Texas Health Department birth record that states Beyonce is 32, not 25. Many people have thought for years that she looks older than she says she is, which has lead to  constant speculation.

The web site Intelius, used by people checking out individuals for litigation and real estate transactions to see if they are legit, among other things, you know, so you don't get into business with Jeffrey Dahmer and not know it...

Intelius lists Beyonce as 32. They use utility bills, land deeds and government records to compile their info. It's odd that they arrived at the exact same age the Media Take Out web site's Texas birth record did.

I would like to give Beyonce and co. the benefit of the doubt, but they lie so much (you know, saying those girls left the group when you'd kicked them out and replaced them overnight, without warning, to preserve your own butt).

What's the big deal if she is 32. The shame isn't getting older, as everyone ages. The shame is lying about it. And I hope they  didn't lie about this.


Web sites are still insisting that there is something going on between rapper Jay-Z and singer Rihanna, which Beyonce reportedly laughed off. Rihanna, 18, has denied it and even referred to Beyonce, 25 or 32, as a big sister, which web sites referred to as a jab at Beyonce's age. There was an article along those lines.

Fighting Over Jay-Z

Jay-Z frequently displays a misogynistic attitude, which is not cool. I can understand if it were Tyrese they were fighting over or something. Then I would have helped them.  

Ref Aisha: And in this corner we have the award winning Destiny’s Child mic hogger and lead DC back up singer recruiter, Beyonce. And in this corner, we have the award winning Bajan in the spray on clothes that borrowed Jay-Z, Rihanna. OK ladies, I want a clean fight. No hair extension pulling, no fake eyelash pulling, no acrylic nail pulling and no brick throwing. Got that. Break!

Rihanna Beats Beyonce At Billboard Awards

Rihanna with a doll that resembles her A/K/A Beyonce's future voo doo doll:

Rihanna beat out Beyonce, among others, for the best female artist award at the Billboard Music Awards. She walked away with the award that Beyonce’s dude Jay-Z helped her win. So yea, Jay-Z caught a frying pan that night.

To be fair, Rihanna did have the better year though, with her album having been on the charts longer, beating Beyonce's fall release.

Beyonce Beefing

Jennifer Hudson: "And I am telling you"'re not win the Oscar, ha! (joking)

Jennifer Hudson stole the show in the movie Dreamgirls. This sparked reports that Beyonce's father and manager was angry, barking at the producer over how things turned out.

Beyonce: Jennifer won what for Dreamgirls!?

Wigged Out - Wig glue gone awry. There’s no wigtox or something:


The lacefront wig has struck again. There's nothing wrong with weaves and wigs, but they need to be done properly. Beyonce recently sang a little too hard, which caused ripples in her wig glue, crinkling her skin at the hair line.

Beyonce's weave went "to the left to the left" (I blame her mother for this):


CELEBRITY Um, Maybe This Divorce Was A Bad Idea 

What a difference a year makes. Since Jessica Simpson announced her separation, then divorce from Nick Lachey, things have gone from bad to worse for her. Her album flopped, her movie bombed, she constantly walks around looking depressed and the public turned on her in favor of Nick. He however has found someone new and released a hit album.

From what was reported, it seems the marriage suffered from too many people interfering. That's not good.  

Whoever advised her to get a divorce and get in with people who have wrecked her career, even getting her mixed up in Madonna's criminal copyright infringing ways with the forthcoming film Blonde Ambition (boycott it), which was criminally stolen, with Jessica being propped up to lie to the public about the origins of the film, has done her a great disservice.

She went from the a-list to the d-list overnight. She should have stayed with Nick and not started selling her body in overtly sexual roles/videos, rather than selling music.


A preacher slammed Jessica and her sister, saying they do not represent Christians. They started off okay, but veered way off track. People liked the wholesomeness and unassuming attitude they debuted with - not the new it girl image, using sex to sell careers, when they didn't need to do that.

Mr. Simpson, you need to remember that you were a deacon. I can't fathom God would approve of the highly sexualized images of your daughters that you are selling to the public. That's not what made them famous and it is hurting their careers.  As you can see, it hasn't worked, only opened you up for criticism. Google it. They lost their core fan base with this nonsense and it was totally unnecessary. 

He hasn’t stuck to moral Bible guidelines in guiding his daughters careers. It went from wholesome to salacious overnight…and it still didn’t’ work.

She is no longer America’s sweetheart. Some of the things they are promoting now are not Christian, even in the basic sense of it being decent. It’s all about skimpy clothes and sex now.  

It’s time for the family to have a talk with God via prayer and refocus on what is important in life. You’ve strayed from where you started, selling out to Hollywood, thinking it would spell greater success, but it hasn’t.  

LITERATURE OJ Book And TV Special Cancelled

O.J. and publisher Judith Regan

The O.J. Simpson murder trial was talked about frequently in the 90’s. Recently, it was dredged up again in the form of a now scrapped book and TV special titled “If I Did It.”

I remember a joke a comedian made on BET’s Comic View many years ago where he stated O.J. would get out of jail and write a book called “How I Did It.” Is this where the idea for the project came from.

The book and TV special O.J. Simpson was planning on releasing through Fox News and its publishing affiliate, Regan Books, was cancelled due to public backlash. The book speculates how he would have committed the double murder of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her boyfriend, Ron Goldman, if he had done it.

While I'm not convinced O.J. committed the murders, due to the evidence having been tampered with, I thought the project was in poor taste. They should have let sleeping dogs lie.

This was not the way to clear one's name, as the victims are dead and trying to recreate their murders in this manner was disrespectful.

Rupert Murdoch

Rupert Murdoch - what kind of nasty news operation is this man really running that it is openly violating standards of decency, morality and international law. This is way beyond unacceptable at this point.

Rupert Murdoch was severely slammed over this project and deservingly so. The levels News Corp stoops to at times is appalling. They constantly show poor taste and a great disregard for the truth.

