March 31, 2007

Volume 58

1. RANDOM THOUGHTS For People Who Think Randomly
2. ROYALTY Prince William And Kate's Date
3. PICS Cute Kids
4. CELEBRITY Cute Kids
5. CELEBRITY Cute Couples
6. CELEBRITY Out And About
7. CELEBRITY Funny Expressions And Poses
8. CELEBRITY The Beckhams
9. CELEBRITY Angelina Jolie
10. CELEBRITY Anna Nicole Smith
11. CELEBRITY Britney Spears
12. CELEBRITY Paris Hilton
13. CELEBRITY Nicole Ritchie
14. CELEBRITY Lindsay Lohan
15. CELEBRITY Gwen Stefani 
16. CELEBRITY Hillary Duff Fluff
17. CELEBRITY Jessica Simpson  
18. CELEBRITY Beyonce
19. CELEBRITY Whitney Houston
20. MUSIC Madonna Lawsuit
21. SOCIAL Barack Brings It All Out 
23. LEGAL FILE The Ports
24. LOCAL NEWS Why You Shouldn't Rob A Bank In Miami
25. NATIONAL NEWS New Orleans
26. POLITICS Hillary Clinton
27. INTERNATIONAL NEWS Nepal's 'Buddha Boy' Disappears
28. SPIRITUAL Breaking The Cycle Of Family Dysfunction


RANDOM THOUGHTS For People Who Think Randomly


Does anyone ever win a stuffed toy from those .25 cent machines in the front of stores.  


Why do they call it hamburger, when there's no ham in it.


ROYALTY Prince William And Kate's Date


This will break a lot of hearts, but Prince William, for the first time, has gone out to a royal engagement with a date, Kate. They've been through a lot with Diana's passing, so here's hoping they find some happiness.


People always say he looks like his mom, but he looks like his dad too. The shape of his face, his chin and nose:



She's pretty and she doesn't look fake, which is good. A natural prettiness:



PICS Cute Kids


Baby: life is hard (sigh)


photo by Ana Bryant


Baby: say what?



Baby: Now tell the truth, don't I look fly:



Baby: um, you sure you've done this before? uh, don't take too much off the top, ok:



Baby: Oh no you didn't:



Baby: Ok, you may want to back up with that. And if that doesn't get me out of this check up, um, I have no all:



Baby: Knock knock



Baby: like my jump shot!



Baby: and he scores and wins the game.



Baby 1: Are we watching the game later?

Baby 2: Yea, if I could just find the remote

Baby 3 (on the left): Uh, I think the game's already on, guys



Baby: ok, why did they think this was comfortable:



Baby: It's moments like these I feel like Jesus:



Baby: this sleeping, eating and pooping all day is tiring. I need a vacation. Maybe the South of France or something:



Baby: Ya don't say:





Little Baron Trump is as cute as ever. Beautiful little boy:



Shiloh: She still won't give me any of the Saltines!



Beautiful little Violet's message to paparazzi = raspberry



Bobby-Kristina, daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown is growing up so nicely, into a lovely young lady. Good for you, girl:



CELEBRITY Cute Couples


Well dressed, stylish couple Shaq and Shaunie




Stylish David and Victoria Beckham - Becks got a boo-boo and will be out for 6 weeks:



Singer Robin Thicke and his wife actress Paula. Aww they make such a cute couple:



Actress/comedian Monique and her handsome husband Sydney (you go girl!):




The beautiful Thandie Newton in elegant black:




Actress Jennifer Lopez - wearing a few cute looks. I like it:





Nicely dressed couple - English actress/singer Billie Piper with her actor boyfriend Laurence:



Singer Natasha Beddingfield looks like singer Billie, who in turn looks like reality TV star Ali Hilfiger:




Sienna Miller wearing a cute casual look on a sunny London day:




The fabulous Smokey Robinson looking the part of the dapper don:




Actor Dijmon sporting a flawless look:



Tennis player Raphael Nadal in Miami looking great:



The pretty Mowery twins Tia and Tamara on the red carpet:



Actress Eva Longoria - the hair looks fabulous:



CELEBRITY Funny Expressions And Poses


LOL @ Eddie's expression: 



In a Muhammad Ali tone:

Jay: I'm the greatest

Jordan: No, I'm the greatest

Jay: I'm the greatest

Jordan: No, I'm the greatest



TV host Ryan Seacrest...look gay much? This definitely won't help the gay rumors:



Singer Christina Aguilera - bowlegged much:



Yea, it's safe to say, she didn't want you taking her pic, paparazzi. Girl, you're looking like Firestarter in that pic:



Actress Keira Knightly and pal: Should we hit them?



From the woman that brought you Madonna's infringing ads, Donatella Versace:










...then gets up like nobody saw it. From Versace's new Six Flags collection:



Amazing, Elton John enters the place with the grace of the a queen without eating the pavement, and she, a designer, trips and busts her butt.


CELEBRITY The Beckhams


The Beckhams sporting his and her haircuts in London at the Sports Industry Awards.




[Photo Credit James Higgins]


Beckhams Set Sights On L.A. Property




It was reported the Beckhams are interested in a Los Angeles property to make their homebase in America. Will David signing up for the L.A. Galaxy and Victoria working on a reality series with him, they are slated to move to L.A. soon.



For some reason, I get a not so good feeling about this move, but I wish them well in it and hope L.A. won't become too much for them or affect their marriage and home life.


David Beckham Opens Soccer Academy In Los Angeles



Two Mia Ham's in training:



Beckham honored in England


David Beckham was honored in England for his contribution to football. He commented that his time at Man U were his best years.



CELEBRITY Angelina Jolie



Angelina Jolie has adopted another child. He is three years old and she has renamed him Pax Thien Jolie. He is a beautiful child and I hope he will have a happy life in his new home. All her kids look so exotic, even "the blob":






CELEBRITY Anna Nicole Smith



Anna Nicole Smith was buried in the Bahamas this month. The funeral was very stately (less the pink pillow on the casket, of course).







Cause Of Death



According to the coroner's report, Anna Nicole Smith died from an accidental drug overdose via a combination of 9 prescription drugs in her system, none of which was prescribed to her. Several of them were prescribed to Howard K. Stern.


