November 30, 2006

Volume 55

1. SITE NEWS Hacker And Hosting Company Trouble...Again
2. R.I.P. Gerald Levert
3. ROYALTY The Movie "The Queen"
4. CELEBRITY Sacha Cohen’s Characters Ali G and Borat
5. CELEBRITY Out And About
6. CELEBRITY Cute Couples
7. CELEBRITY Celebrity Kids
8. CELEBRITY The Jolie-Pitts
9. CELEBRITY Random Caps
10. CELEBRITY Jay-Z Outed On Cheating On Beyonce...Twice In One Month
11. CELEBRITY Justin and Nelly Fartado Talking Too Much
12. CELEBRITY Whitney Houston And Bobby Brown
13. CELEBRITY Reese Witherspoon And Ryan Philippe Announce Divorce
14. CELEBRITY Anna Nicole In A Hole
15. CELEBRITY Lindsay Lohan CRACKing Up
16. CELEBRITY Britney Spears
17. CELEBRITY Paris Hilton
18. TV Ripa Rips Rosie 'Til She Can’t See Straight
19. RANDOM ACTS And From The What Were You Thinking File
20. LEGAL FILE The Taxman Goes After The Demolition Man Part 2
21. LEGAL FILE Madonna Lawsuit
22. LEGAL FILE Robert Mueller (FBI)
23. NATIONAL NEWS Secret Service Disservice
25. NATIONAL NEWS Cops Fed Weed Unbeknownst To Them
29. SPIRITUAL Revenge


SITE NEWS Hacker And Hosting Company Trouble...Again

Due to hackings and web site host Go Daddy's server that my site is located on having trouble all day, the Column and the Diary page updates were not online. I was given two contradicting stories by their tech support reps about what transpired. This coupled with Madonna's idiot hacker, kept the Column and Diary updates offline. Sorry for the inconvenience.

So much for freedom of speech. Clearly someone is upset at the amount of hits this site gets, meaning too many people are reading the site and what is being written about certain people, and somebody doesn't like it. Once again, so much for freedom of speech...and copyrights.

R.I.P. Gerald Levert

My family and I would like to extend our condolences to the Levert family on the death of Gerald. He always seemed like such a nice guy - such a nice, warm smile. My dad, a disc jockey and musicologist, thinks the O'Jays are one of the most gifted vocal groups ever and always found it amazing how much Gerald sounded like his dad, Eddie. My dad also knows what it is like to lose a son. Not an easy thing to go through. May God be with you in this difficult time. God bless you.

Eddie Levert (left) and Stevie Wonder (right) performing at Gerald's memorial service in Ohio [Photo Credit: Jamie-Andrea - AP]

ROYALTY The Movie "The Queen"

Queen Elizabeth at a premiere, meeting actor Daniel Craig.

Someone made a movie about the Queen and named it after her as well. Though I’ve not seen the film, from the clips I’ve seen, some of it is out of line.

The Queen should do a drive by on the people who made that film.

Just kidding.

CELEBRITY Sacha Cohen’s Characters Ali G and Borat

I wrote about Sacha Cohen on the site a few months ago in relation to the British TV character he plays named Ali G, who does a spot on Jamaican accent. He has since released the film Borat, which has done well at the box office.

Recently, my mom was in the kitchen and I was typing on the computer, when she said something that made me laugh. Having heard of Ali G from watching British programming, she saw a clip on TV for the film Borat and exclaimed, “he’s ripping off the English guy. He looks like him." So I turned to my mom and said, “Mom, that is Ali G.” Then she said "Oh, I was about to say." God bless her, she tries.

Though I’ve not seen the film Borat, only commercials with the trailer, I can safely say, Jamaica got off easy with Ali G (LOL). Cause let's face it, there are some Jamaican Ali G’s and as an island nation, we are forced to accept responsibility for them. 

However, Borat hit Kazakhstan like a ton of bricks. Their foreign minister must have had the runs when he first saw it.

I’m just teasing. But my mom really did say that. 


Jennifer Lopez - Looking PETArrific (you know they're gonna get you, right - LOL). Nice dresses, though:

Victoria Beckham - The road is your runway, girl (finger snaps). That hat was fun, I like it:

Halle Berry - Halle and her boyfriend at a function, both looking great again. Somewhere Eric Benet is heard crying...:

Tamia - looking great:

Tara Reid - Nice makeover, very flattering:

Michelle Pfeiffer - She still looks the same 20 years later - very pretty: 

Clive Owen - Great suit! It’s different. I like it:

Bryan Greenberg - Cleans up very nicely. Very cute:

CELEBRITY Cute Couples

Sean Patrick Thomas and wife Aonika Laurent-Thomas:

Christian Bale and wife Sibi:

Grant Hill and wife singer Tamia:

CELEBRITY Celebrity Kids

Beautiful little Suri: These are hair plugs, I just know it! -pull-

[Photo courtesy of Vanity Fair]

Little cutie pie Violet is the spitting image of her mother, who left her with her dad for the day.
Violet: Mommy are you sure he knows how to cook, because burnt strained carrots don’t sound too good to me:

Little 50 Cent jr, Marquis, also known as 25 Cent (kidding), is a handsome little boy:

Reese Witherspoon and her adorable son:

Kelly Ripa and her pretty daughter:

CELEBRITY The Jolie-Pitts

Is it just me or do the beautiful Jolie-Pitt kids look like they want to beatdown the paparazzi (LOL). Those kids look tired of the photographers:

Maddox and Zahara (in unison): Oh no they didn't!:

Zahara: I know you’re not looking at me, brother man! Boyfriend, yes you with the camera, you need to stop following us around. You better take that camera somewhere else:

Maddox: Don’t worry Z, I’m gonna go old school and get all "Home Alone" on them. Teach these punks a lesson:

Maddox: what you looking at?:

Maddox: Mom, somebody farted. I can smell it:

Maddox, as the phrase goes, “love the kids.” OK, well, Maddox is a kid. Maddox, AKA, the youngest Asian working for the UN. You go boy!:

The best of three worlds. Fashion conscious Maddox is setting his own style trends - a mullet, mohawk and a bang, also known as a mullmobang (joking) - and he pulls it off:


Photo of soldiers in Irak Iraq, in response to John Kerry's comments, is absolutely hilarious!

Pam Anderson and Denise Richards on the set. And to think, there was a time this look was fashionable (LOL). Just hysterical:


The Latin Summit: Jennifer, Marc and Ricky: Can you believe the little Mickey Mouse twerp, we brought "SexyBack":

Matt Lauer and Wife: My husband may make celebrities cry…but at least he doesn’t make them jump on sofas:

Reportedly, Tom Cruise is upset with Oprah and as a result did not invite her to his wedding in Italy. While I don't agree with everything Oprah does, she didn't tell him to jump up and down on that sofa. What he did was cute, but a bad PR move for someone in his situation.
Oprah: Now, I know shorty didn’t just not invite me to his arranged marriage wedding:

Suri: Ya’ll know he ain’t my daddy, right!:

[Photo courtesy of Entertainment Weekly]

Katie married Xenu, though we, the bloggers and columnists of the world, forbade her to! (I say we jump her and extract the scientology microchip and tracking device):

Naomi, maybe pressing up that shirt was a bad idea…you know, with the beating down your therapist and all. You need to join the WWF. Maybe they’ll let you beat down K-Fed. Just kidding. Seriously, I’m praying you’ll overcome the anger problem that has clearly taken a hold of you. I don’t want you to get in anymore trouble or hurt anyone else. 

CELEBRITY Jay-Z Outed On Cheating On Beyonce...Twice In One Month

Rapper Jay-Z (left) Rihanna (right)

An entertainment news site and Foxy Brown have separately outed Jay Z this month for cheating on his girlfriend singer Beyonce. I think his deeds in this and other things, and in clear sight of the public, are very shady. However, this is who Beyonce has chosen and she has used and dropped others as well on her way to becoming famous.

Singer Beyonce

What's funny is that it appears Rihanna,18, is pimping Jay-Z, 38, for all it's worth. He has given her projects more attention than all the other artists he works with, some of whom have left the label and complained that he is not doing enough to promote them. Ok, there's a reason for that. He's not a real record executive.

As a result, Rihanna has gotten the kind of exposure she needed to become famous with mainstream audiences, and in a short space of time, even rivaling his girlfriend, Beyonce, who took years to do the same thing. Both have nice voices, but both have become too raunchy. Certainly they didn't have to go that route.

Once again, Jay-Z isn't really a record executive. He is rapper (not that you can't be both, but in this case he is not). He's no Russell Simmons and he's certainly no Clive Davis. There's an art to it, that he just doesn't know.

He got the job and the staff that comes with it due to being a famous mainstream rapper with a famous girlfriend, and this enabled him to play a record executive. They've had some success due to the exposure they can grant artists (like Rihanna), but several noted failures as well.

Even at Rockafella Records, the label Jay-Z started with Damon Dash, anyone could see Dash was the driving force behind it - and Jay-Z burned him too.

Rapper Foxy Brown

An entertainment news site outed Jay-Z as cheating on Beyonce with two strippers. Before that, Foxy Brown made statements about Jay-Z, including the Rihanna comments, which put her record deal with the label he is supposed to be running, in jeopardy.

She had a right to say what she feels and it's not the first time he's burned her either, and after she gave him his start:

"A few years away from the studio wasn’t enough to keep Foxy Brown out of the public eye, but her run ins with the law may be enough to keep her off the store shelves.

Brown lost her hearing and later regained it after surgery has been plagued by recent legal troubles. After a couple of court dates and an alleged assault, Jay-Z has reportedly had enough.

"Jay-Z is furious at Foxy's lack of productivity on her album 'Black Roses.' He is also mad because Foxy was talking out of school about him and [Def Jam artist] Rihanna and saying things that weren't true,” an unnamed source told the New York Post. "Foxy has absolutely no idea that she is about to get the ax from Jay."

Foxy was set to make a multi media come back after regaining her hearing, however, according to the source, most of her additional projects are no more." – Hip Hop DX

Featured below is a pic of Rihanna. The background is a little blurry, but is that Beyonce in the background with a knife (kidding):

CELEBRITY Justin And Nelly Fartado Talking Too Much

Can You Tell Which One’s The Dummy?…Oh, It's Justin. Read On And See Why I Wrote That…

Did Nelly Fartado and Justin Timberlake slam Prince and Janet in a cruddy song called "Give It To Me"? Are they nuts. Neither one of them can hold a candle to the latter two.

The latter two are the bigger talents. Typical of arrogant stars, they get a little fame and think their doo doo don’t stink and that they are the best thing since sliced bread.

Lyrics from the disillusioned via "Give It To Me":

Could you speak up and stop the mumbling
I don’t think you’re getting clear
When you’re sitting on the top
It’s hard to hear you from way up here
I saw you trying to act cute on TV
just let me clear the air
We missed you on the charts last week
Da* that’s right you wasn’t there

If sexy never left then why's everybody on my s
Don’t hate me because you didn’t come up with it
So when you see us in the club
Go ahead and walk the other way
Our run will never be over
not at least until we say

If I were Prince I’d slap you with my purple mic.

Another example of industry arrogance and delusions of grandeur. What were they thinking. 

The hypocritical line that makes me laugh is, "If sexy never left then why's everybody on my s***. Don’t hate me because you didn’t come up with it." OK, he did come up with it...then you jacked it. You need to give Prince his stuff back. 

You need to remember, in the entertainment industry, what goes up usually comes down, Justin. You’ve only had 2 solo albums and your material with N-sync, will not become legendary either, as it is in the white boyband genre, which never become classics. Music history has shown that for decades.