I myself was defamed by one of his outlets, Roger Friedman on the Fox News site, and had my privacy invaded by another of his tabloid news units, The Sun Newspaper/Newsgroup Newspapers, who I reported to the Met Police, with one of their editors having since been arrested for invasion of privacy in snooping on the Royal Family read about it here

So pardon me if I didn't cry for Murdoch when he got his teeth kicked in over the O.J. "If I Did It" debacle. As I wrote in the Column months ago regarding Murdoch's conduct, in my literal prayer that God brings back around to him and his family the type of public abuse he and News Corp. so frequently dispenses to innocent people, so he can experience what he and his unethical corporation continually does to others, you reap what you sow.

If I were you, I'd pray to God above that He doesn't fully return to you and yours the foul invasion of privacy your papers continually engage in at the expense of innocent, unsuspecting members of the public. You know, like the criminal wiretapping, hacking, stalking and printing the illegally obtained details of people's private phone calls, cell phone messages and computer data in your papers for all to read. You're criminals.

Like the depraved, perverted and ghastly Roger Friedman of the Fox 411 gossip column, Clive Goodman and Victoria Newton of Newsgroup Newspapers and Page Sixx of the New York Post. All people on your pay roll willfully violating international law, while you sign their checks knowing what they're up to. People who got so insane and arrogant that they wiretapped and hacked the Royal Family of Britain and passed the content around among themselves. That says it all.

The Goldman Family

Ron Goldman's father, pictured above, has filed suit against O.J. regarding the newly scrapped book and TV special, seeking the money he was paid for doing both projects. Simpson replied that he had already spent the money.

The Brown family slammed the latest projects as well [Nicole's sister Denise pictured above].

O.J. and ex-wife Nicole

One thing we do know based on 911 calls is that there was a problem in that household regarding domestic violence with O.J. beating his former wife Nicole. That was the subject of a police case.

Faye Resnick

It seems to me many people profited from the deaths of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. Nicole's friend Faye Resnick did two books, Mark Fuhrman used his notoriety from the case to write a book and Cato the houseguest, used the case as a stepping stone to a career in Hollywood.

Mark Fuhrman


Changes Since The Trial

The restaurant Ron Goldman worked in, where Nicole had her last meal, Mezzaluna, has been bought and renamed Pete's Cafe.

[Pic courtesy of the New York Times]

The facade of Nicole's house in Brentwood, California has been changed. The address appeared in so many publications and is associated with the murders, prompting the new owner to have the house renumbered

O.J.'s home that was seized via court order at civil trail, though he was acquitted, was auctioned off, with the proceeds going to the families of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson, was torn down and rebuilt with a new gate.

[Pic courtesy of the New York Times]

TV Miss USA, Rosie v. The Donald

Miss USA

Miss USA is currently embroiled in controversy for getting drunk, doing cocaine and kissing Miss Teen USA. Wow, talk about sign of the times.

Miss Teen USA

I saw her press conference recently apologizing for what happened. Well, I say give her another chance. She is clearly sorry for what happened and if she can clean up her life, then I say good for her. Redeem the day.

I have a relative that has struggled with drug abuse for years and it ruined his life, diminished his genius IQ and destroyed his potential. No one wants that for themself, but it's a bad side effect of that lifestyle.

I've seen firsthand what that lifestyle can do and God bless anyone who can get out of it.

This is what I was talking about in the Column a few months ago, though, regarding Hollywood and the music industry pushing these attitudes that women must be as wild as possible.

In the last couple years, there has been a discernable, incredible pressure on girls and women to be completely wild to be popular. So many girls are buying into that now and it's hurting them badly. You can't live like that for long and it not blow up in your face.

The entertainment industry feeds people these standards on a regular basis, via twit girls (Paris, Lindsay, Britney and the other skanks) and bad examples in movies, not caring about the havoc it will wreak on people. They know kids are watching these women and other bad examples the industry sets, but they don't give a rat's butt. They think it's cool, edgy and punk rock, when it is completely destructive.

Those girls aren't sorry for the bad examples they set. They think their lives are so cool, yet, remarkably they look so miserable and suicidal most of the time. They look like zombies in their pics. You sure don't look like happy people.

People feel sorry for the contrite, not the ones advertising that lifestyle like walking billboards for destructive behavior.

They have girls believing they should be bi-sexual, getting drunk and doing drugs. A lot of girls and women are struggling with these problems now and it is a lot to deal with emotionally with some of them committing suicide. No one can live like that for long with out it destroying them. The body wasn't meant for that kind of abuse.

The best thing you can do for yourself is pray and get help.

You tell some in the entertainment industry that and they get all angry and say you are trying to ruin their fun.

Is dying young fun?

Is overdosing and permanently losing your soul, as your last act on earth was in sin without repentance, fun?

Is harming innocent people via drug or alcohol induced accidents on the road fun?

Is going to jail for crimes you committed while high fun?

Is having to pay huge sums in financial restitution to victims fun?

Is losing all your money and belongings to drug use fun?

What I don't like is some, not all, celebrities and public figures promoting that drug crazed, drunken lifestyle, not caring who's watching.

If you have an addiction you are struggling with, fine, you sort that out and get help, but don't promote promiscuity, drug and alcohol abuse to the public. You never know who's paying attention and may end up with a dependency based on something you said or the poor example you set through your actions.

I've noticed that a lot of people who get on drugs do it because someone simply offered it to them and they thought it was something they could control - but in the end they couldn't. They didn't think it was a big deal, but it was.

They say it makes them feel good and high. But clearly, when that high is over and they need it more and more, it turns ugly.

A lot of entertainers have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on drugs, losing their money to something that doesn't last.

However, the damage lasts. It kills brain cells, prematurely ages you, wrecks your skin, damages your teeth, damages bodily organs, affects your job performance/career and wreaks havoc emotionally. You don't need that.

If you've not tried drugs, spare yourself the heartbreak and leave it alone. It's not worth the trouble it causes. You'll have a lot more brain cells and money.