This shouldn't have shocked anyone. In most of her interviews she looked high and not totally coherent. And no matter what people care to believe, indulging in prescription drugs for recreational use in this manner is drug abuse.


That's why you see some people checking into rehab for an addition to prescription pills. It is a real problem and one that can kill.


In last month's Column I drew parallels between Anna Nicole and her favorite actress that she tried to become, Marilyn Monroe. Here's one more parallel. The drug that played the greatest role in Anna's death was chloralhydrate AKA sleeping pills. Marilyn Monroe died from overdosing on sleeping pills.


People should not try to become like their idols. Really, according to the Bible, people shouldn't have idols at all.


Another person that's morphing into one of her idols, drugs and all, is the very gifted Joss Stone. People at the Brit Awards noticed her erratic behavior, slurred speech and disorientation, that clearly showed she is in trouble. This is a real shame, as she has a terrific voice. You don't need to go the way of Janis, Joss:





After (see the similarities):




Here's another one. Anna Nicole Smith even reached out to her before she died:



The Dads Duking It Out



Lawyer Howard K. Stern and photographer Larry Birkhead are duking it out over the paternity of the child, Danielynn. All involved should abide by the results of a properly administered DNA test. All involved need to think about the child. She will want to know who her true father is one day.


In the mean time, in this particular case, the child should be placed in the care of the government.


Anna's Dad Mad




Anna Nicole Smith's Dad Speaks on Howard K. Stern: Murder is Murder


Anna Nicole's father Don Hogan has shied away from the spotlight, but he has now spoken with Fox news. When Greta Van Susteren, from Fox's 'On The Record.'


Anna Nicole Smith's Dad Speaks on Howard K. Stern: Murder is Murder. It was clear from the interview that he is not a fan of Howard K. Stern.  He told Fox, "(I) don't want to talk to Howard."  When asked why not, he replied with his Texas twang: "Well, I just got my own reasons. I don't like the man."


He added:  "I got a dead grandson and a dead daughter and Howard is always around. I know that I heard him say himself in the courtroom that he had picked drugs up for her before. And, you know, Larry told me that he tried to get her off of drugs. And then I look around and I see this other guy is cramming drugs down her throat, you know, telling her it's fine to do it."


"I just don't see it an accident. I don't see it suicide. And the way I look at it, murder is murder."  Greta then asked him, "So you think your daughter's death is a murder?"  Hogan replied, "Well, nobody's put a gun to her head, but somebody sure shoved a lot of drugs down her throat."


He is a fan of Larry Birkhead. "I think Larry is a good kid. I think Larry is the daddy. He is too willing to take the DNA.  Look at Larry. He's got blue eyes. Look at the baby. Look at the hair. Look at Howard. He's got green eyes and dark, dark hair."


He then reiterated, "Why won't Howard come forth and take a DNA? It's simple. It's cut and dry. Any idiot can figure it out. He knows he ain't the daddy." - National Ledger


CELEBRITY Britney Spears



Miami Madness: Britney Cracked Up In Miami The Day Before Breakdown


First there were stories of her boarding a plane in Miami crying and sitting in the very last row of the plane in coach (my favorite spot on a plane click here). It was noted in magazines and on blogs, as people found it odd, as she always travels first class or by private jet. Britney Spears in coach and in the very back row of the plane got everyone's attention.


Now there's an article about her striping down in a Miami department store, right before the breakdown, and handing her kids off to the staff:


Britney's Pre-Rehab Retail Romp - Posted Mar 8th 2007 11:30AM by TMZ Staff


Britney SpearsTMZ has learned that on Britney Spears' last trip to Miami, prior to checking into rehab the first time, the turbulent pop diva appeared "out of it" while shopping at a local BeBe clothing store.


A source tells TMZ that Brit handed over her kids to the store's salespeople so she could peruse the racks of clothes. The gal's got priorities! When it came time to try the items on, Spears didn't bother with a pesky dressing room -- and stripped down right in the middle of the store -- in front of staff and other customers! We're told the "Toxic" singer even tried out some new dance moves for her shocked audience.


Not long after Britney's impromptu boutique performance, the mother of two checked into rehab three times and shaved her head. You may have heard about it. - TMZ

Some Internet Feedback: 

1. She's kooky. Shouldn't she be in an insane asylum instead of rehab? - Posted at 3:10PM on Mar 8th 2007 by Mel-Tang


2. Leave the home wrecker alone. KARMA IS A.................(you know the rest) - Posted at 12:58PM on Mar 8th 2007 by Cher


3. HA HA HA - Posted at 12:58PM on Mar 8th 2007 by sasha


4. Britney is so ****** up - she said now that she doesn't have a drinking or drug problem. Then kick her skanky butt out of there so people that WANT treatment can get it. I'm so tired of hearing about this skanky, washed up h*. Posted at 3:21PM on Mar 8th 2007 by Lu


5. To #19 - - She would NEVER have been admitted to a drug and alcohol treatment center is she had NOT met the criteria to be there. I'm tired of people trying to say this is post partum. Posted at 3:23PM on Mar 8th 2007 by Lu

6. Not surprising. The girl was wasted every single day before she went to rehab. She is lucky the salespeople weren't crazy and tried to kidnap her kids! Posted at 10:51PM on Mar 8th 2007 by Whatever

7. No one has stopped to think that part of Britney's problems have to do with HER mother! Britney has always had her way, and when someone tells her what to do, she freaks out. And her mother let this happen to her. So, while it is easy to trash Britney, you have to look at her mother. She learned this behavior somewhere....Posted at 1:53PM on Mar 8th 2007 by marie


8. she has a mental illness, either manic depressive disorder or bi-polar. because she was a star she didn't get help. if i was doing all of that, i would get arrested and be forced to seek help. but not her she's a celebrity and instead of getting help she gets worse. it's so obvious she is mentally ill and there is help available.