I don’t believe Timberlake or Fartado will become legends. They have a basic amount of skill and are very trendy. They are not showing the signs of people who become legends.

There are artists out now that I think, based on how music history has gone, will become music legends, but not those two. I’m not trying to be mean, but I'm being realistic based on the works they've put out.

As the phrase goes, instead of being legends in their own time, they are legends in their own mind.

Dude, it was a bad move to slam them in a song because:

a.) You've ripped off Prince so much on your album that it sounded like a guest appearance. He had a right to comment on that mess that you tried to take credit for when it is his style and voice you imitated to the tee. Many people commented on it.

b.) People are also saying that whole SexyBack thing is too much like Prince's LoveSexy.

c.) You copped out on Janet, bragging at first when you thought the public approved of the Super Bowl incident, then got angry at her when the backlash showed up the next day. You deserved to get slammed for that. The blame should have been equal.

d.) You and Nelly Furtado have passable voices and your musicianship is weak. Prince would stomp you both with his purple platforms in that arena. So would Janet.

e.) There are artists who came before you, who were much more talented, sold far more records, had far more #1’s and due to industry fads, you know, like you, don’t have deals anymore. So you need to thank hell, cause heaven sure didn't come up with "Promiscous Girl" or "SexyBack" that you got anywhere with what you’re working with and the questionable music you put out, because it certainly wasn’t because you or Frittata are talented. You’re both passable.

Put your works next to Sam Cook, Sinatra or Marvin Gay and you sound bad. Humble yourselves before you embarrass yourselves anymore than you already have. 

Have Whitney Houston sing first then Furtado second…yes, embarrassment.

Play a Justin Timberlake record then a Sinatra record...yes, more embarrassment.

Neither of you are the best and never will be. Be thankful you got anywhere in the industry.

Don’t diss people who are more talented than you with the I’m-on-top-of-the-charts line and I’ve-sold-many-records line. William Hung went gold. The Teletubbies went platinum.

What Furtado and Timberlake did was arrogant and clearly shows they are people who don’t know the history of music. Do you know how many men came before you who were greatly talented and faded away, just like you will too one day.

Even men like Ray Charles had incredible runs in music, greater than anything either of you will gain, setting records you will never touch, but had low points in their careers as well as time progressed. Do you think you’re better than musicians like him too, because you had one number one album this year?

You think people are gonna be singing “SexyBack” in 20 years like it’s a classic the way they do “Georgia On My Mind” now. Not gonna happen. If they remember it, it will be camp and sung like “I’m Too Sexy.”

Do you think people will be singing Fly Like A Nerd "I’m Like A Bird." Clearly fame has gotten to your heads and you’ve embarrassed yourselves. You both need to sit down.

It’s amazing how fame and a few platinum albums makes the most average believe they are kings.

People who barely have any talent, some with none, walking around thinking they are better than other people because they show their butt on TV.

And another thing...everybody's on this hater stuff. Everybody’s a hater. Did you stop to think that maybe you just suck and that’s why people have the stuff to say about you that they do. I don’t just mean that towards Timberlake and Furtado, I mean in general in the entertainment industry.

Everybody thinks everybody is envious of them, when a lot of the time people just don’t check for something the person does and voices their displeasure about it.

Justin Timberlake Slams Kanye West

Justin slammed Kanye West again, but this time, for being a sore loser at the MTV Europe Awards.

Pat your fur, baby, everything is going to be alright (is Kanye really wearing a stole!?):

"At the EMAs, Justin mocked Kanye for his outburst when he did not win the Best Video Award, "After the show, Kanye will be in the parking lot accepting awards he did not win. Seriously though, I've got sexy covered, it's good to see someone's doing crazy." - Contact Music

CELEBRITY Whitney Houston And Bobby Brown

An ironic, unfortunately timed Vibe cover that went to the presses right before the announcement of he and Whitney's separation and pending divorce:

Allegedly, Bobby Brown and the woman he is having an affair with, Karrine Steffans, are going to star in a new reality show on BET, in the vein of the show he did with Whitney Houston, "Being Bobby Brown." This is just distasteful.


 Karrine Steffans 

Reports of Whitney's home in Atlanta, that she shared with Bobby, also featured in the show "Being Bobby Brown," being auctioned off in a foreclosure sale were false. Retractions were issued over that article. The corrections reported the payments on the home are now current and the property is up for sale by Houston and was not sold at the courthouse last month.

It was reported that they bought the house in the Country Club Of The South 3 years ago. I visited the Country Club Of The South with my mom and a few friends about 9 years ago and can tell you, it is a really nice place.

But clearly Whitney has her reasons for selling. Probably wants a fresh start, which is understandable. However, I think Atlanta is good for her (anybody, really), as it is very beautiful and modern, but away from the music industry and its vices.

Just because you work in the entertainment industry, doesn't mean you have to live in it, as it has been known to become overwhelming for many. Maybe she can buy a home somewhere else in Atlanta.

So if you've got roughly 1.4 million, give them a call (yes, the Sound Off Column is very versatile - not only does it touch upon world issues, health matters and discusses the latest in entertainment, it also doubles as a real estate site - just kidding, but the house really is fore sale).

CELEBRITY Reese Witherspoon And Ryan Philippe Announce Divorce

Aww they made such a nice couple. Sorry it turned out like that. And they have kids too. That’s so sad.

CELEBRITY Anna Nicole In A Hole

I wrote about Anna Nicole in the Column last year, September, and what a sad difference a year can make.

Anna Nicole Smith has been having a annus horribilis (horrible year). Her son passed away from an unintentional drug overdose, the paternity of her newborn daughter born days before her son's death is being questioned, she was criticized for marrying her lawyer before she buried her son and now she has been ordered to vacate a home in the Bahamas loaned to her by real estate developer Gaither Ben Thompson. Ana is refusing to give up the home, stating it was a gift, which Thompson disputes.

Her residency in the Bahamas is also being called into question, as she presented the home as her own, when it was actually that of the real estate developer. Bahamian officials are also concerned about her character, in her bid for residency. However, as her child is buried there, they should and have been, dealing easy with her. Her life has been turned upside down through choices she has made.   

Real estate developer Thompson reportedly stated that Anna lied to him about her newborn being his, which he automatically discounted, as he'd had a vasectomy years prior. People believe the true father of the child is photographer Larry Birkhead, with a friend of Anna's even attesting to this in sworn testimony.

It was also reported that Anna has now dyed the child's hair to a dark shade from blonde, which is the shade of Birkhead's hair, to look more like new husband Howard Stern, who has black hair. I don't think that was wise or safe. Stern is now claiming to be the father. He seems to care for Smith, but true paternity needs to be established.

A judge in California has ordered Anna to submit her child to a paternity test, and rightfully so. People keep talking about the father's rights, which I agree should not be denied, but the child will need to know the truth as well. That is important too.

Anna has recently appeared in television interviews clearly, heavily sedated. She has had serious drug problems as well, which sadly carried over to her son, whose autopsy revealed he had been taking different drugs, among them methadone.

My condolences to her on the death of her son, Daniel.

She has further had problems in the decline of her modeling career and the well publicized, contentious battle between her and the family of her late husband billionaire J. Howard Marshall. She is still fighting for hundreds of millions from his estate on a very shoddy premise. In my humble opinion, the bulk of the money, if not all of it, belongs to Marshall's family. 

That's a beautiful baby:

[Bahamas pics from People]

Money has ensnared Anna in a lot of bad situations that have turned around to greatly harm her. She is very money oriented and it has not helped her in life.

Anna is a pretty woman with personality and should look for a new beginning by asking God for forgiveness, getting into and completing rehab, then using her own talents to support herself and her daughter, in a respectable way. Because the path she has taken has darn near destroyed her:

[Photo Courtesy of the AP]

Anna Nicole Baby Shocker

"Sources tell TMZ that late last year, Anna Nicole began having sexual relations with Gaither Ben Thompson, a wealthy real estate developer in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. We're told that Howard K. Stern, the lawyer who claims to be the father of Anna Nicole's newborn baby, was in Myrtle Beach during the time Anna Nicole was seeing Thompson. Remember, Stern has said he had a long-term relationship with Anna Nicole, which seems odd given that Stern accompanied Smith to Myrtle Beach.

Sources say in May of this year, Anna Nicole contacted Thompson to say that he was the father of her soon-to-be-born baby girl. It's especially interesting because we're told that Anna Nicole had contacted people familiar with Thompson inquiring about his wealth. That's when Thompson dropped a bombshell -- that it was impossible for him to father a baby because he had already had a vasectomy. Days later, sources say Anna Nicole confessed to Thompson that Larry Birkhead was the father. Birkhead, an entertainment photographer who had a relationship with Anna Nicole, has filed legal papers in Los Angeles to establish paternity.

And there's a new twist to this story. Anna Nicole and Howard K. Stern have been staying in one of Thompson's houses in the Bahamas. Anna Nicole has established legal residency in the Bahamas under the premise that she owned a home. Tracy Ferguson, Thompson's lawyer, tells TMZ that her client sold one of his homes to Anna Nicole on credit, but has never paid a cent. Ferguson says Anna Nicole is in default and Thompson wants her out.

If the Bahamian government believes the alleged home purchase was a scam to gain residency, Anna Nicole could be deported.

Howard K. Stern, Anna's lawyer and rep, could not be reached for comment."

Smith accused of dyeing infant daughter's hair

"Just when you thought it couldn't get any stranger, Anna Nicole Smith has been accused of dyeing her infant daughter Dannielynn Hope's hair in a bid to make her look more like Howard K. Stern - the man Smith claims is Dannielynn's father.

Debra Opri, attorney for Smith's former boyfriend Larry Birkhead, told Associated Press she believed the platinum-blonde reality star may have darkened her child's hair to look like the raven-headed Stern. Photojournalist Birkhead, who claims to be the baby's real father, has sandy blonde hair.

"It's horrendous," Opri told Associated Press."We are calling our experts right now to see if dyeing an infant's hair is any way toxic or harmful to a child." - New Zealand Herald

From Larry Birkhead

"In a statement posted on, he blasts the Trimspa Ma, saying, "I constantly wonder what kind of person would steal a child from another. I thought at first maybe because your brother was taken from your mom was the reason, but then I realized she started planning on keeping you from me all the way back in May." - TMZ

CELEBRITY Lindsay Lohan CRACKing Up

Lindsay, what’s that white stuff in your nose:

Lindsay has been trippin’ this month. Last month, it was cars following her, walking with a pizza box over her face then bumping into her own car and feuding with Paris "lip sync" Hilton.

This month it’s more feuding with Paris Hilton and going on camera stating Paris hit her with a drink, then the next day saying someone is lying that she said Paris hit her with a drink. There’s only one problem with that Lindsay. You were the one who said it on camera. Well I guess you're the liar then Lindsay

"Lindsay Lohan is upset at whoever is spreading rumors Paris Hilton hit her with a drink over the weekend. Unfortunately, that a** clown would be herself. As she was getting into a car with Paris Hilton and Britney Spears on Sunday she told paparazzi:


"Paris never hit me. She's my friend. Everyone lies about everything. ... Please, stop trying to make us hate each other." Yet only twelve hours earlier she was telling the paparazzi:


"[Paris Hilton] hit me last night for no reason, apparently, at my friend's house, and I didn't know she'd be there, and she hit me, and she hit me with a drink and poured it all over me, and it hurts, and it's not okay."


