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Dangerous Kabbalah Teachings Tout "Inducing Schizophrenia"

January 11. 2008

Cultists Madonna and Philip Berg - responsible for the madness that is Kabbalah and the destruction it has wreaked on several young lives.

Cults, especially those in Hollywood, such as Kabbalah and Scientology, regularly operate to bilk the public out of money, via a so-called leader that employs manipulation, flattery and eventually subtle brainwashing.  

They breakdown the victim's thought process via psychobabble, sleep depravation (including bombarding them with calls that keep them up at night), chanting exercises and sometimes drugs, to make their minds more malleable. 

They solicit large donations, stocks, bonds, physical property and intangible assets from cult members, who often don’t realize they are in a cult.

They also fleece the public out of their money via extremely expensive classes that claim to bring out an inner being from you that is better than who you are.

They often push the esoteric, meaning it has to be taught to you, and is not something you can pick up and learn on your own like the Bible.

Beware of any so-called religious or spiritual organization with esoteric teachings; as if it is so clandestine it must only be relayed to you by them, especially in their meeting places, what you will be taught may not be healthy or orthodox. 

 Along the way in manipulating and subtly brainwashing people, cults have members that develop mental illnesses. Sometimes it is so severe it leads to death, as they are not given the mental care they need in time.

There is a price to be paid for playing with people’s minds. The human brain was not made to endure such mental abuse and destabilization.

According to many experts on the subject, cult members often suffer from Schizophrenia, sometimes misdiagnosed as Bipolar Disorder.

I stumbled across a web site a few days ago where a Kabbalah teacher named Heimbichner was selling CD-ROMs on "Kabbalah's master plan for inducing schizophrenia.”

Now, why would anyone want to "induce schizophrenia" in people. That is very sick and disturbing, but this is what they do. They believe in bringing out schizophrenia in people. They actively strive for this result.

These Kabbalah cult people are a dangerous public menace that need to be locked away for public safety. They are a mental health risk.

Medical science classifies schizophrenia as an incurable mental disorder. Doctors, knowing this, aim to control the symptoms via medication, making the patients less of a danger to themselves and others.

Yehuda and Michael Berg, sons of the founder of the sick Kabbalah cult. Both are practicing members.


1. Schizophrenics often display “inappropriate emotions” when detained by the authorities or mental health workers, such as laughing or “laughing while expressing terrifying images.”

2. Schizophrenics make up words and languages that no one else understands. This is referred to as “Neologisms” which means “making up words without a meaning.” For example, last year, a troubled celebrity was found by her garbage cans babbling in an incoherent language. The shocked employee who witnessed it later communicated this information to a judge.

3. Schizophrenics often ignore their hygiene and go around looking quite unkempt. What you and I see as disorderly, unhygienic and completely messy in hair and wardrobe choices, they see as normal. Their mind is in a place where they just can’t do any better, no matter how much people complain, criticize, point or laugh.

4. Schizophrenics are often suicidal. One of the accompanying maladies to schizophrenia is depression. However, you can suffer from depression without being Schizophrenic (depression can occur due to things such as the loss of a loved one, traumatic accident or injury). Once again, it is one of the things that accompanies the disorder.

It’s like a person who has HIV also getting influenza because their immune system is weakened. Whereas one can have influenza without having HIV.

5. Schizophrenics often have terrible mood swings. Not a one off thing where they lose their temper, but constant, unexplainable, unprovoked mood swings. One minute they are smiling with you, the next they are screaming at and or trying to attack you.

6. Schizophrenics often abuse prescription drugs, illegal narcotics and or alcohol. They also smoke a lot more than others. The Mayo Clinic estimates, “While not necessarily a sign of schizophrenia, drug abuse is more common in people with schizophrenia. Nicotine is a commonly abused drug by people with schizophrenia; it's estimated that 75 percent to 90 percent of people with schizophrenia smoke compared with about one-quarter of the general population.”

7. Schizophrenics suffer from “bizarre delusions — for example, a belief in Martians controlling your thoughts” (Mayo Clinic). The Hollywood cult Scientology is centered on the absurd belief that aliens, according to the cult’s mentally ill founder, L Ron Hubbard, who was a science fiction writer, attached themselves to humans.

8. Schizophrenics often have “trouble functioning at work or in social situations.” Not your run of the mill “I’m tired at work this week” - this is more along the lines of schizophrenics can’t function at work, displaying erratic behavior and a complete and constant collapse at things they normally did just fine.

9. They further do inappropriate things in social settings such as walk or dance naked on the street or flash private body parts at the public.

There are publicized cases of members of the Kabbalah cult snapping and committing murders or ending up hospitalized on the verge of suicide, in a schizophrenic state of madness.