If you have tried drugs, the best thing you can do for yourself is pray and get treatment. You don't have to announce it to the world if you don't want to, but no matter what age you are, do your best to regain your life and sobriety.

Rosie Weighs In On Miss USA

Rosie, being the troublemaker she is, weighed in on the whole thing, slamming Miss USA and the Donald. She really went too far with what she said. Trump has announced he is going to sue her for slander and defamation. As a reward for attacking him, Trump let the cat out the bag that Barbara Walters can't stand Rosie.

Rosie, leave the girl alone. She said she is sorry and she's gonna get help. What more do you want from her than that.

You know, for a liberal, you sure are uptight. When a Christian tells you that, just know you've got problems.

I told you in the Column last month, Rosie, and I'm going to tell you again, get some Midol. Would the good people over at Midol send her a case, already.

SPORTS The Heat Beat

The Miami Heat beat the L.A. Lakers on Christmas day. It was a good game and a nice win. Thanks Kobe. I'm just teasing.  

TENNIS Andre Agassi Retro Pic

Here's another Andre Agassi retro pic I found. I loved the 80's. Dude was matching the tennis ball:

LEGAL FILE Madonna Lawsuit

There have been new developments in the case that I will post about shortly, regarding new telling incidents that transpired. A few specialists confirmed more of the misconduct the defendants have been committing as well. 

Madonna with baby at window: You better smile for the camera. I paid good money for you! 

Bodyguard: You forgot the baby in the car: 

Madonna v. Angelina Jolie 

Madonna started dissing Angelina Jolie this month when her adoption turned sour on her. She basically said she could have worked for the U.N. and went around everywhere smiling too, but that doesn't get to the root of the problem. But human trafficking does?

You need to sit down and shut up. Jolie's done more for charity than you have with your last minute PR deeds camouflaged as acts of charity.

People saw Mad-onna's statements as a jab at Jolie. Clearly, someone is not dealing well with not being the center of attention.

This is Angelina Jolie's time, get over it. You aren't popular anymore. This adoption mess has caused you to be one of the most hated people on the planet. Public reaction has been virulent.

That's not Jolie's fault. It's your own for breaking international law and committing the unbecoming act of human trafficking. It shows how arrogant and perverse you are that you thought you could do such a thing.

Not only has she created all this scandal that is effecting her sales, she has tainted the adoption process, creating all sorts of bad side effects.

Many publications reported that Jolie slammed Madonna stating she full well knew that adoptions were not legal in Malawi and the trouble she would encounter.

Madonna is intent on stalking and comparing herself to Jolie. Why I don't know. Jolie's got her beat in everything. She really is deluded if she thinks she compares, as she is out of her league. Talk about a clueless celebrity.

Angelina Jolie v. Madonna   







No Oscar, but did win several Razzies


Whored her way to the top…then back down again.

Good looking


Toned body

Mr. Universe body, Arnold called, he wants his muscles back

Abundant dark locks

Fried disco hair

Big lips

Big muscles

Casual look

Geriatric leotard

Stole Brad Pitt who rides a bike


Stole Guy Ritchie who rides a bicycle

American accent - Los Angeles - non-valley girl

Fake British accent that has left London aghast

Adopted child from Africa

Abducted child from Africa

Adopted child is an orphan

Lied to the press and said abducted child was an orphan

Works tirelessly for U.N., donated millions from her income to many charities for years. Seems sincere in her charity work in areas in need of assistance.

Works tirelessly for herself and her cult charity where publications are questioning where the money is going and what she is doing with it - further just jumped on the charity bandwagon, but has the nerve to criticize others who have done more than she has.

Voted World’s Most Beautiful

Voted World's “Most Overrated Rock Star Of All Time”


"Madonna should first adopt code of ethics"

The wealthy white woman swept down upon the beleaguered African nation and emerged bearing a baby boy named David Banda. Her attention guarantees he will grow up with every privilege available to the super-rich. He'll only miss out on a few key things, like his birth father and other relatives, his homeland and his native culture.


The nation in question, Malawi, is one of the poorest in the world. Like many other women in such countries, David's mother died shortly after childbirth. His father relinquished him to an orphanage because he could not care for him alone. Typically, Malawi does not permit adoptions by nonresidents, but officials have made an exception in Madonna's case.


Now if you were such an official, and you knew anything at all about Madonna, would you let her take any baby or child from your country? Doubtless she has enough financial and celebrity power to overwhelm Malawi authorities. But as for any sign of moral decency or dedication to humanitarian values - well, the pop star who has generated a vast fortune by endlessly exploiting her sexuality has yet to display these.


Madonna fans cheer her on, stating that surely David's life will be much improved by having the singer as a mother. Even David's father originally thought so. But then he had second thoughts. According to the BBC, Banda said, ''I was never told that adoption means that David will no longer be my son . . . If I was told this, I would not have allowed the adoption."


Banda and his family thought Madonna would take David away for a few years, educate him, then return him to his family. This was not Madonna's plan. The adoption is now being disputed by human rights groups and may not be finalized. One can hope and pray it will not be.


I have a few questions for Madonna and the other celebrities who view themselves as rescuers of children such as David Banda:


If you're so interested in the well-being of children such as David, how about donating half of your fortune to well-managed charities?


If you'd like to adopt needy children, why not consider the many children currently available for adoption through the U.S. foster care system? Or, now that you live in England, consider available children there.

*What are your credentials for being an adoptive mother, aside from stupendous wealth? Are you willing to submit yourself to the same exhaustive scrutiny most adoptive parents go through before receiving their children?

International adoption can be a wonderful thing, but it is also full of ethical pitfalls. This is particularly true with a celebrity such as Madonna, for whom the rules may be stretched or overlooked. David's father may not have understood the terms of the agreement, something that happens too often with illiterate parents forced by extreme poverty to look for any measure possible to save their children's lives.

If Mr. Banda wants his son back, I hope Madonna will do the right thing and return the child, complete with a generous allowance. Then she will begin - but only just - to look like the kind of person who deserves the privilege of adopting a child." -Saint Louis Tribune


Madonna Endangering The Public...Again


Bodyguard: I'm not going to prison for this nut!