I've known mice that are smarter than this. And I'm not talking about super genius mutant mice either. I'm talking about the stupid ones. The ones who couldn't make it through the maze and decided they'd just lie there and try to eat their own tails instead." - The Superficial


Lindsay Called "Illiterate"

Lindsay wrote a bizarre tribute to Robert Altman on the net that was called "Illiterate" by numerous press outlets. Among the errors she posted included the line "be adequite."

That wasn’t a typo, that was a cracko. Girl, stop beaming up then posting on the net. That’s not very "adequite."

Lindsay Constantly Walking Around Looking High

She wanders around looking high all the time. It has become noticeable to many. Lindsay needs rehab. It has also overshadowed her work now. Recently, while I was in a store, I saw a doll made up after her and all I could think is the only thing missing is the stash. 

Lindsay’s Wrist Cuts Caused By "Attempted Suicide" Or Kabbalah String?

Lindsay Lohan was pictured recently with severe wrist cuts on her hand, which led many to question her mental state.

She keeps saying nothing is wrong, but all the signs are there that something is indeed adequite amiss.

"Lindsay Lohan scoffed at her party girl label on Tuesday's "Oprah," telling the talk queen, "I'm twenty years old! Is it a crime to go dancing with your friends?" With the legal drinking age at 21, depending on the club, it might be! – TMZ

CELEBRITY Britney Spears

Britney Divorcing K-Fed - And She Left Justin Timberlake For This...

And they said it wouldn’t last. Ok, so it didn’t...

Boy, a brotha’s album doesn’t sell, and he gets dropped on the charts and by his wife. She’s treating you this way because you’re black, Kevin. Keep hope alive, K-Fed. The white man is always trying to hold the black man down. Joking.

A badly weaved Spears (did Tinkerbelle do her weave too, like I asked about Hilton last month):

Best commentary on the situation:

“I don't know why the nannies and Britney's mom aren't filing for custody...even Jamie Lynn, for that matter. Those are the only people we saw holding and feeding Sean Preston since he was born.

All Britney did was try to kill Sean P. a few times and I'm not sure K-Fed even knows his name. Kevin went to his lawyer yesterday and said, "Yo, yo, yo, I want custamody of my little ni**a' and dat other one that was just bornded." - IDLYITW

“First Bobby now K-Fed! Triflin brothers are getting kicked to the curb EN MASSE! TOUGH BREAK NI**A! AH AH AHHHH! U MAD, K-FED????!! developing like a mug!” – A Hot Mess

K-Fed Reportedly Finds Out About Divorce Through Text Message

Pimp Federline

A few months ago in this Column when I said he is a pimp, pimping Britney, a month after, during an interview he said he's "not no pimp" and "not pimping" Britney. Yet this month: 

Britney Pulled A Whitney

Britney’s marriage kicked the bucket and now she's dropped her husband and came out in a black dress (but on Letterman) like Whitney had done. But when Whitney did it, it had class to it. Britney looked like a streetwalker.

Not to mention, Whitney didn't deliberately flash people several times in one week under the advice of a stupid set of Kaballah cult members. That has irreparably harmed Spears' name and image with the public, who were disgusted and posted about it all over the internet in droves. It was a stupid idea. Full stop.

Web sites who posted the pics probably got venereal disease or cholera. Just kidding. However, on countless sites people slammed her and her appearance, with Spears being called every name in the book. People are now sympathizing with K-Fed, some even saying he was apparently the one who kept her calm.

It's amazing, the week after the divorce she looked sad, but coherent enough. Then she starts hanging out with the Kaballah cult members Paris and Lindsay and she starts to look absolutely high, depressed and disoriented. She can currently be seen partying at all hours of the day and night.

Never mind she has a new born at home that needs attention and feeding. Scores of people have condemned her for this, wondering what the effects will be on the baby.

She is out drinking, smoking, flashing her vagina and looking very high, while her new born is at home. Nice! You really are awful, as you know better. But obviously your pseudo-singing career or what's left of it and being seen with the official drug abusing town whores is more important than giving care to your new born and toddler.

After what I have seen of her this past week in the press, I kind of understand why he is filing for custody, because she has shown herself to be an unfit parent. I think money is apart of it and another part of it is Britney's ridiculousness and carelessness with the kids. I can just imagine the stuff she does when no one's watching.

What happens if while high or drunk she drops the new born and causes him damage. Then what. She's shown before that she's careless, with the incidents that occurred with the first child, but now she looks more wasted than ever. What's that going to mean for the new baby.

You need to keep your butt at home and stay off the inebriants. You aren't 18 anymore. You aren't a so called pop princess anymore. You are a selfish, careless, "overt the hill lolita" with two children that need your time and care. Do them a favor and get in rehab and stop making a fool of yourself deliberately showing everybody your crotch.

It leads people to believe that you are very desperate, with no morals and will do anything for attention.

At the rate you are going, you will fully self-destruct by next year.

Britney And Paris Looking Like Lesbians

Tacky and nasty. Spears with a devilish look on her face:

Her ex-husband and current husband both claim that Britney is bi-sexual. That's what comes of being under the brainwashing tutelage of nasty, washed up hookers like Madonna.

When I saw the pics I thought "is it April fools again already" because Britney is playing the fool right now and irreversibly damaging what's left of her career.

Two lesbians out on the town. PETA, oh wait, wrong organization, GLADD must be happy (I confuse PETA and GLADD sometimes. I just know they both complain a lot and send out more press releases and alerts than the Pentagon).

I’m starting to think Britney Spears is not so bright. Ok, so I’ve thought that for sometime.

I don’t think she is any better or different than K-Fed. K-Fed pimped himself to her to get into a life of luxury and she pimped and prostituted herself to get that life of luxury - for further reference, Brit appeared in her drawers on the cover of Rolling Stone at age 16. Not cool…and where was your mother?

I know none of us are perfect and as people we make mistakes, but they were just cruel to Shar Jackson and both have done things for money that were unbecoming - him marrying her when he clearly wasn’t in love with her and she marrying him after being married to a childhood friend for all of 2 minutes 2 days.   

Either way, you reap what you sow in life. They devastated his former girlfriend and her family while she was pregnant with his child, in him cheating on her with Britney, who knew about her and her condition, but didn't care. Now it is being said K-Fed cheated on her while she was pregnant a few months ago. What goes around comes around.

Now as Shar said “he is the national joke” and so much damage has been done to Spear’s career and name. She went around like a mess for two years. I’ve seen many pregnant women and they didn’t go around looking like that. It left a bad impression in the public’s consciousness.

However, true to celebrity form, they believe they are to get anything they want, when they want it, at anyone’s expense, when God Himself promises that people don’t mock His principles in this world as, “the deeds of a man’s hand’s come back to him.”

Translation: you dish it out and you yourself will live through it as punishment. God forgives when people ask, but every man’s unethical choices has consequences. Don't kid yourself that you are an exception to the rule. However, the good deeds bring back around good to us.

Judge Tells Britney Case Dismissed

Britney was unable to bribe a judge this time and lost in court recently to magazine US Weekly. The judge decided in favor of US Weekly regarding an article they ran regarding Spears and her husband having made a sex tape and acting goofy while watching it with her lawyer.

I remember a few years ago a similar article ran in another publication about a break-in to Spears' property and a sex tape with Spears and Justin being stolen. Why didn't that one result in litigation.

US Weekly pimp slapped her again with their new issue:

"Shakira: I'm Not Britney Spears, OK"

"Columbian singer Shakira recently revealed that she is horrified when she gets compared with the pop tart Britney Spears.  Sure, they both have blond hair - but - that's about where it ends.

Shakira, 28, declares that her videos represent her as an artist, unlike Britney's.

She said: "My videos represent the artist in me very well, but not the kind of woman I am. When they watch my videos, people might think that I'm very sexually aggressive person, but I am completely the opposite." – Post Chronicle

"Walk of Fame or Walk of Shame?"

"How do these stars earn a star on the Walk of Fame when they've only been around for a mere 15 minutes? - Trina

TMZ: Britney Spears is on the Walk of Fame. It's true, Trina -- more and more young stars seem to be getting their names embossed in Hollywood's Walk of Fame. (24-year-old Britney Spears already has one!) But here's what we can tell you about the growing trend: at least $15,000 is what it costs to achieve posterity on the infamous Hollywood walk, maintained by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. And that nice chunk of money can come from the star, or more likely, a sponsor (i.e., record company or movie studio)." - TMZ

Britney Spears Random Caps

Britney Spears: Huh?

Britney Spears: What?

And when she’s not digging her nose in public…

CELEBRITY Paris Hilton

Paris’s next book, a follow up to her flop, “Confessions Of An Heirhead,” will be titled “Valtrex And You: The Valtrex Becomes You.” Just kidding.

(Sound Off Caption) Paris: everybody stop, I dropped my stash, help me find it!:

Just kidding, she tripped...probably cause she was drunk...again.

Parenting 101: Kids In The Club

“Her mother, Kathy, put her in make-up and allowed her (into) nightclubs from a very young age.”

Paris: It’s her fault I’m a slut!
Mom: I’m a first generation slut!

The Hilton family 20 years ago:

Kathy’s Mom Paid For Sex Lessons

In all seriousness, this is really bad. This is the definition of a dysfunctional family. Paris' mom, a very promiscuous, loose woman, with no morals married into a rich family. Her mom before her prepped her for it so she could marry someone rich. This all explains the great lack of taste and decorum Paris and her mother display on a constant basis.

Amazing, her mother is a trashy gold digger whose mom paid for her to have sex lessons to snag a millionaire and now Paris walks around with her nose in the air thinking she is royalty. I don't think so. The conduct described below is very bad:

"The Hideous Hiltons"

Like any mother, Kathleen Richards wanted the best for her daughter, Kathy. Where she differed from other mothers was in the way she intended to get it. She wanted her child to know all about sex, and to learn how to perform, literally, so she asked a young man to give her teenage daughter 'sex lessons' in his van.

Kathy learned well, and hit the jackpot at the age of 20 when she married Rick Hilton, a scion of the hotel dynasty. Fifteen months after the wedding, in February 1981, Kathy gave birth to Paris Whitney.

There is a public perception that Paris Hilton is the black sheep of the family. Through the international hotel empire, the Hilton name has become synonymous with class and sophistication.

Paris, on the other hand, is the epitome of our shallow, celebrity-obsessed culture; an exhibitionist It Girl, best known for starring in a home-made pornographic video but essentially famous only for being famous.

Since the video, she has increased her notoriety by starring in a vacuous reality TV series, posing in countless modelling assignments and launching a much derided pop and film career.

But she is especially adept at being photographed falling in and out of nightclubs, often drunk, and often in various states of undress.

Last month she accidentally exposed the contents of her designer handbag at a Milan fashion show, revealing a plastic bag containing what looked suspiciously like cannabis.

When charged with drink-driving in Los Angeles a month earlier, she admitted that 'maybe I was speeding a bit'.

These are typical moments in the life of 25-year-old Paris. Yet, far from being an embarrassment, I have discovered that Paris is actually maintaining the family traditions.

Her maternal grandmother's maiden name was Dugan, but she was known as 'Big Kathy' - and over the years she had four husbands.

The first of her unions was essentially a shotgun wedding to a bad boy named Larry Avanzino, an Italian-American who had got the pretty Irish-American Dugan girl pregnant in the back seat of her 1957 black Chevrolet convertible. The unplanned bundle of joy conceived in that car would grow up to be 'Little Kathy', Paris's mother.

Big Kathy's third husband was Jack Catain, a sinister figure in organised crime whom she is said to have married and divorced twice, impressed by the big diamond he gave her and by his tough-guy persona.