Paris egged Britney on and then was laughing behind her back. she wanted to look moral in comparison to brit and she succeeded, Paris is scum and i think Paris is evil. Posted at 2:05PM on Mar 8th 2007 by beth


9. it's called mental illness either bi-polar or manic depressive disorder which has sexual acting out - Posted at 2:06PM on Mar 8th 2007 by beth


10. give her chance, why she doesn't care about the kids

she has never heard the word "no" in her life

she is a spoiled rich crybaby when she doesn't get her way

good job lynne spears, look what you raised

look how she handles stress>like a deranged crazy person

like Britney even wants those kids

she always hands them to people to care for 

- Posted at 2:37PM on Mar 8th 2007 by go away s**tney


11. The girl is whacked...she should just grow up, get over herself and get some serious help. Don't put her in a rehab program that is more like a day at the spa...seriously! I don't feel sorry for her at all. She has made her own choices and every since she hooked up with Kevin they have all been BAD! She is out of control. I feel sorry for her sons, they have parents that are losers! I don't think either of them have their sons best interest at heart. Both of them need some serious help. Life is what you make of it, and if you choose the wrong path you have no one to blame but yourself. Both Kevin and Brittney need to take a hard look at themselves and straighten things out...FAST! They are both train wrecks. Posted at 7:59PM on Mar 9th 2007 by Deb 

Spears Out Of Rehab

Britney Spears was released from rehab after a 27 day stay, which in my humble opinion, was not enough. Less than a week later, it was reported she was back on the bar scene again in Los Angeles again, which is filled with drugs and alcohol. This cannot be a good thing. She needs to take this more seriously, as her life is depending on her sobriety.

Her believing her only problem is post partum and not drugs and alcohol is not going to help her get well. She has a serious drug and alcohol problem coupled with mental issues from the Kabbalah cult. That's not something to play with or take lightly.

Britney Spears: Who am I?


Britney Spears: Where am I? Did you say something or was that one of the voices:



Britney Goes To Hospital Three Times  In One Week



Spears went to the hospital three times in one week for what was being spun in the press by her manager as dental visits. Most people didn't believe that, however. Regardless, it's her medical records. People's medical records are not the public's business. 

Satan Spears 

In the December 2006 Column I called Britney "Satan Spears" because of her evil expressions and behavior:

There she goes again with the nasty, devilish look on her face. She looks evil in this pic (cult involvement will do that to you). Her eyes have become so mischievous:

Satan Spears

- Sound Off Column December 2006

This month, the following article published on March 5, 2007, is also calling her satanic thanks to newly uncovered conduct. Coincidentally, she sued in London this month regarding details of her stay in rehab being leaked to the public. This is clearly one of said details, first published by London publication News Of The World:

'Satanic' Spears tries to kill herself in rehab: report

Monday Mar 5 2007 5:00 AEDT

A psychotic Britney Spears has reportedly attempted to hang herself with a bedsheet in rehab, after running around the clinic screaming "I am the Antichrist!" 

Spears, who also wrote the number 666 on her shaved head to compliment her deranged satanic rant, narrowly escaped injury, the News of the World reports. 

"Later that night she tried to kill herself," a source told the magazine. "She attached a sheet to a light and tied it around her neck. Paramedics were called, but luckily she was unhurt." 

After the near-suicide, the unhinged pop-star reportedly called ex-husband Kevin Federline on the phone and begged him to father another child with her. 

"Britney has realised what a rock Kevin has been to her, and how out of control she has acted recently," a source at the clinic said. 

"She has been talking to Kevin every night for hours on the phone, telling him she still loves him." 

"She just wants to be with him again, and thinks having another baby will seal their marriage." 

Kevin Federline, who already has two sons with Spears, has been spotted visiting the singer at Promises Clinic in Malibu several times since she checked in. 

But despite his support, the 25-year-old pop star still seems to be in the grips of a mental breakdown. 

"She is still very vulnerable. Last Saturday she said she had the number 666 written onto her bald head. She was crying, and shouting, ‘I am the Antichrist!'" a close friend of Spears told News of the World. 

"The clinic people just didn't know what to do. Then she started screaming, ‘I'm a fake! I'm a fake!' It must have been really frightening. 

"When she tried to hang herself it was more a cry for help." The shocking report comes after other rumours of Spears attempting suicide emerged in US tabloids.

In the hours after shaving her head, a distraught Spears tried to take her own life by walking into traffic, The National Enquirer reported.

Britney was saved at the last second by one of her staff. A short time later she was rushed to hospital — as was widely reported — and the Enquirer said they have uncovered the reason. 

She reportedly was taking excessive doses of Xanax and telling her staff she was going to commit suicide. "After she shaved off her hair, Britney had a complete breakdown and tried to kill herself," a source told the Enquirer. - Nine MSN

Britney Doll

A Britney doll that was put up for sale on EBay:

"'Alien' Britney Spears Slammed By Designer"

4th March 2007 12:01:01

'Alien' Britney Spears Slammed By Designer.... British designer Scott Henshall has branded Britney Spears' extreme makeover one of the worst fashion mistakes he's ever witnessed.

Although the brazen new buzz-cut has won praise from stars including Courtney Love, Gwen Stefani and Justin Timberlake, an unimpressed Henshall sneers, "What the **** has Britney done shaving all her hair off? She's too fat and looks like an alien.

"You can take the girl out of the trailer park but you can't take the trailer park out of the girl. She looks like trash." - Female First

Flashback pic:

CELEBRITY Paris Hilton



It's been another bad month for Paris Hilton. A prosecutor is asking that her probation be revoked and she be incarcerated for 90 days for violating her probation.


Her $500,000 car was also repossessed by the man who gave it to her as payment for promoting his clubs, which she deliberately failed to do. Before taking the car, they left her bombed CD behind that they found in the glove compartment. Ouch!


Last month, her other car was impounded when she was the LAPD...for breaking the law.


This almost makes up for that Rodney King thing.


Paris calling the Kaballah center for a ride:



Paris's Friend Busted For Being An Alleged Pedophile



Paris's mother and Anand


One of Paris' favorite designers and friend, Anand was arrested for allegedly raping under age girls. The LAPD arrested him after a complaint was filed and several others after it by different people. This is not his first offense on this charge.