"Hey, Madonna, where's the fire?"

Since arriving in New York on Monday to promote her new children's book - and defend her adoption of a 13-month-old urchin from Malawi - the Material Mom has been acting like a speed freak.

She's ordered her chauffeurs - one a retired cop whose brother is a state senator - to leave the paparazzi in the dust.

As a result, the drivers are breaking every rule - using fake police lights and flashers, zooming through red lights, making illegal U-turns and burning rubber on major thoroughfares.

In fact, Post reporter Marianne Garvey watched Madonna's drivers zip through 40 red lights in four days as startled pedestrians shook their fists in anger.

One driver, who identified himself only as Abel, explained, "Some days she gets in back and says, 'Abel, I don't want to be followed' - and I know what to do."

"She enjoys this," he added. "She likes it when we do bad things."

Madonna has a right to be wary. She's regularly followed by three paparazzi on bicycles, two on motorbikes and others in three cars. Still, state law specifies that only law-enforcement and government vehicles are allowed to use lights and sirens.

The star's lead driver is Patrick Golden, a retired police officer whose brother is also an ex-cop, State Sen. Martin Golden of Brooklyn. The caravan consists of two enormous jet-black SUVs, a Chevrolet Tahoe and a Cadillac Escalade. Both have black-tinted windows to keep the superstar safe from prying eyes.

The Tahoe, driven by Golden, has a siren and flashing lights. It leads the way while Madonna rides in the Escalade, sometimes accompanied by two bodyguards.

She's hardly the first person to think she owns the road. In February 2004, Mayor Bloomberg ordered the lights and sirens removed from the cars of more than 250 city officials after Deputy Mayor Carol Robles-Roman was caught using her lights and sirens to beat traffic. The penalties range from traffic-violation fines of $375 to $750 to arrest for impersonating a cop. - New York Post

Feedback from ONTD:

1. why is this ****h even still around? madonna fans, what three reasons can you think of to even justify how out of hand and ridiculous this woman is? she makes her fame out of shock value, a holier than thou attitude, and crappy vocals. - [info]ilovemeganm

2. NO ONE CARES ABOUT CRUSTY A** MADONNA. i'll take LiLo & Paris anyday over her. She's done. - [info]punnky_kitty

3. crusty a** LiLo & crusty a** Paris**** - [info]genoworld

4. that's like hopping from out of the frying pan and into the fire. [info]freaky_afronaut

5. In fact, Post reporter Marianne Garvey watched Madonna's drivers zip through 40 red lights in four days Um, isn't that a little bit...dangerous? - [info]kisha

6. Great, all she needs is an "I hit a pedestrian" scandal. That'll make her seem like a very fit mother. - [info]musicpsych

7. WT*!? 40 RED LIGHTS!? What a c****. [info]aurosan

8. Yes, because that caravan is very ~discrete~ Madonna. [info]allmylines

9. shes gonna be the next princess di. [info]not_kosher

10. celebrities make crazy demands all the time. doesn't mean the EX POLICE OFFICER driver can't be like "oooo madge cant do that today! maybe another time!" its his license in jeopardy, it's not like madonna actually ever drives or anything. dude is a moron. - [info]shesalltalk

11. I'm SICK of Madonna posts. At least Lilo and Brangelina are nice to look at. Madonna's just an old vag. [info]kindafunnysad

12. I love that this is her reaction to this whole baby stealing scandal. She's not only too good for foreign adoption laws, now she's too good for good old American traffic laws. [info]somefantastic

13. I hope she gets a really nasty papercut from reading her crappy little children's book. [info]kungpow_meow

14. Go away Madonna. [info]ari6186

15. what a ****h. i want a siren. [info]bionic

"Lachapelle Refuses To Work With 'Nasty' Madonna"

Celebrity photographer/director DAVID LaCHAPELLE backed out of directing the music video for MADONNA's song HUNG UP because she is "nasty" towards employees. LaChapelle, who directed the cult film RIZE about dancers in South Central Los Angeles, chose not to put himself in a situation where he wasn't enjoying himself.

He explains, "I had written the scenario, was paid for the concept. "But after Rize, when I started to analyse what made me happy or not, I understood that she was not the person with who I wished to collaborate.

"She is nice when you are alone with her, but when you work for her, she can be very... nasty. She is with people she employs. I didn't want to be tortured. "I don't have anything against difficulties, but there, that would have been unpleasant. I would not have had fun. There is a part of cruelty in her."  - Contact Music 

"Jordan Blasts Madonna For Her Adoption" 

Jordan has blasted Madonna for using her celebrity status and wealth to adopt.  The glamour model - who has two sons, Harvey, four, from her relationship with Dwight Yorke, and 17-month-old Junior with husband Pete Andre - says she is planning on adopting herself but would not expect special treatment like Madonna. 

The 'Hung Up' singer was granted temporary custody of 13-month-old Malawi baby David. 

Jordan - real name Katie Price - said: "I'd probably want a baby, so I could know them from the very beginning. But I don't know about adopting abroad yet as it's not something I've really looked into. I don't think it's right that just because you're a celebrity and have money you should be able to adopt a baby that easily, particularly when you have people who can't even have kids, who can't adopt or are put on a long waiting list.  Everyone should be treated equally."

Jordan also claims Madonna's decision has trivialized the whole adoption process and made it fashionable instead of commendable. 

She added: "Pete and I are definitely going to adopt, but not yet.  We'll have more of our own first. And at the moment I think it's becoming a fashion, which I don't like. I respect people adopting, but I don't like that it's becoming fashionable." - EOG 

Madonna Mocked

Madonna was mercilessly mocked and slammed at the MTV EMA's in November. She was called everything from a transvestite to a baby buyer. The insane one was mocked by comedian Avid Merrion and actor Sacha Cohen (Ali G, Borat).