Gideon Busch –  was killed by New York police when in a rage he began threatening children with a hammer he was wielding at them. (New York Times)

Phiona Davis - killed her boyfriend and great grandmother in separate, vicious double murders done hours apart. She stabbed them dozens of times.  (London Times)


Gideon Busch - believing himself to be the Messiah, engaged in violent behavior and was killed by the police. It was said of him before his death, “Mr. Busch was delusional, believed himself to be the messiah, and was capable of doing harm to himself and others.” - (New York Times)

Phiona Davis - was a member of Madonna's small Kabbalah group in London, when suddenly one day she snapped after complaining of being "controlled by" the cult, and murdered her boyfriend and grandmother with almost 200 stab wounds between them. Witnesses said after she attacked and killed her boyfriend, she shrieked, "I am the Messiah. Burn the demons.” (London Times)

Madonna - referred to herself as the "Messiah" during her Re-Invention Tour.

Britney Spears also called herself “The Anti-Christ” in a rehab facility last year. (News Of The World)

Sabbatai Zevi - is a deceased “Kabbalist who claimed to be the long-awaited Jewish Messiah” and he ended up a “manic depressive.”



Gideon Busch - who was later killed after the above confrontation with the police where he threatened children with a hammer, “Was hospitalized involuntarily for psychiatric treatment three times at a hospital on Long Island, where doctors said he had made threats to his parents and evinced signs of paranoid schizophrenia.” (New York Times)

Anat - "is currently staying at the closed ward of a psychiatric hospital in Israel. For more than a week she has been lying in bed, suffering from depression, and surviving by taking pills. After six months at the Kabbalah Center, she had a mental breakdown.” (Rick Ross)

Yaron - " was admitted to psych ward for treatment after joining the Kabbalah Centre. 'He really went crazy. He would go out to the streets of Tel Aviv and sweep them, like a street sweeper. He would dress up in nice clothes and go out to the street to clean. Then there was a stage where he was filled with rage. He would have outbursts and he started to be violent at home. He hit us. The path to psychiatric treatment was short. Only afterwards I realized that in Los Angeles he cleaned the Kabbalah Center all day there, for 23 hours a day without stopping, until something was disrupted in his brain.'" (Rick Ross)

Paris Hilton - was sent to the psych ward of a Los Angeles jail due to a massive mental breakdown she had when she was arrested.

Britney Spears - was sent to psych wards twice, due to terrible mental breakdowns that agree with psychologists' definitions of schizophrenia.

Teens, Young Stars And Cults

Many of these celebrity cults target famous teens for their podium and money, in attempts to get them from under their parents' influence, while they are still young and their minds trainable.

Lindsay Lohan (before and after - within two years of joining Kabbalah)

Lindsay Lohan got involved with Kabbalah when she was 19 years old and it marked the beginning of a terrible, ongoing, downward spiral of crazy conduct, constant car crashes and massive drug use. She was even photographed inappropriately kissing 50 year old female fashion designer and fellow Kabbalah cult member Donna Karan on the mouth. It gave the impression they are using the girl for sex. No teenage girl should be kissing a 50 year old woman intimately on the mouth like that. It was disgusting.

Lindsay Lohan had also lodged a complaint with a phone company alleging fellow Kabbalah cult member Paris Hilton had her email hacked. Hacking, albeit illegal, is standard conduct for that cult.

Hillary Duff is another teen that joined Kabbalah at Madonna's insistence. For the past few months, there has been a change in her, as she's been pictured coming out of clubs drunk, emaciated and looking very depressed. Before she was a happy looking teenager that starred in her own Disney TV show.

Vanessa Hudgens

It is being said that teen actress Vanessa Hudgens is in Kabbalah as well. As many of you know, she had a very regrettable incident recently where private, nude photos she snapped of herself with a camera/phone when she turned 18 years old last year, were illegally put online without her permission.

Rumors are rife that the Kabbalah cult has set its sights on and is targeting teen star Emma Watson of the Harry Potter films. While, I don't care for the Potter films, Emma would do well to be wary of Kabbalah. She is young, wealthy and impressionable and it would be a shame to see a bright young woman spiral into the depths of madness that a certain other former teen star has in that cult.

Emma Watson

This article is taken from the Judiciary Report

Another Kabbalah Member Sent To Psych Ward

TV Star Steve-O In Looney Bin

March 14. 2008


This is a follow up to the January 11, 2008 Cult Cons article regarding the high number of Kabbalah cult members, who have been sent to various hospital psychiatric wards all over the world, suffering from mental illness.

This week it was reported TV prankster and pervert Steve-O, who is a Kabbalah center member, as mentioned previously in my UN Human Rights complaint, regarding Kabbalah cult based harassment, invasion of privacy and theft, was sent to the psychiatric ward of Cedars in Los Angeles. He was placed on suicide watch suffering from schizophrenia.  

Steve-O Blogs from Psych Ward

Troubled "Jackass" star Steve-O has written a message to fans on his MySpace page from the psychiatric ward of a Los Angeles hospital.

The stuntman reveals pals including former "Jackass" co-star Johnny Knoxville "physically forced" him to seek help for his mental issues, including bipolar disorder that had left him suffering "high highs and extremely low lows."

After being taken to L.A.'s Thalian Mental Health Center, Steve-O was transferred to the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where he has been placed on a 14-day hold, while medics observe his condition and behavior.

This article is taken from the Judiciary Report


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