CELEBRITY Nicole Ritchie



Nicole Ritchie - another one facing possible jail time for breaking the law...again. She was also seen driving around LA several times as well, after her arrest for driving the wrong way down the highway, while high and drunk.


She has fainted twice this month. Anorexia has taken out her once thick hair:



Too much weave:



CELEBRITY Lindsay Lohan




Lindsay Lohan had another mishap behind the wheel. This time she carelessly and recklessly hit a photographer, then fled the scene.




An out of it looking Lohan gets out to see the human speed bump:



Photographer down for the count...and is later taken to the hospital:



crazy is smiling after hitting the man with her car:



A quote about her recent conduct:


"Lindsay Lohan's short stint in rehab was obviously a complete waste of time and money. We weren't falling for those 'water bottles' at the clubs anyway cause we know old habits die-hard with Lindsay. The actress has been spotted partying it up for the past five days in a row. Lindsay has been hitting up all the hot spots and the booze.


The actress was spotted with British hunk Jude Law at The Box both Friday and Saturday nights, where according to the New York Post she was "drinking champagne and dancing with four Lindsay look-alikes." Sources also reveal Lindsay and Jude may have something going on, but than again its Hollywood and it'll probably be over by the time your done reading this story.


Lindsay is all over the place and many fear that she is back to the life that almost destroyed her. On her wild nights out, Lohan's rep, Leslie Sloane Zelnik commented to the Post, "Lindsay's doing fine. She's taking her life day by day." Why is everyone in Hollywood such a mess?" - Hollyscoop

More of the crazy:

CELEBRITY Gwen Stefani


Gwen "I steal stuff" Stefani scratching her butt in public. How classy:



Just dainty:



CELEBRITY Hillary Duff Fluff


Please remember to boycott Hillary Duff's copyright infringing album "With Love" released in a few days in April 2007, as mentioned on the lawsuit page click here.


One of the worst cap jobs ever. Who's your dentist, Mr. Ed. The teeth looked better before:



Duff, a self-proclaimed virgin...with a condom in her bag:



CELEBRITY Jessica Simpson



Jessica Simpson's sporting a new look that doesn't suit her. She's now picked up an attitude as well, snapping at the paparazzi  she used to court.




Jennifer Hudson: Talk to the hand Beyonce



What you're used to seeing:



While Beyonce was out of town, what you ended up seeing:




While Beyonce was out of town smiling like Howdy Doody -sound of crickets- :



Once again, while Beyonce was out of town, Jay-Z took Rihanna out. Just shameless. Do I detect a pattern here. It was reported last year that while Beyonce filmed Jennifer Hudson's Oscar winning Dreamgirls in Los Angeles, he took Rihanna to romantic Cipriani's restaurant in Manhattan, a private Mercedes Benz tent in the Hamptons during an event on another occaison and lets not forget, witnesses seeing Jay-Z go into a private room at the 40/40 club with Rihanna, where they spent hours alone.


Jay-Z hasn't denied any of this, simply stating he is grooming her, because she is his artist on Def Jam. Ok, she's had two albums out now, enough with the grooming already. Unless your definition of grooming is sex. What a way to build a career.


Then again Jay-Z is a scumbag, so it is to be expected. You went from selling drugs to selling a kid. You aren't reformed. Evil has many faces and sometimes it takes that of a camel.


Where o where did you and Rihanna get that "Umbrella" song from. Be prepared to answer that question.


Jay-Z Takes Rihanna To Last Night’s Game!!!             


The relationship saga between Jay Z and Beyonce just got a little bit more interesting. Last night a spy saw Jay Z at the Nets game with Rihanna. That's right guys, the same Rihanna that he's been rumored to have cheated on Beyonce with.


And according to our spy, Jay Z was not too happy about the paparazzi taking a pic of him next to the Bajan beauty. Tells our spy, "When reporters took pictures after the game, Jay pulled an unknown male between himself and Rihanna."

We're still waiting for the pics from last night's game to come out. Assuming Camel-face hasn't purchased them all by now, we should have them up a litle later this afternoon.


And where was Beyonce you ask?? She was at the House of Dereon Media Center in Houston announcing her world tour. You know that world tour that she's going to be going on without Jay Z...- Posted on Fri, Mar. 16, 2007, Media Take Out


Beyonce Bombing In Britain


Beyonce And Jay-Z Slammed In Rolling Stone

"Remember when Beyonce was cool? Okay, not cool, exactly, but cooler. She broke away from the occasionally charming Destiny’s Child thing and came out with this giant solo album Dangerously in Love, dominated international airspace with her runaway single “Crazy in Love” and started showing up everywhere on Jay-Z’s arm.

Since then, her boyfriend has released a mediocre comeback album and is helping sell Budweiser and diet Cherry Coke for dudes. B, meanwhile, had to watch an American Idol reject steal the Dreamgirls spotlight and has been reduced to chasing the alleged “Latin audience” with “Beautiful Liar,” a militant, guy-loathing duet with Shakira.

And now this “Upgrade U” video comes out. It features a bling-wearing alligator, shots of the pop star doing a J Lo impression while sitting awkwardly in the trunk of a white Rolls, some terrifically bad hair and a weird sequence in which Beyonce impersonates her boyfriend. (In her eyes Jay apparently wears gold hoop earrings and regularly curls his lip like a blinged out cross-dressing Elvis impersonator).

For a second there, it was possible Beyonce was going to be the R&B diva version of J.T., transforming from cheesy pop tart to genius pop star in one solo album. Instead she’s become a glossy self-parody, whose artistic influence on her formerly untouchably awesome boyfriend seems to be…the opposite of good."

Beyonce Slammed For Promoting Smoking Via Promotional Photo



"Beyonce Fires Up Anti-Smoking Group"


Quit takes aim at singer for posing with a cigarette


LOS ANGELES, CA Tuesday Mar.6.2007 - Australian anti-smoking group Quit has slammed singer Beyonce Knowles for posing with a cigarette in a concert promotion ad.


The members of Quit see the ad as promoting a smoking product, which is against the law in Oz. This isn't the first time Beyonce has come under fire for her choice of props. PETA has previously bashed the star for posing with live alligators and wearing fur.