But husbands number two and four, Ken Richards and Bob Fenton, were submissives to Big Kathy's dominatrix. Richards, whom she had stolen from his wife and three children, raised Little Kathy.

He was also the father of her half-sisters Kim and Kyle, who had huge success in TV sitcoms and movies in the Seventies and Eighties. Once Kim was making plenty of money from her screen work, Big Kathy gave Richards the heave-ho. As for Fenton, she boasted that she denied him sex throughout their marriage.

Big Kathy was very ambitious and obsessed with accumulating money, diamonds, fancy cars, expensive homes - and husbands to pay for them all.

Marry money and have lots of babies, that was the philosophy she sought to instill in her daughters. Sex, she believed, was one way to a man's heart.

Hence the lessons in a van for Little Kathy, who also took classes in singing and dancing. As a child, Little Kathy appeared in print advertisements and TV commercials, but her acting career failed to take off.

She was asked to pose in Playboy for £13,000. She turned down the offer. She cut a demo record, hoping to become a singing star, but that, too, came to nothing.

She was more concerned about marrying well. And finally she nabbed the rich guy that her mother had taught her to snare.

For Little Kathy and her mother it was the ultimate prize. Rick Hilton was a cute 23-year-old with a mop of blond, Shirley Temple curls and a laid-back West-Coast manner.

He was the sixth of William Barron Hilton and Marilyn Hilton's eight children, and grandson of Conrad Hilton, patriarch of the wealthy and powerful hotel dynasty.

Rick went on to the University of Denver ) 'The Harvard of the West' - but did little to distinguish himself there, other than playing volleyball, throwing parties and chasing girls. It was while he was about to graduate in 1978 that he and Little Kathy started dating seriously.

When Little Kathy told her mother that Rick was a potential husband, big Kathy threw a party that was like a victory celebration. "Big Kathy was beside herself with joy", remembers one relative. "She had trained her daughter well."

Around that time veteran Hollywood reporter Barbara Sternig met Little Kathy for lunch. She says: "She talked all about the Hiltons and how daunting it was for her to be marrying into that dynasty, and I thought, she's a cute little nothing: nothing special, coming from a plain family.

"She was a kind of flibberty-jibberty little blonde indistinguishable from many, many other blondes in Hollywood. That's what struck me as incongruous, and made it interesting to me to see what was in her head, to see why he'd marry her over some other little blonde.

"My take on Rick was that he was enamoured of showbusiness and that's why he liked her: that she was an arm-piece who would happily hang out with him and do all the rich guy things that he wanted to do.

I thought they were not the brightest light bulbs in the chandelier, so it was a match made in Heaven. I never heard anything about Kathy again until Paris became famous."

According to Pat Hilton, a Texan beauty who also married into the hotel dynasty: "Kathy Hilton's very selfish and very spoiled and very self-centred, and that absolutely carries through to Paris."

One of their targets was the Hilton in Parsippany, New Jersey. One night, after Rick and Kathy had checked out, the manager was called back to deal with a crisis. "I go up to the suite the Hiltons were using and there's dog s*** all over the place - I mean everywhere.

"They didn't walk their dogs the whole weekend. That's where their mindset is. They act like the imperial court."

Margaret Yakovlev, a former Hilton personal assistant, says: "Kathy was absolutely pushy, arrogant, condescending and presumptuous, and Paris picked that up from her. The spotlight always had to be on Kathy. It was always, 'Do you know who we are? Do you know who I am?'"

As Paris grew older, says another observer, she and her pals "used the saunas in one hotel to go to the bathroom because they were too lazy to use the actual bathroom facilities."

She also became the co-star of the hit reality TV series The Simple Life, while her mother, Little Kathy, got in on the act with a reality TV show ofher own, I Want To Be A Hilton. It was panned by the critics.

One noted "the raw avarice'd need a strong stomach for vulgarity to be able to stand all this for more than a few minutes".- Jerry Oppenheimer 2006, Adapted from House Of Hilton, by Jerry Oppenheimer

Nicky Hilton Lied About Creating A Hotel

"We didn't really believe that Nicky Hilton was behind everything at her Nicky O Hotels, the first of which is supposedly opening in Miami Beach on New Year's Eve.

Yes, our doubts about her hotelier skills have been growing with each news report about her hotel and now today, HotelChatter met with a man who claims that Nicky is not quite the design maven she (or her handlers) make her out to be.

Nizar Idrisi is a licensed Los Angeles-based architect who has done interiors for celebrity abodes and corporate spaces. His former business partner is Faye Resnick, she of OJ Simpson trial fame and who is also, randomly, Nicky Hilton's godmother and even more randomly, an interior designer.

Resnick and Idrisi have collaborated on various design projects for celebrities for the past seven years, including the recent design of Paris Hilton's Beverly Hills home.

According to Idrisi, When Nicky decided to get into the hotel business, she wanted the hotels to "look like Paris' house", Idrisi says. So he and Resnick were contracted in May 2006 to do the design concepts and renderings for the Nicky O Hotels.

Instead, what happened next is plain and simple: a Hollywood business deal went bad which happens about every 90 seconds in this town. Now Idrisi, with axe in hand and ready to grind, is spilling the beans about what work Nicky Hilton has actually done on her hotels.

Idrisi tells HotelChatter that he agreed to take a lesser fee for his work on the Nicky O hotels (the other one will open in Chicago) in exchange for press coverage which would mention his name in all press releases. He signed his work contract with Chris Falor of Falor Companies and Falor's brother to Robert Falor who owns the Nicky O Hotels.

Yet during talks with a Miami Beach realtor, Mark Zilbert, who was assigned to sell the Nicky O condos within the hotel, Idrisi found out that Nicky's manager, Paul Fisher of Edge Management, wanted to keep Faye Resnick's name out of all press coverage. Guess being associated with an accused killer has quite a half life. Suspecting that Fisher was going to try to keep his name out of the press as well, Idrisi approached Resnick with this bit of info.

This set off a firestorm between Resnick and Fisher, both exchanging unpleasant emails to each other with the cliched "you'll never work in this town again" type of threats. Yet somehow Resnick and Fisher managed to work out a nice little deal--Resnick would be the designer assigned to decorate the condos in the hotel bought by celebrities. Like baller Tracy McGrady, who bought a $3.1 million condo at Nicky O based on the colored Idrisi rendering above.

Idrisi wasn't quite offered such a sweet deal. In fact, according to him, his services were suspended. But he says Fisher promised him that many celebrity clients would seek out Idrisi for his design services if he could manage to play by their rules. Idrisi declined to do so and now he wants credit for his work which he says Nicky has been promoting as her own, as evidenced in this People magazine article.

In many media outlets, and even in front of models, Nicky's been touted as being involved in every aspect of the hotel. As for those pretty posterboards Nicky unveiled at a recent press conference in Miami, those are the works of a new designer, Thomas Schoos, who was hired to tweak Idrisi's designs. But Idrisi was still angered to see this pic below of Nicky and Shoe standing in front of the Idrisi rendering he showed to McGrady.

Not getting the promised press coverage was one thing that ticked Idrisi off but now he would also like to be paid for his services, which he claims hasn't happened yet.

So what exactly has Nicky's role been in all of this? Idrisi paints Nicky as just a 23-yr-old kid manipulated by her handlers. Although he says the more serious of the Hilton sisters ("she's more goth" and "she has a bit of a rock n'roll edge"), hence the brunette look every one in a while, did have some input on the hotel design.

Sometimes she would send me something she ripped out of a magazine, and say 'I like this'.

We had a meeting in Miami by the pool of the Royal Palm with fashion designers who were going to design some suites. It was a very important meeting. We were all going over stuff and Nicky was just out there swimming in the pool with one of her friends that came down from New York. Every so often she would look over at us and wave.

So what do you think, is Nicky Hilton worthy of the hotelier moniker, or is she simply ripping Gansevoort South hotel photos out of Ocean Drive and saying "This is hot". Send us your tips, or just comment away." - Hotel Chatter

Rockers Jett Slam Paris In Song

"Australian rockers Jet have written a song ridiculing Paris Hilton over her homemade sex tape.

Jet frontman Nic Cester revealed the song's scathing subject matter at the band's sell out concert at London's Brixton Academy last night, saying: "Here's a song we've written about Paris Hilton. It's called 'Rip It Up'."

Included in the lyrics are the lines: "Did you ever get the feeling you were born to lose, smacked in the face with a silver spoon. Skinny doll gimme your magazine queen, just spread your legs for the silver screen. From the bedroom baby to the city a' light, you look pretty good but you're not so bright. Flashin' your stash ain't nothin' new." In the song, the band also jokingly threaten to kill Paris' pet dog Tinkerbell, saying: "I'm gonna get ya my pretty - your little dog too." – PR Inside

"Rod Stewart Not Too Impressed With Hilton’s Singing Talent"

"He might have praised her by calling her polite and well mannered, but as far as her singing talent is concerned, Rod Steward has said that he is not impressed by socialite Paris Hilton’s vocal abilities.           

Stewart, who knows the hotel heiress through his daughter Kimberly said that he isn’t too pleased after hearing her version of his hit song ‘Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?’

"She's an OK singer with a manufactured voice," Rate the Music quoted him, as telling American publication Us Weekly." - ANI

"Parents Proud Of One Night In Paris"

The Hilton's love it... 

Your daughter becomes a worldwide superstar off the back of a grainy, x rated home video – how do you react? With pride apparently!

Just when you thought the life of Paris Hilton couldn’t get any weirder the wacky factor increases ten fold.

Paris’ biographer Jerry Oppenheimer has revealed that her parents are gushing with pride over how their daughter became famous.

He told the Sun: “I have family sources telling me that Rick and Kathy Hilton are proud of everything Paris has done.”

“It's a bizarre family. Behind the scenes her parents are not opposed to the video because that totally launched her.”

Reader comments (2)

 * What kind of parents would admit in being proud of their daughter making a porn movie with her boyfriend! It was crap anyway, so amateurish. Act your age girl! Get a proper job like the rest of us and stop living off your party image. by ciccone, Middlesbrough, UK

    * What else are the keeping-up-appearances family going to say to the media? That they’ve disowned her? Not to mention, they know she’s never going to be a neurosurgeon so, maybe they’re just happy she’s able to string a couple of words together here and there to make a sentence. Sigh. Brings a tear to my eye just thinking about it... by Chelsea, Ottawa, CANADA - Entertainmentwise

"Nick Carter Slams Paris Hilton"

"Paris Hilton was a “drunken prude” who needed drugs to get her interested in sex, according to her ex-boyfriend Nick Carter.

The Backstreet Boy singer has given a damning account of his experiences with the star, who he dated two years ago – accusing Hilton of often being “too wasted” to stay conscious.

He tells the News Of The World, “She relied on drugs and drink to give her confidence in the bedroom and was more often than not too wasted to even perform.

“I lost count of the nights I had to pick her off the floor and drag her to bed passed out. All she wanted to do was drink and smoke and for a while I was lured into that whole scene too.

"Night after night we'd just get utterly wasted and Paris can't take her drink. I'd be pulling her off nightclub floors, with her wearing next to nothing, and putting her to bed totally off her head."

Perhaps more seriously, Carter has accused the heiress of being so dependant on cannabis, she routinely smuggled the drug overseas.

He claims, “If she was going overseas she'd cut a hole in her teddy and stuff it with cannabis.

"She had to have her own private stash with her at all times regardless of the consequences." - Entertainmentwise

"Clint Eastwood Has Blasted Paris Hilton"

"The legendary actor – whose film career spans over four decades - says, unlike today, only true talents were granted celebrity status when he first started out.