Avid brought a group of dancing little people on stage dressed as babies in diapers (nappies), mocking Madonna's illegal adoption. To top it off, she was snubbed in each award category she was nominated in via falsified record sales:

Madonna Related To The Mob

Ciccone is her last name, which is an uncommon one. There was a William Ciccone reportedly in the mob, who tried to murder the #1 mobster ever, John Gotti. He was immediately beat down by 8 mafia members then shot in the head.

Then there was another Ciccone in the mafia that got mixed up in the Steven Segal shakedown scandal. This Ciccone, Sonny, looks like Madonna's father via a picture that ran in the press recently.

Not to mention Madonna's name has come up in the Pellicano scandal, that involves Anita Busch, which mentioned the Steven Segal and Sonny Ciccone angle, via her lawyer Bert Fields, who frequently employed the privte investigator.

"So Gotti's pal Watts fired five shots into Ciccone's head after torturing him in the basement of a New Dorp sweet shop, law enforcement sources said. Later, when Ciccone turned out to be distant kin of a Gambino capo, the capo apologized profusely to Gotti about his "nut case" relative.

Gotti replied with a magnanimity equal to his mob stature: "Forget about it." It has taken nearly 10 years, but the slaying of Ciccone has finally been linked to Watts." - Gangland News

Gwen Slammed

To all of you that participated in the last minute Gwen Stefani boycott, thank you. Her album did not debut at #1. She lost the #1 to Ciara, placing at #3. In the second week, she fell right out of the top 10. Her sales dropped so much in the second week that a journalist referred to it as unfavorable results for her. Her sales continue to drop as we speak.

Gwen Stefani's new album is being slammed all over the internet. Here's a sampling of some of it. Feedback from ONTD: 

1. WORST VIDEO/SONG/IMAGE EVAR! [info]nimyane1

2. OK Gwen, first of all, The Sound of Music is NOT "cool" and "cutting edge" to sample from, and another thing- you're too damn old to act like you're still in high school.[info]utenafreak

3. what happened to her. she is totally ridiculous now. [info]oh_sadsies

4. She was always totally ridiculous. [info]blanchebow

5. WT* with that hair. How does she think that looks good?[info]sweetchild92              

6. that song is SO BAD, what is she thinking? Someone please send her a copy of tragic kingdom...[info]witnessthine

7. I don't think her point is to look 'good'.[info]blanchebow

8. then she should shoot for decent.[info]sweetchild92

9. That haircut makes her nose look a lot larger than it is.[info]silver_spork

10. Dear Gwen, write your own music (i.e. dont sample). dont push your own clothes (i.e. lamb) [info]ecctv

11. She's totally baby Madonna. So original.[info]day_afterday

12. wt* this video is so cracked out i like it. and stfu with the madonna comparisons, theyre getting tired no one gives a ***k about that wrinkly old ho. [info]sry42004

13. They're both wrinkly old hos tbh. Gwen just hides it with 400lbs. of make up every day.[info]moteur

14. HAHAHAHA [info]mellowraspberry

15. that haircut is horrible, tbh.[info]ektoskeletol

16. Wig.[info]megknowsbest

17. i know. its still horrible.[info]ektoskeletol

18. This song sounds like something Fergie would sing [info]rock_star_aly

19. I thought so too. [info]andshedied        

20. I hate her hair.[info]boomstick

21. So stupid. The song is pathetic.[info]prisonero

22. I really hate her.[info]train_stations

23. Fergie > Gwen deal with that. know that. [info]egest

24. i hate her [info]_wishful_sinful

25. That song, that is just AWFUL. What kind of tuneless crap is that supposed to be? It sounds like a tonedeaf mute fell into a recording studio, fiddled with the switches while The Sound Of Music was playing in the background. If THAT charts, then music is lost. Pharell seriously lost his touch... Ouch...[info]robmmad16

26. Ok, what the **** was that? she is 37, singing songs aimed for kids/teens. Seriously: No Doubt is your life, Gwen. She is starting to be ridiculous.[info]psychee2

27. I'm so ******g over her. Ever since she got "too big" for No Doubt. Ugh, those boys made you, ****H. BOO. [info]kookypoodle

LEGAL FILE Robert Mueller (FBI)

Computer Woes Continue - Mueller's Short $57 million

Gonzales: What computer system?
Mueller: We communicate by pigeons. It's cost effective and environmentally friendly, except when we shoot them for delivering the wrong message.

In the latest slap across the face to the country's citizens, it was revealed this month that after wasting tax dollars on a yet to surface computer system, Robert Mueller is $57,000,000 short and the project is still off track. That is just ridiculous and offensive.

They really think people are stupid and don't know how much this stuff is supposed to cost and how long it is supposed to take. If Congress isn't willing to do anything about it, the citizens have no choice but to complain about the loss of their tax dollars to foolishness. And they are complaining. Google it.

It isn't right. You are entrusted with the people's tax dollars and this is what you do with it. Look how many times he's been warned. Stuff like this is infuriating. It is due to sheer arrogance and incompetence that it has happened and is allowed to continue.

All that wasted money could have gone to Katrina victims or the soldiers or into better protecting the country or paying down the national debt. Just unbelievable! The arrogance of it all.

That's the problem with government - it needs to be fixed. Too many people in it that don't care. Only it in for themselves and to heck with everyone else.

They keep forgetting one key thing. Tomorrow their kids will have to live in the messed up world they are creating today. No amount of trust funds and accounts can fix that.

No amount of trust funds can fix an enemy attacking because Congress allowed incompetence to run national security and permitted bad foreign policy.

They need to get their act together. Just because the country is big doesn't mean you can rely on that. It just means you're a bigger target.

Any country that relies on its strength, usually fails to see its weaknesses that could cause it to buckle.