In other Beyonce news, the "Irreplaceable" singer was found to be hepatitis-free after attending an event in honor of the 2007 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition. Wolfgang Puck catered the affair, and one of his employees was diagnosed with the disease. - Net Music Countdown


"Beyonce Under Fire Both At Home and Abroad"


The backlash at Beyonce continues as Hot 97 personality, Miss Jones and her morning show cronies pull a stunt to put MIss Knowles in her place, while simultaneously Bey is being criticized by the entire continent of Australia!

PETA is getttin' at her for this photo too!


Miss Jones re-recorded "Upgrade U" and changed the name to "Upstage U" as in Jennifer Hudson upstaged Beyonce by winning Best Supporting Actress. Listen to it here...


Elsewhere in Australia, officials are coming down on Bey for have ads showing her smoking in all the major magazines and newspapers advertising her tour and re-release of B'Day.


Here are some comments from Australian officials:


While it doesn't break any laws, we're disappointed Beyonce has tried to portray this kind of image to her Queensland audience. Beyonce was portraying smoking as "sexy and cool" in the advertisements. There are other ways she can create this image without having to use tobacco products.


With young women, image issues usually win out over health issues and it can actually be a prompt for them to start smoking.

It's unfortunate that someone like her, who is a high-profile celebrity and role model, has cigarettes in their advertisements in this day and age. She doesn't need to get attention like that.


I guess here in the states it sounds petty but peeps are talking this anti- youth smoking thing seriously!

Guess its time for a lil upgrade of this Worldwide Woman. - SOHH


"Stewart's Ex-Wife Bashes Beyonce"


"Mar 14, 2007 - Rod Stewart's ex-wife, model Rachel Hunter has hit out at celebrities such as Beyonce Knowles for ruining the hopes of young girls who want to become professional models. The 37-year-old claims the 1980s era of high-profile supermodels gracing runways and magazine covers around the world are over.


The New Zealand-native fears for the careers of young models who want to be the next Cindy Crawford or Naomi Campbell, because their efforts are being overshadowed by film and music stars, including Knowles.


She tells Australian newspaper The Daily Telegraph, "For years now we have seen people on the covers of magazines that aren't models, they are actresses and it's disappointing. "Sports Illustrated this year had Beyonce Knowles on the cover. What's left for young girls to aspire to if they want to be models? Not much!" – Teen Hollywood

Beyonce Rips Off Ciara

Beyonce: Talk to the hand Ciara. I had to steal from you to try to shut you down. You've been getting too famous:

One of Beyonce's terrible new videos being bashed by the public titled "Upgrade You" is also being called a knock off of Ciara's hit video "Like A Boy" with dance moves further stolen from "Promise." That "Beautiful Liar" video isn't hers either.

Beyonce's recent flurry of ridiculous videos are being slammed on every blog that mentioned them. They are being rejected by audiences as well.

People are tired of her...and it is too much of her. However, covetousness and competitiveness led her to make this career harming move in spitting out sub par music videos with stolen items present in some of them.

CELEBRITY Whitney Houston


Bobby: Oh no he didn't:



Look at the look on his face. He is so up to something. It's like the black Dr. Evil:



I’m starting the new "Get Bobby Brown out of jail after he stabs Ray-J" fund. Ray J is just rubbing it in and I can't imagine Bobby Brown is happy about this.


Speaking of jail, shouldn't alimony for men like Brown, who aren’t earning what they used to, be lowered. Cause, really, I'm tired of logging on to this:



MUSIC Madonna Lawsuit



The Supreme Court asked that apart of the Petition I sent in be amended. I will do that and send in back in shortly. I'm also working on the international legal side of the case.


Regarding the Madonna lawsuit, I found an additional infringement stolen from my Copyrighted Catalog and illegally used to the tee, to make the movie "My Super Ex-Girlfriend." Please boycott this DVD. The copyright certificates and side by side comparisons of all the thefts in the case will be posted to the site shortly.


My web site statistics logged 116 visits from where Madonna's father works at General Motors, which my dad called "suspicious," under the circumstances. I agree.

He visited the site during times he was still working at GM. I know this because he did an article defending his lunatic daughter, which also confirmed he was not in the hospital at the time and still working at GM as an engineer:

Traffic Facts web site stats program logged his visits to my site:


With the help of a counter surveillance company in Texas, a hidden camera bug of the worst possible kind was found in my home, which is pretty sick. It's placement bears serious criminal implications of the most severe kind

It was something some of the defendants in the case said and did, that gave the game away and prompted the search for it. Hollywood truly is a sick place, full of human scum. My father in Jamaica is very angry at what has happened, as am I. He was so disgusted and upset when he found out about the latest invasion of privacy, that it sent his pressure up, two days in a row, sending him to the doctor, two mornings in a row.

This is how much what they are doing has affected our family, which is why I sound off about them the way I do in my Column. It's done nothing for my mother's blood pressure either. Neither did the 5 break-ins in a short space of time to steal CD-ROMs with offline and off computer newer copyrights on them and to put only God knows the full extent of what else, in our home, illegally.

How can any of this be right. The misconduct keeps escalating, even though the government via Robert Mueller of the FBI, who claims they are  investigating the case, and Alberto Gonzales of the DOJ, who were both formally notified of what these people have been doing to us in violation of federal, international and UN laws, with their office signing for the formal complaint click here.

However, God doesn't like ugly, as they are both under fire right now for abuses of the Patriot Act, the very abuses that I warned about regarding them in the Sound Off Column for months, starting last year. Many people are now calling for their resignation.

My family and I are working on something to publicly address what's been happening, as it has reached appalling levels worthy of U.N. condemnation for serious human rights abuses.

Items from my already copyrighted, forthcoming CDs and works listed on this site, have been mysteriously appearing on certain blogs, but attributed to Kaballah cult members like Madonna, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan. I wrote a song about them last year, which is copyrighted and unreleased, to be released soon, yet saw items from it on three major blogs, which is illegal. It has been duly noted and is now apart of the investigation. Considering what I have experienced in this case and witnessed firsthand, so has the international community who is watching this case, it is a damning testament that they are not doing their jobs.