He said: “When I was young, movie stars who were celebrities were just a handful. Now everybody is a star so you have to make superstars. Stars are just heiresses, like Paris Hilton.”

The Oscar winner – who examines hero worship and celebrity in his new film ‘Flags of Our Fathers’, a World War II epic – insists only the most extraordinary people were considered heroes in his youth.

Clint, 79, said: “Today everyone is considered a hero. In the 40s heroes were people who committed extraordinary feats. Things are very different now.” - BANG Media International

"Paris Hilton's Backstage Antics Dissed by Tim Rice-Oxley"

"Songwriter-keyboardist Tim Rice-Oxley of the hot British band Keane has some choice words about working with Paris Hilton when she hosted "Saturday Night Live" last year.

"I basically have three enduring memories of that experience. First, her stupid little dog kept running into our dressing room and we kept on booting it out, and second, she had a man, a security guard, whose only job was to carry her dog around.

The other one was that she was completely unable to pronounce the name of our band. They had to dress-rehearse, like, six times: 'Ladies and gentlemen, Keanie!' Just on and on. I mean, there's no reason she should know who we are, but it's not that difficult," he tells Entertainment Weekly, providing his backstage account of working with the rich, famous party girl in the issue hitting stands Friday (5/12).

The musician goes on about his experience, telling the magazine, "And at the end, when we had the big sort of group hug, in my attempt to be kind of cool about the thing, I trod on her foot." After hearing that Paris has notoriously large feet, Rice-Oxley commented, "Well, maybe that's what threw me. I thought there was an alligator running across the floor." – National Ledger

TV Ripa Rips Rosie 'Til She Can’t See Straight

TV personality Kelly Ripa

Big mouth Rosie outed poor Clay Aiken, when he has been denying all along that he is gay. Why does she feel the need to be so abrasive and thoughtless, even in issues she claims she cares about.

In the beginning of her career when she did stand up comedy and worked on VH-1, I really didn’t have much of an opinion of Rosie. It certainly wasn’t a bad one. When she did her talk show, I wasn’t a fan of it, but at that point, I didn’t think badly of her either. I don’t really watch evening talk shows. I’ve watched an occasionally episode here and there of a few, but I don’t really watch them.

But then she quit the show, had the big fight with McCalls with her knock off Oprah magazine to compliment her knock off Oprah talk show, started going around dressed very butch, started barking and sneering at people, which put me and many others off. Her latest stint at the View isn’t helping much either.

The View

Meredith got a warm send off from the show, yet Rosie crassly sent Star off via nasty, dirty jokes at an award show, trying to out her about having gastric bypass surgery, when she didn’t feel like sharing it with the world and basically becoming an instigator, while nastily kicking her out the door.

While I admit, the public tie-ins and freebies Star received and talked about did hurt her career, most celebrities do the same, but are quiet about it. That's still no reason to boot her off the show in such an ungraceful, nasty manner, especially in light of the kind send off her white counter part Meredith received.

Rosie likes to take offense at everything, labeling it homophobic. Well, as a straight black person, I'm not easily offended, but black people do not like what we perceive to be inequity in being treated differently from others. So, take your own advice, hypocrite. Your actions aren't cute on anyone, gay or straight.

Why did you out Clay and in such a detailed manner, like he confided his gayness to you? You also outed yourself to the world as paranoid.

As for Ripagate, well, she had a right to be upset. It's her face and if she doesn't want anyone putting their hand over her mouth, that's all there is to it. I think the whole thing was blown out of proportion thanks to Rosie.

I did feel sorry for Clay, though. I think he was just joking around. He looked hurt afterwards. I think the whole thing was a misunderstanding.

Also, I never perceived Ripa to be homophobic. But with Rosie, everything is homophobic.

While I’ve never used the phrase, “I don’t know where your hands have been” I have heard it used by others and always in reference to straight men and as a joke.

Even my mom said she thought Ripa may have meant he may have peed and not washed his hands. Ever used a restroom in a store or restaurant used by both employees and customers, where the management puts a sign on the door reminding workers to wash their hands.

I don’t think Clay was trying to be mean. He just didn’t think anything of it. He comes across as a little goofy sometimes. Don’t feel bad Clay, Britney comes across as goofy too. But you’re the good kind of goofy. Not the baby dropping, baby airbag kind of goofy.

He seems like the type with a lot of nervous energy and he probably thought nothing of it.

Regarding Clay, I feel sorry for him. He strikes me as the kid that got picked on a lot growing up. He strikes me as a mama’s boy. It’s not your fault if you got picked on, that’s other people’s wrongdoing, and there is nothing wrong with being a mama’s boy.

I do believe Clay is struggling with his sexuality. You guys know my view. I am a Christian and I don’t agree with homosexuality, because the Bible says it is a sin.

Clay does seem nice though and I hope he will turn to God, who loves him, because that is not what God wants for him.

Lance Bass of N-Sync also seems nice as well. He always seemed like the nicest one in N-Sync. You know, like a really sweet, affectionate person.

He too said he has struggled with his sexuality, especially coming from the Bible belt. His family was reportedly devastated when they learned he had become gay, and understandably so.

Lance, I think you’re a sweetie, but it is not God’s plan for you. However, God gave us all free will and it is your choice.

I hope both you and Clay will be okay. You both come across as nice people and I like that, and I don’t want your lives wrecked, spiritually or otherwise, because of choices you've made. 

In closing, Rosie, buy some Midol, already:

RANDOM ACTS And From The What Were You Thinking File


The Case Of The Flying Laptop

Either the good people of Silicon Valley have come up with a flying laptop or Denise Richards tossed one over a balcony, hitting a 80 year old lady.

Can you’re walking down the street...and get hit with a flying laptop (LOL).

Denise, don’t do that no more.

LEGAL FILE The Taxman Goes After The "Demolition Man" Part 2

Actor Wesley Snipes

A follow up on last month’s Column. The "Demolition Man," Wesley Snipes, cut a deal with the taxman to avoid the jail man.

How come Ron Isley got sentenced to a few years, then? Do you know what’s going to happen to Ron Isley’s perm in prison:

“Snipes, taxman make a deal”           

“Los Angeles - Hollywood action hero Wesley Snipes has struck a deal with US authorities that will see him avoid a jail term for allegedly dodging millions of dollars in taxes, it was reported on Thursday.

The star of the Blade vampire movies has reached an agreement with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) whereby he will adhere to a payment plan in exchange for not serving a prison sentence, entertainment daily Variety reported.” - News 24

LEGAL FILE Madonna Lawsuit

Several developments happened this month, some of them sick and down right bizarre. I will fill you in on them all shortly. But for now: 

Defendant Gwen Stefani Steals More Music From This Web Site   


Before, where they ripped off beats and melodies from my song Contemporary Girl, Gwen has now greedily gone all the way and stole lyrics, more melodies and music from my song that was copyrighted in 2001 for "Orange County Girl."  

I will post the lyric comparisons between my song and her rip off shortly along with my copyright certificate.

My godmother’s husband, Clement Dodd, invented Jamaican reggae and ska music, which No Doubt exploited and became rich off, despite their very basic skills.  

Now it has extended to No Doubt via Gwen Stefani exploiting Jamaicans, in criminally ripping off copyrights from years of my labor to extend her run of fame. That song was copyrighted in 2001, you criminal. Copyright infringement is a crime. 

My copyright certificate for "Contemporary Girl" from 2001.

Below is Gwen Stefani's illiterate, profanity laced, vulgar rip off of a Christian song I wrote, Contemporary Girl, and dedicated to God. Yea, look for more misfortune to hit your life than Herod for ripping of something dedicated to God. Only trash does stuff like that and clearly a devilish one as well with no morals. You disgust me - you an your contemptible family of minority exploiting thieves. You nasty little fraud.

Once again, it is produced by that thief Pharrell Williams, who is known in the industry for ripping off indie musicians then reselling their music for $200,000, which is a crime. He and Stefani have criminally ripped me off twice now.

I've not heard her whole garbage album yet, but I did hear "Orange County Girl" and instantly spotted the rip offs, which are as follows. If you listen to the songs, they are both sung the same, both have the same lyrics, melodies, song structure and music under it - only I wrote and copyrighted mine years ago in 2001.

The titles even sound the same when you drip the Orange "Contemporary Girl" (2001) and "Orange County Girl" (2006). Here are the lyrical comparisons that show they blatant, lazy copying by that lazy, money grubbing, un-creative, non-singing skank:


Contemporary Girl (2001) by Aisha

Orange County Girl (2006) by Gwen Stefani

La La La LA La La La La  
Contemporary girl
Living in this world
I'm just an Orange County girl
Living in an extraordinary world
Being an old fashioned girl
Isn't so bad
I guess being I'm an orange county girl
it's not so bad
And how long you've been trippin' I'm trippin' on the best trip I've ever had
I know that's not how you want to be Tryin' to figure out what I wanna be
Tryin' to wear the pants Tryin' to figure out what I wanna be
...extraordinary mask ...extraordinary world
So ladies, sing it with me Sing it And then the girls sing
With the life that you're selling Hangin' at the hotel, selling...
Like in love
What are we thinking of
You know I come from O.C. it's almost unheard of
So I'm gonna thank you all so much for this love
Why ya wanna trip I'm trippin' on the best trip I've ever had


In Contemporary Girl I write about the movie "Home Alone":

If you wanna be a feminist
Do it on your own
And you'll be like that movie
Home Alone

In Orange Country Girl she writes about the movie "The Sound Of Music":

These are a few of my favorite things
Still rolling 'cause the sound of music


In Contemporary Girl I make reference to the weather in the form of Earthquakes in California on the San Andreas fault, ironically where she is from:


"He shakes in the dust like you're San Andreas
Then you bring out his faults"

In her rip off Orange County Girl she makes reference to the weather in the form of hurricanes and in "Miami" which has been my hometown for the past 22 years:


"Set it on repeat, make a hurricane in Miami"

Stefani says in her previous rip off that she “ain’t no Hollaback girl.” You "ain’t no" girl either. You look like a man. Well, according to some, you look like a horse:


Regarding the defendants in the case, you are not good people. Good people don’ t do things like this and so consistently. These aren’t errors or mistakes. These are premeditated, willful violations of domestic and international law. 

There’s absolutely no excuse under the sun for this corrupt, mafia-like conduct. You are a disgrace to your families and everyone associated with you.   

You are money grubbing, common, vulgar, low class whores that will do anything to stay in the spotlight, even if it means criminally stealing from and exploiting others - adding invasion of privacy to boot.   

Only trash would do things like that. You are as common and vulgar as they come. 

People of class, who come from any kind of decent family don’t do things like this. It says a lot about the families you come from that you engage in this kind of criminal conduct and on a constant basis.

You should learn from history. People who do such things live under God’s disfavor and so do their families. It’s dirty money that never will be made clean.  

What kind of family did you come from that they taught you that it is okay to rip off hard working minorities to further your career? Were you raised in the gutter? Were you raised by pigs? Are you that money hungry and pathetic?  

Gwen Stefani says she is related to Madonna and how they hang out all the time, and they are both money hungry thieves whose desire to be rich and famous knows no bounds, so much so that they’ve continued to break the law.  

What a screwed up, immoral, depraved gene pool they come from to be doing things like this. The invasion of privacy is also very vile, much like they are. 

I’ve found 5 separate civil rights violations cases in court records against Madonna. Why is that? Different people from around the country complaining she invaded their privacy.  

It is clear that pervert has been going around doing some really foul, criminal stuff and using PIs to break the law.  