Robert Mueller: What was I talking about again? I lost my focus while talking about "FBI Strategic Focus":

What the "FBI Priorities" checklist shown above should say for Mueller:

FBI Priorities

l. Learn how to turn on computers.
2. Learn how to not pay 10000% mark up value for computer system, blowing taxpayers' hard earned cash.
3. Learn how to stop punishing citizens for their right to dissent and contemplating shutting down their web sites without proper cause or legal authority.
4. Learn how to stop sending people around to rough up 14 year old girls for exercising their right to free speech on the internet.
5. Learn how to
not waste resources spying on kids, while the real terrorists plot their next act of jihad on America.
6. Learn how to better hide things from the public and Congress.
7. Learn how to stop lying in Congress.
8. Learn how to stop betraying the American people.
9. Learn to honor your oath of office.
10. Learn how to answer correspondences from foreign governments and US citizens, not unnecessarily burning bridges.
11. Learn how to stop retaliating against FBI agents who work with, not for you.
12. Learn how to stop retaliating against minorities and different cultural groups.
13. Learn how to stop aiding and abetting famous criminals and failing to report their crimes, also known as felonies.
14. Learn how to stop eavesdropping on citizens' calls without a warrant.
15. Learn how to stop eavesdropping on international citizens' calls without permission.
16. Learn how to stop scanning the domestic bank accounts of innocent people and without a warrant.
17. Learn how to stop scanning foreign bank accounts, unnecessarily offending foreign governments, AKA trespassing.
18. Learn how to stop reading domestic and international emails that aren't addressed to you without a warrant and international authorization.
19. Learn how to sync stories with Alberto Gonzales so as not to contradict yourself on TV to the watching world an hour later.
20. Learn how
to not be a dweeb.

11From the Big White Guy site:

14 Year Old Girl Roughed Up

Man in painting: What a twit!

Above I wrote about little girls being interrogated by Mueller's FBI. A 14 year old girl wrote on a web site that President Bush should die for the war in Iraq. She wants the war to end and in anger wrote that on her web site.

Who told her to do that. Mueller sent some FBI agents to her school and she said they were mean to her and shouted at her. The teen's parents were upset because they were not present. The story made the national news.

You guys are roughing up Hannah Montana now!? What is the country coming to. Even little white girls are getting roughed up.

That wasn't the best way to go about it. I'd have just said, "While you are entitled to free speech, sweetie, the next time you do that, the boogy monster is gonna live under your bed for a whole year."

Seriously, what she said didn't qualify as a threat. You really think she is gonna get pass White House security, then a Dick Cheney peppering, with her Rainbow Kitty backpack and get to the President. She's Rainbow Kitty, not Rainbow Qaeda.  

The Lennon FBI Files

The John Lennon FBI Files were released this month. Some thought it wasn't that incendiary. Well, that's probably because it's not the full file. What they said before and what's being presented now don't add up. There are contradictions.

I don't believe for one second that's the file. Mueller, what did you do with the rest of the file.

You know it's ironic, people online believe that Nixon had Lennon bumped off via the deranged stalker. Just like they believe Hoover had Martin Luther King jr. bumped off.

Never mind King was one of the greatest things to ever come out of this country and Hoover unequivocally one of the worst. They made his life a living hell. And the man didn't do a thing to deserve it. He tried to better the country and got killed for it. Hoover was an animal.

Lawyers: FBI has mole in Chicago mob

Boy, the mob is still falling for the same stuff: 

CHICAGO, Nov. 10 (UPI) -- The federal prosecution of organized crime figures in Chicago for 18 mob-related slayings has revealed the presence of an FBI mole, a report contends. 

A court motion filed by lawyers for the half-brother of reputed Chicago mob boss, James "Little Jimmy" Marcello, says that for 20 years the FBI has had an informant in the Chicago mob who apparently is a "made" member, Chicago's Daily Southtown reports. 

Lawyers for Michael "Mickey" Marcello are asking that the 2005 indictment against him be dismissed because of the FBI's continued reliance on an informant who allegedly has taken part in major crimes. 

The defense attorneys criticize the government for what they contend was "cavorting with and protecting a 'made mob member' who still must be active in the commission of 'mob' criminal activities." 

"No court should sanction the government's use of ...a past and current member of the 'Chicago Outfit' as a confidential informant in this case," the defense motion argued. 

A spokesman for the U.S. attorney's office in Chicago had no comment on the defense filing. - United Press International

NATIONAL NEWS Xenophobe Tancredo

For those of you who are reading this Column for the first time, let me tell you a little about myself before I begin Sounding Off. I am a black, conservative, Christian immigrant. My mom moved to America when I was a child, not for financial reasons, as we had a comfortable life in Jamaica, but because my grandmother died of cancer. My mother wanted a change of scenery.

Some stereotype immigrants as people here to rape, pillage and steal jobs, but as a person that has lived in an immigrant community for over two decades, with friends who are Jamaican, Haitian, Bahamian, Cuban, Puerto Rican, Columbian and Peruvian, to name a few,  I can tell you, that is not the rule, but the exception. Most who come here work very hard and contribute to society. Miami is one of America's most popular, richest cities and due in part to immigrants.  

Miami didn’t even rank the highest in crime for this year. Yet Representative Tancredo is blaming crime on the immigrant population. He does his office no favors when he makes such broad, ignorant statements. It is especially hypocritical since he is not Anglo-Saxon, as he is a second generation Italian-American who is able to call himself an American because someone let his grandparents in this country. 

I’m black, from West African decent, the Maroons who were brought to Jamaica as slaves, but then revolted and started picking off white people left right and center - um, maybe they should have left them in Africa, but come from a very mixed background, on both sides of my family, with Anglo-Saxon English that traces back to the Norman Conquest, Irish and German blood as well. Therefore, I am not and never have been a racist, as I believe in being fair to people.  

This is why I find Tancredo's comments, as a non-Anglo-Saxon man, ironic. On message boards for white supremacist groups, Italians are regularly called “half nig*er”. Jokes are inappropriately made about spaghetti and other aspects of Italian culture.   

Therefore, Mr. Tancredo's comments strike me as odd and down right uninformed. He needs to brush up on history and the things that were unfairly said about Italian Americans because of the mob and people affiliated with the mob.