They have also gotten a lot worse with the hacking, adding wireless hacking to facilitate up to the minute thievery. Part of what was hurting them in this case is that my Copyrights are so old that it predates their later illegally obtained and reregistered, deliberate rip offs BY YEARS, which gave away what they had and have been doing. The are sickly determined to get the newer copyrights I author, right as I type them on the screen, which is absolutely criminal.


I upgraded security on my computer a week ago, to try to block out the commissioned hacker from the legal case from tampering with the site. It worked for a little bit, but then hours later after I published the updates last week, without hacker interference for a change, a telling thing happened.

My web site host Go Daddy suffered a terrible Denial of Service attack, that knocked my site offline from the internet and slowed down and clogged up their email accounts for hours. Go Daddy confirmed by email that this happened on Sunday. A Denial of Service attack is a hacker deliberately and fraudulently sending too many requests at once to a server, to try to take a web site offline illegally. This conduct is a federal crime.

The Go Daddy site was still online, but one of their servers with my site on it, clearly the one targeted, was knocked offline. Those of you who tried to access the site last Sunday couldn't for several hours because of the Denial of Service attack. The last time this happened was when I asked the public to boycott Madonna's rip off Confessions on a Dance Floor CD, which later, according to Reuters, flopped in America.

My ISP confirmed the hacker is hacking my computer from "another network provider." One thing's for certain, all this criminal mischief is coming from the same place and bears the same pattern of textbook cult like misconduct. 

The Fug Factor


Someone who really shouldn't be trying to flaunt it:



Looking crazy and disappointed, like they discontinued Botox:



Looking evil and haggard:



Looking odd and creepy, like she steals little children (oh wait, oops, she did that already, didn't she):



Making crazy faces:



Looking rough and haggard again. Being evil is very tiring:



Madonna's Rip Off Fashion Line Flops


"There was big fuss surrounding Madonna's "fashion" collection for H&M. Unfortunately, all the big fuss left people disappointed once they actually saw the collection.


Interestingly enough, when designers like Stella McCartney or Karl Lagerfeld designed for H&M the clothes went flying off the ranks in less than an hour.

According to focus group feedback, the “range looked cheap and there was a move to limit the launch to just accessories.” But the big bosses wanted to avoid any confrontation with Madonna so just went ahead with the launch." – Hollyscoop


Warner Artists And The Law


Is it just me or are Warner Bros artists having accidents and run-ins with the law like mad. Brandy, Paris Hilton, James Blunt and Puffy to name a few.


SOCIAL Barack Brings It All Out 


I find it amazing, the general shock and awe, that some, not all white people express regarding Barack Obama. Like he is the first black man to speak proper English and show the signs of a decent education. To me, the insulting reaction to him merits shock and awe.

Some act like it’s a Bigfoot sighting. Sen Joe Biden called him the first “clean” black candidate. Then tried to clarify the statement when it caused offense. DJ Sam Allred called him a “clean darkie” on the air. 

What about Alan Keyes, Ben Chavis, W.E. Dubois, Thurgood Marshall, Colin Powell, Jessie Jackson and Bill Cosby. They've been around for years and speak well. 

It's not like all black people punctuate every sentence with "dynomite,” “jive turkey,” “right on,” “sho you right” and “what' chu talkin’ bout Willis.” 

LEGAL FILE Robert Mueller (FBI)

The public to head of the FBI Robert Mueller: Time's up

Inspector Gadget General Glen Fine, who exposed FBI Patriot Act abuses this week, was added to the FBI's 10 Most Wanted List today by Robert Mueller (kidding, but you know he wanted to):

Speaking of that, since Mueller has been found to have admittedly broken the law, shouldn't we add him to the FBI's 10 Most Wanted List. Just asking...


Robert Mueller: 5 - that's how many years they're gonna give me.

Man to Mueller: ooo you're gonna get it. Sorry, but I can't help you, bro. I don't want to go to jail and end up someone's butt buddy.

Would you check out the look on his face. It looks like a face a woman with PMS would make at hearing some annoying news:

Now, for my least favorite federales, Robert Mueller, head dingbat of the FBI. If you've read my Sound Off Column any, you'll know why he is my least favorite and you'll know about my entertainment industry lawsuit, where chronic copyright infringer Madonna stole numerous copyrights belonging to me, as she has done to many other artists, and unlawfully used them, prompting me to file a complaint with the FBI and DOJ. Mueller's office signed for the formal complaint and he never responded to what are serious crimes, as it also includes serious invasion of privacy click here.

I have warned about that man in my Sound Off Column for several months now regarding his terrible criminal negligence in undertaking his post and consistent misuse of the position, fully worthy of dismissal and federal charges, for betraying the American people, the Constitution and U.S. Code.

3 months ago in the December 2006 Sound Off Column I wrote that Robert Mueller of FBI needed to:

  • Learn how to stop eavesdropping on citizens' calls without a warrant.
  • Learn how to stop eavesdropping on international citizens' calls without permission.
  • Learn how to stop scanning the domestic bank accounts of innocent people and without a warrant.
  • Learn how to stop scanning foreign bank accounts, unnecessarily offending foreign governments, AKA trespassing.
  • Learn how to stop reading domestic and international emails that aren't addressed to you without a warrant and international authorization.
  • Learn how to better hide things from the public and Congress.
  • Learn how to stop lying in Congress.
  • Learn how to stop betraying the American people.
  • Learn to honor your oath of office.
  • Learn how to sync stories with Alberto Gonzales so as not to contradict yourself on TV to the watching world an hour later.
  • Learn how to not be a dweeb.

This week the IOG's office confirmed what I accused Mueller of 3 months ago in December 2006 in my Sound Off Column, regarding illegally spying on Americans and international citizens, without proper authorization, via illegal wiretaps and improperly obtaining citizens emails, internet communications and banking records, among other things, in violation of the law. I also wrote shortly after about the FBI snooping in your credit, which has also been confirmed. This is additional proof that I've been telling the truth about these people all along. I have no reason to lie.

People have rights. None of us are above the law. The Patriot Act isn't a blank check to do what you want. Neither is the 1.1. billion dollars in taxpayer money you blew on a yet to materialize computer system, that's run out of money AGAIN and when it does manage to surface, will be 3 years behind technology. I offered a simpler way in my June 2006 Sound Off Column to get the job done in weeks rather than years, but hey, what do I know...but I digress...