Madonna also got sued for civil rights violations along with well-known private eye Gavin DeBecker. And of course, more corruption occurred in that case, as with 90% of her dozens of cases. Her misconduct also caused Regis and Kelly to be sued in another case. 

I’ve found many copyright infringement cases in court records against her as well. Why is that. Why can’t that lunatic behave.

I’ve found trademark and patent infringement cases against her for stealing other people’s products. Once again, why is that. Why can’t that lunatic behave. 

She has so many lawsuits against her for terrible, unlawful behavior, more than any other artist, and that rubbish is being made to continue via a criminally negligent Robert Mueller at the FBI. And in his criminal negligence in looking the other way, it has empowered that idiot to go into other countries like England, Africa and Jamaica and break the law.

Madonna's PR Fiasco, Book Flop, TV Special Flop

Due to the horrible worldwide backlash against Madonna over abducting adopting little David Banda, human trafficking and lying about him being an orphan, she has become one of the most hated celebrities in the world.

People are bashing her in droves all over the net, on television and in print, and she deserves it for breaking up that family so she could have a fashion accessory to compete with Angelina Jolie.

Many believe this backlash lead to the failure of her children's book, "Too Good To Be True." The failure of the book hit the snooty low class one so hard that she decided to hock the book on the Home Shopping Network. How the pseudo-mighty have fallen. While I like HSN, and have bought from them, she probably could have cared less about the channel...well, until her sales were in the toilet.

In my lawsuit last year, I complained of plagiarism in her children's books from my already copyrighted works, and other invasion of privacy items.

She has gotten worse with this latest book, fully proving my allegations, in "Too Good To Be True," as there is more plagiarism from my unreleased copyrighted catalog of books, songs and scripts in said children's book, and once again, more oddness in that one of the characters in the book has my father's name and another of the characters in the book bears one of my mother's best friends' name. Sick! That is very disturbing. More on that in the next Column.

But wait, give that idiot 5 minutes, and look for her to say some rubbish lie in some interview about how she came up with the stolen story line and characters' names in the book, that mysteriously bear my dad's name and that of one of my mom's best friends, who has been like an aunt to me for the past 20 years.

Her Thanksgiving concert special bombed as well. I guess people decided one turkey for the holidays was enough. The show came in at #82 with very low ratings. It got beaten by just about everything.

Another Theft From My Copyrights "Blonde Ambition"

Jessica Simpson

They have ripped off another of my film scripts that's apart of my extensive Copyrighted Catalog they criminally procured an unreleased copy of via hacking and burglaries.

I wrote a film and book that they've now ripped off. She kept the book for herself, changing the name of my book from Beautiful Inspirations to Madonna's Inspirations and now the accompanying film it was from has been criminally sold and renamed "Blonde Ambition" after one of her cruddy tours.

My movie script is about a girl from the south that leaves and heads to New York to climb the corporate ladder. Their rip off is about exactly the same thing, but renamed after one of Madonna's stupid tours, Blonde Ambition. This is absolutely criminal.

To cover the rip off of my script, Jessica Simpson tried to say in an interview that the film Blonde Ambition is like Working Girl, but correct me if I'm wrong, I saw Working Girl on TV, and wasn't she a Jersey Girl that started working in Manhattan.

It's the same way Madonna lied about criminally stealing "Material Girls," which she stole from my film script "Contemporary Girl."

I am asking you to boycott "Blonde Ambition" when it comes out. Let them work and make it in vain, much like their willful crimes have made my labor in vain.

I will write more about it soon and remind you of the boycott when the film is about to be released.

I will also remind you of the release date of my other film script she and Guy Ritchie have ripped off (Rude Buay) and are trying to put together in my homeland of Jamaica.

The first two boycotts of works from my copyrights she has been criminally fencing around the industry worked, with  "American Dreamz" and "Material Girls," flopping. Thanks again.

International Lawsuit And Complaint

I am going to file international lawsuits and a human rights complaint with the United Nations against Madonna and Robert Mueller, among others, with the new evidence I have, as his criminal negligence has allowed her criminal misconduct to continue over a year later and is causing me more irreparable harm and financial loss. They are both in violation of international law.

Judge In Malawi Ruled Against Madonna

In unrelated news, a judge in Malawi, has ruled against her and allowed 67 human rights organizations to monitor Madonna over the next year and a half. She needs to be monitored by a shrink and KAT scan machine as well, because something has definitely gone wrong in that insane woman's head.

I think all adoptions should be extensively monitored. These are defenseless children. Money doesn't mean character. What if she flies off the handle again in one of her documented rages and chokes the little boy as she did to 10 year old Keith Serrantino in New York.

They should not have let that nutter out of Africa with that baby. It was in violation of the law, which forbids international adoptions, and make it worse, they let a crazy, rage filled nut, who has been breaking the law in other places, take the child.

"Madonna is accused today of putting children’s lives at risk"

"Madonna is accused today of putting children’s lives at risk in an escalating row over her adopted son’s treatment in an African orphanage.

One of the orphanage’s founders has written to the BBC, protesting at the pop singer’s comments in an interview with Newsnight, which is to be broadcast in full for the first time this weekend.

The British charity which raises funds for Home of Hope orphanage in Malawi said it feared he remarks would lead to a drop off in donations.

In the letter to Newsnight, the charity’s secretary Rosemary Lowdon wrote: "We have been very disturbed that the Home of Hope appears to have been described as a place where children are not cared for properly."

"We must stress that no money has come to the Home as a result of this adoption, and the financial resources at the Home are very limited."

"We are desperately worried that people will cease donating as a result of Madonna’s comments, and that this will make a difference between life and death for some of the most vulnerable children at the Home."

Mrs Lowdon, who helped set up the orphanage with her husband Martin in 1998 and who raised £20,000 to help run it last year, is in Malawi visiting the institution where David Banda, the 13-month-old baby Madonna has adopted, was cared for.

Mrs Lowdon took a copy of the abbreviated Newsnight interview to show to the Reverend Thomson Chipeta, the 77-yearold Presbyterian minister who runs the orphanage.

"He was very shaken, he was very upset," said Mrs Lowdon, 41.

"He said to me, 'Why is she saying this?'"

Madonna has claimed David was in an appalling state when she first saw the toddler last month.

The boy, she claimed, was suffering "the most horrendous diaper rash I’ve ever seen."

The singer, 48, who is adopting David with film director husband Guy Ritchie, also claimed she had been told by the Rev Chipeta that the boy was no longer visited by his father.

His mother died a week after childbirth.

"If somebody had said to me, 'Oh, his dad comes every week,' or, you know, 'his granny visits on a regular basis and he’s well looked after,' I would not even have given it another thought," she told Newsnight.

But the Rev Chipeta has now told Mrs Lowdon he never said the boy was no longer visited by his father. "


1. Madonna. What was she thinking! - Dave Brock, Staffordshire

2. Why, oh why, are Newsnight broadcasting the Madonna interview in full over the weekend? She has already done enough harm as it is. I feel very sorry for David Banda's father and the orphanage in Malawi. It's time to here their side of this, instead of Madonna's now. I also don't think it is very good for little David to be carted around on one airplane and another back and forth from here to the US. Madonna is being extremely selfish and thougtless. - Mrs H Sandher, Halesowen, W. Midlands. - Daily Mail


"Madonna effect 'disastrous' for UK children in care" 

"Madonna's adoption of an African boy could lead to vulnerable British children being left without families. 

A recent survey discovered that 74 per cent of the public wrongly believe that overseas adoption is easier and 58 per cent mistakenly thinking Britons adopt more children from abroad than at home. 

The singer's adoption of one-year-old Malawian David Banda - who is now at her London home after she was granted a temporary custody order - has led to a huge debate on the subject but little clarity. 

"Overseas adoption has received so much attention over the past month and we believe this has distorted public perception," said David Holmes, the chief executive of the British Association for Adoption & Fostering (BAAF). 

"People think it's common and easy. This is not true. There are fewer than 400 inter-country adoptions in the UK each year. You must go through the same rigorous assessment and approval process as you would if adopting a UK child, as well as complex negotiations with the country from which you want to adopt."

Stolen Song About Guy Ritchie And Madonna

Model Tania Strecker

Robbie Williams is being accused of plagiarism again, this time for stealing a song "She's Madonna" about how Guy Ritchie left beautiful model Tania Strecker for loony bin candidate Madonna based on her fame, which is now plummeting. The song has a line that goes, "I love you, but she's madonna," which is what Guy Ritchie told Tania, who then told Robbie Williams, who she dated.



Guess Tania got the last laugh. Madonna single handedly killed Guy's career, got him involved in a sick, felony committing cult (Kabbalah), has aged horribly, while she Tania has been dating and is engaged to a cute member of the titled noble family, the Rothschilds, who just about own all the banks. Ok, so they don't own all the banks, but they sure own a lot of them.


LEGAL FILE Robert Mueller (FBI)

Robert Mueller: The nerve of them calling me in here. So what I blew hundreds of millions of the taxpayers' money and eavesdrop on their calls, they act like I'm a criminal for breaking the law.

Why is it some members of the FBI and DOJ abbreviate their first name to an initial, but spell out their middle and last names?

And how come Robert Mueller, head of the FBI, doesn’t have to abbreviate his first name? Is it because his middle name is Sandy, which is a girl’s name –raspberry-

Speaking of effeminacy…

Congress Pimp Slaps Mueller And Tells Him To Go Get The Money Back


Robert Mueller to Congress: You want me to get the taxpayers' money back? But I squandered it fair and square:


Bob got in trouble with Congress…again, for wasting everyone’s tax dollars on a computer system that had to be chucked and a second one that has yet to materialize, with problems cropping up already. They own you!

The computer company probably strung two Ataris together with some rope and told him it is a new state of the art computer system that is unhackable…and they’d be right, because Ataris don’t do WIFI, DSL or dial up.

Fighting terrorists, one Atari at a time.

Robert Mueller to Congress: It's not fair that you want me to give back all that money. Even the kickb...

Really, just what did they sell him? Where did all that money go. We're talking about hundreds of millions of dollars.

The people of this country should be allowed to do to his finances what he did to ours. Just charge up stuff with no explanation, restraint or account, pardon the pun. Through laxity, negligence, carelessness and what looks to be impropriety, squander away his money. 

Then when he gets his credit card statement, steam would start coming out of his ears, because there would be thousands up on thousands of dollars in miscellaneous charges, that we would not give him an explanation for. After all, who is he that we should give him an explanation or accounting of how we spent his money.

That would be pretty bad, wouldn’t it – but that’s what he did to us…the taxpayers:

“Senators propose refund for failed VCF project”

The Senate’s draft of the appropriations bill for the Justice Department and FBI would order the bureau to use “all means necessary” to try to recover funds from the vendor of its failed Virtual Case File project.

In an unusual action, according to several sources, the draft legislation (H.R. 5672), officially the Departments of Commerce and Justice, Science and Related Agencies Appropriations Bill, fiscal 2007, directs the bureau to retrieve as much as $104 million from the defaulted VCF contract.

FBI hired Science Applications International Corp. of San Diego in 2001 to build VCF, which was intended to create an investigative case management system. FBI pulled the plug in 2005 after realizing the system would not work.

A key sentence in the Senate report language for the bill reads: “The committee expects FBI to use all means necessary, including legal action, to recover all erroneous charges from the VCF contractor ... .”

The Senate’s reference to “the VCF contractor” especially singles out SAIC. FBI and SAIC both declined to comment on the legislation and related VCF matters.

If FBI could recover funds, the bill would direct the bureau to use the money on its current case management project, known as Sentinel.

The House version of the bill does not include a similar provision, so if the full Senate passes the bill with the language intact, the language still could be stripped out during the conference committee session between the two bodies.