He also forgets that New York has distinct Italian pockets that are the result of mass immigration to America, that has contributed to New York (Mulberry Street, Little Italy). Just so Miami has distinct immigrant pockets where a concentration of people from other countries work, reside and PAY TAXES.

What if Anglo-Saxon Americans had blamed every single Italian for the very noticeable spike in crime due to bloody mob related murders, racketeering, theft, aggravated assault and loan sharking that has transpired in Miami, New York and Chicago. The mob has been responsible for the murder of thousands of citizens, the theft of hundreds of millions in property and further hundreds of millions more lost in tax revenue in taxes mafia members didn’t and don't believe in paying, so they never did.  

What if they categorized every Italian based on people who engage in such mafia-like conduct. Would that have been fair? No. Would it have been accurate? No.

I have nothing against Italian people (but I do have something against Madonna and Gwen Stefani, but let me clarify it, not because they are Italians, but because they have criminally stolen from, exploited and harassed my family no end in commissioned acts of racketeering and theft).  

I’ve met many decent Italians over the years that never did me any harm. One of the most beautiful people I ever met was an elderly Italian Christian missionary. I always appreciated Italy’s role in Christianity. I also always loved that Robert Deniro has half black kids. He, among others, have been kind to black people and I appreciate that.

Therefore, I do not let Madonna’s conduct color my view of an entire ethnic group. Much like you, Mr. Tancredo, should not let the conduct of a few immigrants color your view of Miami's diverse immigrant community who pay billions in taxes each year.

But what if I were to judge every Italian by Madonna's severe misconduct towards my family. Would it be an accurate representation of Italian people? No.

Just so, how are you defaming all of Miami and immigrants in such a foul manner when your grandparents are immigrants? If they had not come to this country, you would not have the governmental platform you do now…and sadly using it to defame immigrants.

I hope the irony of that is not lost on you, because it certainly is not lost on me and many others online who have commented on your conduct in articles, blogs and on message boards.       

There is good and bad in everything. Germany had Hitler. Italy has the mob. Africa had Idi Amin. The Middle East has Osama. But each place has good things about it as well, that cannot be overshadowed because of the misdeeds of a few. 

England had Right Said Fred with the song “I’m Too Sexy,” but it also had Churchill. Sorry, England should have been cited for having “Weapons Of Mass Cheesiness” for allowing that song to leave its shores. Just kidding.  

My family has seen immigration from both sides of the coin. I have white family members who moved to a black Jamaica to start a new life from Ireland, England and Germany, and just so I have black family members who moved to predominately white England and America to start new lives. None of it was for economic reasons, not that there is anything wrong with that. 

I particularly don’t like how Mexican people are being treated. Miami really does not have a large Mexican population. However, L.A. does. Mexicans are in every facet of life, in every occupation imaginable in California. I see nothing wrong with that. They have made many positive contributions.

Because of Mexicans, American companies like Western Union post record profits in the billions. They are also responsible for many farming jobs in America, enabling us to eat. Remove Mexicans from the farming industry and there would be very noticeable problems.

While I agree, when in Rome, do as the Romans do and a person must follow the law of the land. Meaning, if you live in England, you should learn English. If you live in France, you should learn French. If you live in America, you should learn American - just kidding, you should learn English, as English is and should continue to be the official language of the country. 

However, the insensitivity spewing out of some elected public leaders, from both parties, is shameful. I do believe in assimilation in immigration, but just so, people cannot totally forsake who they are. Many immigrants have learned English and they do try. I encounter Spanish people all the time in Miami who tell me their “English is not so good” but they “are learning.” I don’t see anything wrong with that.  

What if when your grandparents immigrated to this country they had been told by American Anglo-Saxons they cannot listen to Italian music, cook Italian food or speak Italian any at all anymore in America in order to assimilate. That would have been harsh and thankfully that did not happen, as the wonderful things Italians have contributed to America in art, music, food and science would not be present.   

I want Anglo-Saxon white people of Germany, Poland and Russia to apply that to themselves as well. Just because you are white, doesn’t mean you aren’t apart of an ethnic group with traditions unique to you that are special as well - just like any other ethnic group.  

What if America told Jamaicans we can’t smoke weed anymore…ha! I got you. We don’t all smoke weed. I’ve never tried drugs in my life. But when people paint every immigrant with the same brush...

While I believe legal immigration is best, and I’m not gonna lie, I know a few former illegal immigrants who received amnesty, I’m not going to condemn illegal immigrants, just because I came here legally, because not only would it be uncivil to condemn people in search of a better life…but because then I’d also have to condemn the grandparents of the Attorney General of the United States, head of the Department Of Justice, Alberto Gonzales, your fellow Republican, Mr. Tancredo. 

While I do believe those who established a country should be able to decide the direction they wish for it to take and what they want for their nation, I also believe in civility and compassion towards people as well. Anything less is inhumane and not befitting anyone who endeavors to call themself a decent human being.

If this xenophobia is going to be the attitude of elected officials, why not just end immigration and tell every immigrant and those who are of foreign decent to pack up and leave. And leave the true Americans here…the Indians.  

Not to mention, America was built by the biggest mass illegal immigration drive ever, importing black people from Africa during slavery. Black Americans' blood, sweat and tears built this country via free labor. And still, all is not equal.

Speaking of that...

SOCIAL Michael Richards' Racist Rant

What were you thinking?

Actor/comedian/Klansman Michael Richards let loose an ugly racial tirade at a group of black people who went to the Laugh Factory in Los Angeles. The rant was appalling. However, it is more proof that there is still racism in society.

Mr. Richards', you are the ni**er, which means "ignorant." And ironically you have hair like black people. If I were you I wouldn't shake my family tree too hard.

"Klu Klux Kramer" - LOL @ the computer generated sign on his shirt. I know I shouldn't laugh, but...

[Photo courtesy of the Film Threat web site]

I wrote and copyrighted a song a few years ago titled "The N-Word" which is quite profound under the circumstances. The lyrics are available on the site, as well as a clip of the song.