Who are any of you in office to challenge the rights and privacy of innocent people who live in this country and the world. It is arrogant, deceitful, voyeuristic and invasive.

My Personal Experience

In November of 2006, a phone company rep was sent out to my house to look at my phone line that has my DSL on it, because due to the persistent computer specialist confirmed hacking of my business computers in my home studio, apart of this legal case (Aisha v. Madonna), I couldn't get online to update my sites.

The telephone company DSL rep, who was also a phone technician, ran tests at the box and on the line outside the house for about 15 minutes.

Then he came inside and unprompted, began to lecture me about people who have been wiretapped in America. Never mind I never told him about the legal case or the problems we have been having with Hollywood and the Anthony Pellicano-esque wiretapping and harassment.

Remember, he was there to check the computer and DSL, which runs on the phone line, but clearly he saw the wiretaps via the interference on the signal.

He then asked me if I was a spy (which was one of the most bizarre and insulting questions anyone's ever asked me in my life) to which I said, "No."

Now, I've heard of improbabilities like a Jamaican bobsled team, but a Jamaican spy...who ever heard of such a thing. CARICOM is on a budget, can't afford that. The Caribbean has more important things to worry about, like increasing produce exports, creating jobs to build up the economy and tourism.

When I told him I'm a writer with a web site about music, sports and politics (with an insulted look on my face) he then went on to talk about the FBI and how they wiretapped blacks with influence, such as Martin Luther King, to which I said, "I know," as I had previously read and written about MLK's file on the internet.

I also condemned Hoover's FBI for doing that to a man, King, who in my opinion, as I told him, "was one of the best things to come out of this country." He then tried to explain to me that America was a different place then.

But then, what he said next was a real kicker. I say this to you as a Christian with the fear of God in me, he then said and I quote, they also "wiretap Jesse Jackson." Needless to say, that got my attention.

Shortly after, later in November 2006, I hired a PI to check for problems with my phone lines. Quarter way through he said, based on the symptoms, he doesn't have the "kind of equipment" to remove such "sophisticated" wiretapping, as it is the kind commonly "used by the government."

Then I directed him to an article about Pellicano and the sophisticated wiretapping he used, indicative of what goes on in Hollywood. Still, the PI was more leaning towards it being government.

Regardless, according to writings on the subject, the sheer level of interference on the line, is indicative of multiple wiretaps. So much for privacy, then.

Not to mention the serious human rights abuses my family and I have been living under, that we have proof of, that Mueller and Gonzales were formally notified of, with their offices signing for it, a year and a half ago, but have failed to stop, in violation of their oaths of office and the law.

My father who lives in Jamaica, works in the Jamaican government as a Justice of the Peace, which is the Jamaican equivalent to a British magistrate, and he is very offended at this and so am I. I'm no spy. I'm no criminal. I'm a black Christian singer and writer, who has been severely robbed, harassed and exploited, under invasive conditions that constitute severe U.N. human  rights abuses, due to a very valuable Copyrighted Catalog I authored containing 9,000 songs, 300 movie scripts and short stories, 15 book manuscripts, 200 music video treatments, 500 photographs, 150 photo treatments and many clothing designs that are apart of a clothing line I designed.

Mueller, Gonzales and Congress via Kendrick Meek have allowed her to continue to criminally use items from my aforementioned Copyrighted Catalog, with billions in intellectual property belonging to me, being devalued and going up in smoke on a regular basis, and have further allowed her to continue to commission vile acts of invasion of privacy against us that we have proof of, that keeps escalating, might I add.

So yea, if they want to Marie Antoinette the two men known as Robert Mueller and Alberto Gonzales, they have my full support.

I've written several funny articles this month about Robert Mueller of the FBI. To read them please visit the Judiciary Report web site at

Speeding FBI Agents Injured In Solo Car Crash

"3 FBI Agents Injured In Wreck"


BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) - Three FBI agents based in Baton Rouge were injured in a one-vehicle crash in Zachary early Tuesday.At least one of the agents was in serious condition.


Louisiana State Police said speed may have beem a factor ij the crash. The agent driving a Ford Crown Victoria attempted to pass several vehicles on Highway 61, south of Highway 964, said Trooper Johnnie Brown, a state police spokesman.


"As the agent attempted to re-enter the left lane, the Crown Victoria began to rotate to the left, causing the driver to lose control," Brown said. Brown said the vehicle hit a utility pole and flipped, landing on the driver's side.


All three agents, whose names were not released, were hospitalized at Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center in Baton Rouge. FBI spokeswoman Sheila Thorne says all three agents were on duty at the time, but gave no other details. March 14, 2007 06:54 AM 


What are the major factors in singling out INS cases for review. What about privacy issues with the data, in light of what happened with Robert Mueller of the FBI collecting everyone's info, Americans and foreigners alike, without following the law to do so. Who has access to it.

The FBI provides background checks to the INS, but what exactly did Robert Mueller authorize in regards to them and how far did it go. Should the FBI even be handling this.

The FBI reported they are backlogged, which is holding up many people's citizenship, some even suing via the ACLU, because they are being rendered unemployable, where they once worked.

Should the FBI under the disorganized Mueller really be handling this. A lot of things are being dumped on agents from white collar crime, cyber crime, civil rights cases, federal murder cases, terrorism cases and INS background checks. It is clear too much.

Everything is behind. Way behind. From investigations to background checks. The bad thing about investigations falling behind is people's lives and or property can end up in serious jeopardy, creating avoidable black eyes the agency doesn't need. When the brown stuff hits the fan or something terrible happens to a victim or innocent bystander, the FBI does and will get blamed. It's happened in the past.

Mueller is constantly expanding the FBI, but not finishing up what's already been started and in need of competition, which will cause the agency to go in circles. Every 5 minutes there's a press release with him launching some new initiative, but never mind none of the old stuff he started has been completed yet.

I call it the ADD effect. You just keep starting new things and never finish them all, nor the old stuff you began with. Before you know it, there is a huge workload of old and new items that need completion, but without the focus, clear direction and the manpower to do it, because you've stretched your resources too thin.