If FBI were to take legal action to recover VCF funds, it would be stepping into a legal and political minefield, sources close to the project said.

For one thing, even after FBI had decided to scuttle the investigative case management system, SAIC recommended that the bureau should deploy VCF, and made detailed technical proposals on how it could be salvaged.

Another critical problem is that the bureau has accepted some responsibility for the demise of the VCF project. Sources close to the project said that some senior officials in place during its time, including Director Robert Mueller, still hold powerful jobs in the bureau, and their reputations could suffer if a public lawsuit or civil trial unveiled the details of their roles.

The Senate Appropriations Committee acknowledged FBI’s role in bungling VCF, in report language attached to the bill: “The committee understands that FBI shares much of the burden for past IT failures.”

One official involved in the VCF incident noted that federal contract law requires an agency that has canceled a project because of contractor default to try to recover the funds. “FBI did not carry out that obligation, because it never punishes its own,” the official said.

The official said the real issue is why FBI did not try to get back the money from SAIC.

“The world’s greatest investigative body slowed this down,” the official said. “The answer is culpability of FBI officials who are still there. Mueller says he takes responsibility. I still think there is accountability and culpability.”

A federal procurement law attorney said: “In general, when it terminates for default, the government has the same rights as a private party would in the event of a breach of contract” to recover misused funds.

In addition to requiring FBI to get back the money it paid to SAIC, the bill imposed other restrictions on the bureau that reflected the committee’s skepticism that the agency is capable of managing large software projects. “ – Post Newsweek Tech

More FBI Computer Woes

Robert Mueller: Oh no, I farted again in Congress.

Did it crash or was it hacked.

"FBI background check system for gun buyers crashes"

WASHINGTON: An FBI computer system that quickly screens gun buyers' backgrounds for criminal activity crashed several times over the past two days, officials said.

At times, the National Instant Criminal Background Check System was on the blink for up to a half-hour on Sunday and Monday — potentially allowing buyers to purchase firearms without being screened if sellers gave up on making the required check.

The computer crash was blamed on a technical glitch that was being worked on Monday evening, FBI spokesman Paul Bresson said Monday. "It's a performance issue that we've never encountered before," he said. It was unclear when the glitch would be fixed.” - International Herald Tribune, France

Courtney Love Calls The FBI Slow

This slowness has caused many people, including myself, irreparable harm, but it is clearly not a concern of Robert Mueller’s, though.

Cases drag on for years, usurping more and more tax dollars, only for them to get ignored by the DOJ, labeling them untimely and messy (see articles below).

Innocent people have been murdered due to FBI negligence, lost money, their jobs and their homes. There is no possible excuse under the sun for this...yet it continues and with no accountability. That's what the criminals, you know, like the ones in the entertainment industry, depend on.

It looks bad on any law enforcement or investigative agency that their untimeliness and negligence causes victims more damage – often permanent.

It’s hard to respect something like that. I will never think well of Robert Mueller for that - he protects entertainment industry criminals more than he arrests them and it is going to become his legacy. 

“Love Loses Multi-Million Dollar Fortune”

Rocker Courtney Love was devastated when she discovered she lost $20 million after members of her entourage stole all of her money.

She explains, "As Chris Rock says, there's wealth and there's rich and rich can be gone with one crazy summer and a drug habit ... and that's what happened.

"But most of it got stolen. There's like an FBI investigation. They're slow those FBI guys, they go slow, they promise you the world.

"Two assistants had power of attorney, I had a really bad boyfriend, it was a nightmare and there were like a hundred bank accounts that they were moving money through.

"It was just bad. Drugs are cheap, I didn't blow it on drugs, drugs are relatively cheap when you talk about millions of dollars." – San Francisco Gate

Taiwanese Government’s Calls Go Unanswered By Mueller

Robert Mueller: Turn the answering machine on. Don't they know I retaliate against different ethnic groups:

More Mueller unprofessionalism again. A foreign government is calling you and you can’t get off your overpaid butt and get a secretary to call them back or send them a written response. What exactly are the taxpayers paying you for again.

All you seem to do is offend people, burn bridges, retaliate against FBI agents and lie to the public. You are a waste of the nation’s tax dollars.

Or is the computer not the only thing you can’t work – you can’t work the phone either?

No etiquette, no manners and no sense of what the word diplomacy and good foreign policy means.

Not only are you shady with the country in squandering tax dollars, you are shady with foreign countries as well. You may need Taiwan’s help one day, Forrest Gump. 

Taiwan would be better off trying one of the FBI’s 56 field offices, as they seem to show more accountability, but then they would submit their report to headquarters and it would end up tied up in bureaucracy or in the shredder in Mueller’s suite.

With the amount of enemies America has in the world due to national and foreign policy, not the making of the citizens of this country (why can’t people vote on foreign policy in elections), wouldn’t it be wise to gain some allies instead of offending more countries…or is that the plan? Just offend everybody in the world until the only country that will have any compassion towards America is Britain, God bless them. 

Do the math. America is 300,000,000 people. Britain is 50,000,000 people. That leaves roughly 6 billion people in the world. Translation: the country needs more allies. Right now the communist block is far greater in number, yet you are engaging in this rubbish. You better go call those people back.

“FBI Unresponsive to Taiwan”

A senior Taiwanese law enforcement official said Tuesday he could not get American authorities to help the island fight cyber crime - even in cases that directly affected the United States.

Lee Hsiang-chen, director of the High-tech Criminal Center of the National Police Agency, said Taiwanese requests for help from the FBI representative at the American Embassy in Tokyo routinely went unanswered.

Lee made his remarks from Taipei during a video conference with Raul Roldan, acting deputy assistant director of the FBI's cyber crime division. Roldan was taking part in the conference from Hong Kong.

"We have no FBI agents in Taiwan, so when we have cyber crimes involving the U.S., we go through the American Embassy in Tokyo," Lee said. "But very few (of our inquiries) come back. It makes us feel very depressed." -  Associated Press.

Mueller Mad

In an email leaked to the press, Mueller complained of leaked emails and threatened warned agents to shut up:

“FBI chief said to be 'livid' about leaks"

Mueller has spent his five years trying to keep a lid on activities

WASHINGTON — FBI Director Robert Mueller has issued a stern message to the bureau's nearly 30,000 employees warning them against leaks of confidential information, after recent news articles disclosed criminal inquiries involving incumbent lawmakers, mainly House Republicans.

"There have been a number of recent stories in the press attributing sensitive law enforcement information to 'federal law enforcement officials,'" Mueller wrote in an Oct. 26 e-mail message to the entire department.

"While I cannot say they have come from FBI employees, such disclosures do serious damage to our investigations and risk unfairly tarnishing the subjects of our investigations, who enjoy the presumption of innocence," he wrote.

Mueller has tried, during his five-year tenure, to keep a tight lid on the FBI's activities in advance of elections and is said by some associates to have been "livid" at the recent disclosures.

FBI and DOJ “Botching Terrorism Cases”

A follow up on last Month’s Column, where I wrote about Robert “Forest Gump” Mueller, his criminal negligence, what I was told by a British police investigator and a local agent regarding the FBI and the DOJ and what cases they will bring (the ones with huge financial loss).

A week after that Column, articles came out supporting what I set forth in that Column, in the form of a report carried in many articles regarding a finding that the FBI and DOJ are not bringing many terrorism cases, though they had many.

This surprised a lot of people, but I can honestly say I was not surprised in light of what I have seen from Mueller. Every terrorism case should be pursued. Not a single one should be shelved.

I guess innocent people have to die in towering infernos with massive amounts of property damage, producing great financial loss, before it is good enough for the precious Mueller to get off his overpaid butt and pursue justice like the nation's tax dollars pay him to do.

As I wrote last month, just because crimes are being committed against you doesn’t mean justice will be pursued, which is just shameful.

What happens if one of these cases you deem unworthy of your time, turns out to be the very one that destroys many innocent people's lives? Then what?  

Once gain, Mueller, how are you going to give the public angina every 5 minutes ringing the terrorist alarm, then drop the ball?

Either the war on terrorism short-circuited what was left of Mueller's brain or something very unkosher is going on. Maybe he just can't handle the job. That is sincerely my belief. The agents are up to the task and can handle the job, but Mueller is not. 

Your budgets are high; you keep getting increases from Congress, yet the terrorism cases are decreasing in terms of what you choose to prosecute. That doesn't look good. Not listening to the agents again, are we. Not giving them the clearance for necessary warrants again, are we. Remember what happened when you did that last time. Many innocent people died.

And if you think agents have full access to all they need to do their jobs, guess again. Watch this report from earlier in the year where an agent testified of the huge amount of red tape he encountered and sending 70 communiqués to headquarters in attempts to get clearance to investigate a terrorist suspect.

No wonder they are turning in cruddy investigations. With no clearance to get the real goods, what case is there to build.

And some of you probably wondered why months ago I said I would commission my own investigations of what happened in the Madonna Lawsuit (which is working so far), not depending on Mueller.

With Mueller in charge, the criminals have more rights than the victims, especially the famous criminals.

But keep protecting famous criminals (Foley, entertainers, ect). One day one of them is going to let you down very badly, and before everyone in the world, and Congress will have no choice but to come after you for the criminal negligence you utilize in so many cases - cases that have been coming out to the public and thoroughly embarrassing you.

You would do well to remember, when you slap criminals on the wrist for serious crimes, rather than imprisoning them and protecting the public, they start to think they can get away with anything and view it as clearance to do far worse.

"FBI Botches Terrorism Cases"

November 06, 2006 - Sloppy investigative work by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has led prosecutors to reject nearly 90% of international terrorism cases in the last year, lowering drastically the convictions of individuals the U.S. Government has identified as international terrorists.

Though the numbers have peaked in the last year, the trend began around 20001 when the United States Department of Justice began identifying the poor quality of investigations as an obstacle in prosecuting cases targeting suspected terrorists.

Now a report published by an independent research center that studies federal government agencies, reveals just how serious the problem is. Using data from the Justice Department’s Executive Office for United States Attorneys, it reveals that in the last year alone, federal prosecutors declined to bring charges in 131 of 150 international terrorist case referrals from the FBI.” – Corruption Chronicles, Judicial Watch, District of Columbia


"FBI referrals going untried, report says"

From Times Wire Reports

November 6, 2006

The Justice Department increasingly has refused to prosecute FBI cases targeting suspected terrorists over the last five years, according to researchers who reviewed department records. The government says the findings are inaccurate and "intellectually dishonest."

The report being released today by Syracuse University raises questions about the quality of the FBI's investigations.

Prosecutors declined to bring charges in 131 of 150 international terrorist case referrals from the FBI from October 2005 to June 2006, the report said.

The report says there have been steady increases since the 2001 budget year, when prosecutors rejected 33% of such cases. – LA Times


FBI Prosecutions Glance

Sunday, November 05, 2006

The number of FBI investigations _ and Justice Department prosecutions _ of international terrorism suspects between the 2001 and 2006 budget years.

The data were provided by the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse at Syracuse University, as obtained from the Justice Department's executive office for U.S. attorneys:


Total cases: 79

Cases prosecuted: 53

Cases declined: 26

Declination rate: 33 percent


Total cases: 268

Cases prosecuted: 118

Cases declined: 150

Declination rate: 56 percent


Total cases: 232

Cases prosecuted: 53

Cases declined: 179

Declination rate: 77 percent


Total cases: 213

Cases prosecuted: 60

Cases declined: 153

Declination rate: 72 percent


Total cases: 210

Cases prosecuted: 33

Cases declined: 177

Declination rate: 84 percent

2006 (first nine months, ending in June, of the fiscal year that began Oct. 1)

Total cases: 150

Cases prosecuted: 19

Cases declined: 131

Declination rate: 87 percent

Source: Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse at Syracuse University - The Associated Press


Well, I'm glad the election is over. The mudslinging got really bad and it blanketed print and TV media. It seems like it gets worse with each election.