Before the Richards' incident, I made a joke in the Column about people "hanging upside down" in the town square, but even I know when to stop. He clearly didn't.

Martin: I have a dream...that I can put my foot right up Michael Richards' backside:

All because they came into Richards' show late and made a bit of noise while trying to find their seats, his racist rant included:

"***k you n***er.  Here’s enough money. I can put you in jail. I can buy you. When I wake up I’ll still be rich. When you wake up, you’ll still be a n***er."

The sad part is he, like many other racist people believe that, as untrue as it is. However, it is his own sin that he needs to work out with God. 

He always struck me as a bit off. Ever see an actor play a role and realize he or she isn't acting. That the actor is being himself.


I briefly read about a lawsuit that is set to stem from the case. While he can't be sued for what he said, as he is entitled to free speech, as vile as that speech may be, he can be sued for the emotional distress his conduct caused.

NATIONAL NEWS Bill Clinton Eavesdropping Scandal

The British report on Princess Diana's death included a tidbit that the C.I.A. was recording her telephone calls the night she died. Headlines on the Drudge Report blared that Clinton was spying on Diana. Many British citizens have taken offense at this news.

The Clintons also got mixed up in the Hollywood Anthony Pellicano illegal wiretapping scandal, with Hilary having employed the now disgraced private investigator regarding the Paula Jones and Gennifer Flowers adultery scandals. Both women reported all sorts of misconduct at Pellicano's hands and I believe them.

If you've read about Pellicano's cases and the misconduct victims complained of, it bears the same handprint of criminal harassment and invasion of privacy that Jones and Flowers encountered. It fits his handiwork to the tee, illustrating an undeniable pattern of unlawful surveillance and abuse of citizens.

More amazingly, Madonna has publicly said she is close to the Clintons, with Madonna's lawyer being Hollywood hothead, Bert Fields, who employed the lawless private investigator Pellicano more than anyone. As mentioned above, Bill Clinton is affiliated with Madonna's Kaballah cult charity.

Amazingly Bert Fields' famous clients' enemies are all complaining of being illegally wiretapped, with the contents of their private calls disclosed to the public as a form of harassment. I am one of those people this happened to and as witnessed by my family and friends, the misconduct has not desisted.

I also experienced how this illegal wiretapping was used to "gain an unfair advantage in litigation," when I turned up for a hearing in this case and someone in the courtroom repeated verbatim something I had said to a friend in confidence over the phone the night before. 


This month the Iraq Study group unveiled their report concluding something I'd said in the Column 6 weeks prior. I wrote,  "Blowing up people, civilians be damned, is not going to work." I wrote it twice before the report came out. They wrote the current war effort/direction is "not working." I could have told them that for free and saved the money the report cost.

However, my opinion doesn't count, as I didn't go to Harvard, waste 1 billion in tax money on a computer system that doesn't work, I am competent, actually know how to work a computer and my family's been active in politics for a long time. This disqualified me automatically.

The Iraqi people need to establish their own democracy with support of Americans in America, if this is this direction they wish to take politically. The armed forces can't stay there indefinitely, as it is their country and not a colony.

To argue the point, if we leave now the country will fall to pieces, can also be reversely applied to when you leave in the future it can fall to pieces then as well and so can this country with the amount of money the war is costing.

I'm not saying abandon them. What I am saying is teach them how to be independent, then help from afar, as your presence in those Middle Eastern regions is provoking many Muslim factions. They keep telling you get out of "the land of Allah" but you're not listening. Those are warning shots that sadly aren't being heeded. 

INTERNATIONAL NEWS The Man Known As Saddam Is No More

Former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein was hanged on December 30, 2006. Some welcomed the hanging, while it enraged others.

While Saddam did a lot of bad things during his life, I would have given him life in prison, due to the sheer fanaticism that follows him in the Middle East. I myself am concerned of what the fall out will be of said hanging.

Before he died, Saddam even talked about Jesus. He told the Iraqi people to unite like Christians. Yea, that flipped me out too:

Saddam told Iraqis to settle their differences

“A subdued Saddam Hussein pleaded for forgiveness and reconciliation as he appeared in court on charges of genocide.

In a stark contrast to his defiance on Sunday, when he was sentenced to death by hanging, Saddam cited references to the Prophet Mohamed and to Jesus, whom he said had asked for forgiveness for those who opposed them. "I call on all Iraqis, Arabs and Kurds to forgive, reconcile and shake hands," he said.

Showing none of the bravado of three days ago, Saddam and his six co-defendants sat silently as witnesses gave evidence of mass murders during a crackdown on Kurdish guerrillas in 1988.”  November 8, 2006 

 “Saddam Hussein found guilty”

(CNN) -- Saddam Hussein has been sentenced to hang for crimes against humanity. Defense attorneys said they see little hope of winning an appeal of Sunday's verdict. One of Hussein's lawyers has suggested the death of Hussein will open "the gates of hell" for U.S. soldiers serving in Iraq."

SPIRITUAL The Family  

Many mainstream media and entertainment people don't value the family anymore. Television fuels the perception that the world is largely dysfunctional, when there are many happy families in the world. 

Some of you may wonder why I'm so hard on celebrities in this Column, but some of them behave horribly with no thought to anyone but themselves and their egos.

You see the selfishness in their conduct all the time. They are married to the most beautiful women and think because they are famous they are superior beings with the right to cheat and abuse people.

Look how many celebrity marriages are up in flames. Women like Halle Berry, Christie Brinkley and Carmen Electra have been cheated on and they are all beautiful.  

It is a serious problem in Hollywood that sets a bad example for everyone, as young men are being taught to believe that fidelity isn't admirable. They are being taught to sow their oats as much as possible.

What happens when all that oats sowing leads to A.I.D.S. or the loss of your marriage and half your bank account. God created the family for a reason. To be a loving, supportive unit to help get you through life. Dysfunction is not the way. 


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