Mueller is running the agents on a system that common sense should tell him is time consuming, unduly burdensome and counterproductive. As I wrote in the Column months ago, regarding my two visits to the FBI, they look wrecked and overworked.

One look at the FBI site and the press releases reveals why. There's like 2 million initiatives and projects on the site for the FBI's field offices. How are you gonna do all that or are you in taskmaster mode and just figure they will have to do it all.

Is it really the best course of action, the one you are currently on.

LOCAL NEWS Why You Shouldn't Rob A Bank In Miami

A man tried to rob a bank in Miami, with emphasis on the word tried, because he got arrested and in a spectacular way.

I'm looking at the news and there were like 200 helicopters, 2,000,000 FBI and SWAT agents, local sheriffs and police officers, guns drawn. While I'm thinking, "Wow, are they invading Cuba, again?" LOL - just kidding.

But they did catch the guy. And the moral of the story is...never rob a bank in Miami. It's not worth the trouble (LOL).







Are the ports safe. One would think otherwise with certain things that appear to be significant loopholes. This is dangerous, as to put it in plain terms, it is the country's job to protect the country. No one else is gonna do it. There are shortcomings that need to be addressed, but the government seems to be in disarray.


As rebuilding is taking place in New Orleans, serious changes need to be made to avoid a repeat of the devastation that accompanied Hurricane Katrina. Engineers in Europe have made great strides in better protecting their cities from ruptured levees.

To not rebuild New Orleans to the best available standards is to risk a repeat of Hurricane Katrina.

POLITICS Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton: You still running?
John McCain: You still a lesbian?


It seems Hillary Clinton is styling herself as the new Margaret Thatcher. She even said so. Hmm that's funny. I read a book about Margaret Thatcher and I don't remember the chapter about her being a lesbian. You know, like that book about you, Hillary.

Clinton Being Investigated

"Hillary Rodham Clinton, then first lady, attended a luncheon fundraiser at Abdul Rehman Jinnah's California home in 2000" - New York Times

Hillary's ties to campaign donator Abdul Rehman Jinnah are being investigated by the federal government. It seems there's been some impropriety. 

Anti-Hillary Clinton Commercial

March 21, 2007

(from the Judiciary Report web site)

See the Anti-Hillary video and judge for yourself.

A controversial, Democrat made, professionally rendered video on You Tube, revamped an old Apple commercial from over 20 years ago and stingingly put the smack down on Hillary Clinton. Me personally, I didn't care about all the fuss, as I am certainly not going to vote for her due to her conduct in numerous things.

Why the big fuss and all this attention to tracking the man down. Was there some legal problem with the video. It was parody, which is currently covered by Copyright law.

Hillary Clinton: I'm going to get Obama for this. I'm gonna beat his Barack.

Several Hillary Clinton friendly publications began to unevenly question the video, in deep investigative detail, like they were the Feds on a case, with the tone of who-would-dare-do-such-a-thing, rather than just reporting on the video.

I mean some journos were hurt, like they got stabbed or something…while many other people were thinking: why didn’t I think of that…

Personally, my profound, eloquent response to this video was…ouch. Seriously, the minute I saw it, I realized a pro did it. A pro, Philip de Vellis, who worked for a digital company, Blue State Digital, who has been forced to quit tendered his resignation.

He should not have resigned over Hillary. He did what any smart politician would have done, used her words against her.

How ironic. I mean, the joke just tells itself:

 Some You Tube feedback:

1. GradeATubeSteak: You need to learn your history.  





Pol Pot



ALL came from the LEFT! The greatest killers the world have ever known.

Except for the *few* American installed South America Dictators from the 50s, it is the Left from whence Monsters come....

Take heed, Billary is an extreme radical feminist leftist who attempts to couch herself in the clothes of moderation. She is a fake, a Trojan horse, completely w/o integrity. 

2. frankenchris (4 hours ago) Good editing job. I don't really care about the agenda either way, so you if you excise the "make up your own mind, and let me make it for you. Obama '08 part", and it will be much funnier. 

3. Kodai1: Anyone else notice that the hammer thrower is wearing an ipod? 


4. laotimbo: American (US) foreign policy effects everyone in the world so we all have a right to comment. All we see on the news is what is happening in America and what America is doing to the rest of the world. Our governments bow down to anything America asks us to do, so we will continue to be critical of anything that affects our lives.


5. archilles113: Don't vote for this feminazi please. Thx.


6. bornfromabove:

 Definition of a liberal...

1 Don't think!

2 Someone else should pay my bills!

3 Don’t ever hate!, unless its a liberal hating others, then its ok.

4 Love all pedophiles and protect them at all costs! But don’t protect their victims(children)

5 Get activist judges to pass laws when you can't manipulate the public to vote your way.

6 Be tolerant of all disgusting behavior and religion, but HATE, DEMONIZE and be intolerant of anything remotely Christian, Jesus or God.

 5. haddy91: I saw this on CNN. Good job. 

6. pauli67: Who cares who did it? It rings true. Break out the sledgehammers.


7. Kushcash: Umm. Why do people think this is a remake or apple rip-off? This is apples ad, just slightly modified.

8. WarwulfX: It's called the space bar.

INTERNATIONAL NEWS Nepal's 'Buddha Boy' Disappears 


A Nepalese teenager hailed as a reincarnation of the Buddha has vanished for a second time in southern Nepal, a member of his support committee said Saturday.


Local media dubbed Bomjan "Buddha Boy" after supporters said he had been meditating for months without food, water or sleep. – Breitbart

Me personally, I think he went to McDonalds. Just kidding.

SPIRITUAL Breaking The Cycle Of Family Dysfunction

Many people are born into abusive homes and think they can't break the cycle. Just because you come from a dysfunctional family, doesn't mean you have to have a dysfunctional family as well.

You can be the one to break the cycle. The mere fact that you have been through what you have been through is reason to not want that repeated in your children's lives.

God, through prayer, can help you change the remnants of the behaviors you may have learned from the bad example of home life that was set for you, so you don't repeat it with your own family.


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