The good news, in my state of Florida the conservatives, Republicans, won. They have control of the Florida senate and legislature. The gay marriage ban, which I support, also passed in several states. 

The bad news, for the country overall, is the Democrats regained control of the House and Senate. I say that because I don't agree with things like gay marriage and abortion and that currently seems to be their agenda. However, the people voted and they voted against gay marriage, so that was good.

The only good I can see coming from them regaining Congress after 12 years, is possibly an end to the war. As I wrote last month, bombing people, "civilians be damned," is not going to work.

I was horrified last month when I read the civilian death count. 50,000 was the low estimate and 600,000 the high estimate. Those numbers are unacceptable. It’s one thing when soldiers fight and die, as in a sense they are volunteering their lives, but civilians didn’t sign up for that. Those people are gone.

I don’t believe the American people would have signed off on that war had they known that it was based on faulty intelligence and that the civilian body count would be in that range. We mustn’t just care about our own, we must care about the dead civilians on the other side too.

It was presented as a military expedition aimed at Hussein and terror targets. That many civilians should not have died. Those were people just like you and me in that they were human beings. They had families and now they are gone.

Germany wants to try Rumsfeld, who stepped down after the election, and Gonzales as well, among others. There needs to be some accountability. Many people have died and based on "faulty intelligence." Those civilians didn't deserve that. I may not agree with their religion, Islam, as I am a Christian and our beliefs are very different, but I certainly didn't want them or anyone else as civilians dead.

It has also set a bad precedent in the world for invading a foreign country, which many countries are very uncomfortable with. Other countries in the world are now more than ever very distrustful of America wondering if what happened to Iraq could happen to them. It has alienated many in the world, who now have a standoffish attitude towards the country and this is not good.

No man is an island - just like no country is an island in the sense that it is good to have allies in the world, people you can call friend and be at peace with. This war has got to stop. It is only going to get worse for the country - America and Iraq.

The dollar has hit a 15 year low and is still declining, the war has cost billions of dollars, the country is in debt, especially to China and housing costs in the country are soaring to the point that Americans can't afford to live in America anymore.

The war has cast a dark shadow over the country due to what it has become. It is upsetting many inside and outside the country and it needs to end before something worse happens. No politics, no partisanship, as human beings, it needs to stop.

It's amazing, Churchill once said the following and this war has proved him right:

“Never, never, never believe any war will be smooth and easy, or that anyone who embarks on the strange voyage can measure the tides and hurricanes he will encounter. The statesman who yields to war fever must realize that once the signal is given, he is no longer the master of policy but the slave of unforeseeable and uncontrollable events.”

The Soldiers

The soldiers need to be brought home, given re-assimilation money, jobs and group therapy. No, not that psychobabble stuff, but real, honest, group therapy to help them emotionally.

However, there was a sad announcement that the government wants to send more troops to the Middle East.

"U.S. Plans to Send 3,500 More Troops to Baghdad"

"WASHINGTON, Nov. 29 — The United States is planning to send another 3,500 soldiers to Baghdad to help restore security there, Defense Department officials said Wednesday.

The increase has not been formally approved by the Bush administration, but the decision could be made in the coming weeks and the first of the additional troops may begin arriving in Iraq early next year." - NY Times 

Gay Marriage

"In 6 of the 7 states that voted on gay marriage, 6 banned it, amending their state constitution to say marriage is between a man and a woman, with the 7th state, Arizona, being undecided. So the people, via their vote spoke.

Though Arizona was undecided, hopefully, if there is a next time, the vote will swing in the direction of a ban:

"On the marriage issue, most of the proposed constitutional amendments won easily with up to 80 percent of the vote. The measures defining marriage as the union of a man and woman won in Colorado (with 56 percent in favor), Idaho (63 percent), South Carolina (78 percent), South Dakota (52 percent), Tennessee (80 percent), Virginia (57 percent) and Wisconsin (59 percent).

In Colorado, 59 percent of voters also declined to give approval to "domestic partnerships" between people of the same sex.

More than 80 percent of Alabama voters approved a constitutional amendment on marriage there in June. Two years ago in November, voters in 11 states approved constitutional amendments on marriage.

But with voting reports still incomplete, Arizona voters appeared to buck the nationwide trend, defeating their proposed amendment by a 51 percent to 49 percent margin." - Catholic News


"Voters Say 'I Don't' On Homosexual 'Marriage'"

"( - Voters in seven states on Tuesday voted in favor of amending their state constitutions to define marriage as the union between one man and one woman. That's in addition to the 11 states that voted in similar bans on homosexual "marriage" in 2004.

Tennessee voters accepted their amendment by nearly one million votes, the widest margin of the six states. Other amendments in Colorado, Idaho, South Carolina, South Dakota, Virginia and Wisconsin also passed.

The conservative Concerned Women for American said it "rejoices with the American people on these important victories."

NATIONAL NEWS Secret Service Disservice

This was not a good month for the Secret Service. Their reputation took a battering while protecting the Bush twins in Argentina. One agent caught a beatdown and in a separate incident, one of the twins' purses was stolen, while she was being protected by the Secret Service.

A few months ago, I was at a local post office and a man, who resembles Terry Bradshaw (it wasn’t him, I’m just saying, he looks like him) wearing a white dress shirt, grey slacks and glasses, cut ahead of everyone and came up right beside me (I was already at the counter after waiting in line, unlike some people) and said “Secret Service” and gave the post office attendant a utility bill.

Dude, you couldn't have dropped it in the mail box outside, cutting in front of people? What was the point of that.

Everybody in the post office was stunned, including the post office workers.

My friend, who was at another window mailing her documents, being the smart alec she is said, "So, because he is secret service he gets to cut in the line." Thankfully, he didn't hear know, with them having guns and all. 

Maybe if they spent less time cutting in line and bawling out their title, they’d be better purse watchers.

In all seriousness, with the amount of threats the government gets and most likely against members of their families as well, you can't afford to drop the ball.

What a telling breach of security that is very disturbing. You need to do better than that, as those girls don’t deserve that kind of laxity. They aren’t politicians. They were just girls on vacation. 

Clearly, they need someone from the LAPD to guard them, because if there’s one thing the LAPD knows how to do, is hand out a beatdown (LOL).

That headline would have read differently:

“News At 11: LAPD officer lays the smack down on would be purse-snatcher”

Either that, or get Cheney to do security. Cheney would pepper the life out of a purse-snatcher:


I’m not going to comment on this case, until there is more information available (yea, I don’t want them to beat me down too), but this video shows a few problems.

a.) The guy looks like he really can’t breathe.

b.) This is also not safe, as it involves direct contact of blood through battered skin. Diseases spread that way, like AIDS and Hepatitis C. Cops should be careful engaging in fights that could break the skin on their fists and mix it with blood created from the impact of a hit to someone else’s skin.

NATIONAL NEWS Cops Fed Weed Unbeknownst To Them

Would you like some weed with your order of fries:

"Burger King sued over marijuana in police officers' burgers"

"Two US police officers have sued Burger King Corp., alleging personal injury, negligence, battery and violation of fair practices after they were served hamburgers that had been sprinkled with marijuana.

"It gives a whole new meaning to the word Whopper," said the officers' attorney Sam Bregman. "The idea that these hoodlums would put marijuana into a hamburger and therefore attempt to impair law enforcement officers trying to do their jobs is outrageous."

The civil lawsuit was filed in state District Court in Bernalillo County by Mark Landavazo and Henry Gabaldon, officers for the Isleta Pueblo tribal police.

Officials at Miami-based Burger King declined to comment, citing a company policy against discussing pending litigation.

The lawsuit says the officers were in uniform and riding in a marked patrol car when they purchased meals through the drive-through lane on 8 October at a Burger King restaurant in Los Lunas, New Mexico

The officers ate about half of their burgers before discovering marijuana on the meat. They used a field test kit to confirm the substance was pot, then went to a hospital for medical evaluations.

Three Burger King employees — Justin Armijo, 19; Robert Nuckols, 21; and manager Joseph Ledesma, 33 — were arrested and charged with possession of marijuana and aggravated battery on an officer, a felony. They subsequently were indicted.

"God forbid these officers didn't realize their burgers were laced with pot and then were called to a violent situation where they'd have to draw their firearms," Bregman said. "Their lives were placed in danger because of these idiots and Burger King."–The Independent


A follow up on last month’s Column regarding missing persons and deaths on cruises. Another person, a senior citizen, fell over board the next day and is presumed dead. As I wrote last month, clearly more security is needed:

"OAP goes missing from cruise ship"

A search is under way for a Scottish pensioner who has disappeared from a cruise ship going from Spain to the US.

James Ewan, 73, of Burntisland, Fife, was travelling alone.

Celebrity Cruises said a crew member reported Mr Ewan missing on Wednesday after it was discovered he had not used his cabin.

A company spokeswoman said the ship had retraced its path to look for the pensioner but after several hours the coastguard took over the search.

The ship, Celebrity Century, left Madeira on Wednesday but logs indicated Mr Ewan had not disembarked there.           

When security records showed he had not gone off the ship the captain was told

The liner was on a 14-night transatlantic cruise from Barcelona, Spain, to Miami, which began last Friday. It is now continuing on its route.

Spokeswoman Lynn Martenstein said the company was reviewing surveillance tapes and talking to people who might have seen the pensioner.

Celebrity, which is owned by Royal Caribbean Cruises, said it had notified the British Embassy authorities, Portuguese maritime police, Bahamian maritime authorities, and the FBI.

A crew member raised the alarm two hours after the ship left port in Madeira, after observing that Mr Ewan's cabin did not appear to have been occupied that day.

"When security records showed he had not gone off the ship the captain was told," Ms Martenstein said.

Public announcements

She said public announcements were made asking Mr Ewan to identify himself to crew but when there was no response a detailed search of the liner's public areas and cabins began.

"We are trying to determine if anyone saw him," Ms Martenstein said. "Did he buy anything in the gift shop, or talk to anyone at dinner?

"We're trying to put all of those bits of information together to find out where he might be or what might have happened."

Maritime police in Gibraltar and Spain have also been alerted.” – BBC November 2, 2006


Attention Jed Clampett: A geologist made a statement recently regarding his belief that there is untold amounts of oil in the world:

"Geologist: Earth has lots and lots of oil"

"SPOKANE, Wash.- A University of Washington economic geologist says there is lots of crude oil left for human use.

Eric Cheney said Friday in a news release that changing economics, technological advances and efforts such as recycling and substitution make the world's mineral resources virtually infinite.

For instance, oil deposits unreachable 40 years ago can be tapped using improved technology, and oil once too costly to extract from tar sands, organic matter or coal is now worth manufacturing. Though some resources might be costlier now, they still are needed." - Netscape


Sometimes in life great injustices happen, but it is not up to us to take it upon ourselves to take revenge. Then we would be no better that the one doing wrong.

That wife whose husband cheated on her or that child that has been abused - don't resort to violence as a means of revenge. That is not the answer. People should be brought to justice the proper way, within the law.

Don't be destructive. Even if the world is corrupt, you  needn't be. Each man will pay for the wrong he does in life. You, however, keep your hands clean.

Revenge isn't the answer, as God says "Vengeance is mine. I will repay."


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