November 30, 2007

Volume 66

1. CELEBRITY Cute Kids
2. CELEBRITY Out And About
3. CELEBRITY Look Alikes
4. CELEBRITY Funny Photos
5. ENTERTAINMENT Dora The Explorer
6. LEGAL FILE Madonna Lawsuit
7. LEGAL FILE Burkle Blames Ovitz For Pellicano Invasion Of Privacy
8. LEGAL NEWS The 1.75 Billion Dollar Firewall That Failed
9. SPIRITUAL Faith In Times Of Trouble


The "United Colors Of Benetton" Family The Jolie Pitts:

Actor Lawrenz Tate and his adorable son (son's mother on the right):

Aww, isn't she absolutely adorable - pint sized British singer with the big, beautiful voice, Connie Talbot (this little girl can out-sing people three times her age):

Actress Selma Hayek and her adorable new born Valentina, who is smirking in this photo because she knows her daddy is CEO of Gucci:

Actress Jennifer Garner and her little cutie pie Violet who stated: I've got to put some 22's (rims) on this:


Look at them swooning over David Beckham:

Try not to swoon so hard...that goes for you too Tom (in the middle with the Colgate grin). Really Meryl, try not to look so happy:

Actress Jennifer Lopez looking like a doll...a pregnant doll (just teasing). She's glowing and looking beautiful:

Singer and cancer survivor Kylie Minogue looking great on the red carpet:

This is a fabulous look:

Royal consort Chelsy Davy wearing a very stylish number:

Royal consort Kate Middleton looking great in gray:

Singer Ciara looking fabulous on the red carpet. The mix of materials in one outfit looks great:

Model Christie Brinkley, as always, looking great. She still looks the same - great at any age. The hairstyle is flawless:

Model Petra Nemcova looking very stylish and casual in this cute ensemble:


I used to watch the show "The Young and the Restless" in the 90's and I must say, it appears the people of Argentina have elected Jill Abbott as their president. Just kidding, but don't they look alike - Jess "Jill Abbot" Walton (left) and newly elected Argentinean President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner (right):

Doesn't Actress Christian Ricci (left) look like Vogue editor Anna Wintour (right) in this pic with her new cut:

CELEBRITY Funny Photos

It's safe to say, you weren't ready for your close up:

Singer Beyonce (pictured above)

It's safe to say, you need to lay off the cosmetic surgery. You're still in your twenties and yet you've had so much work done (and it's making you look older than you are):

Singer Jessica Simpson (pictured above)

Well, as long as you're not drunk or high or drunk and high, Lindsay:


My friend's 2 year old daughter loves the animated character Dora The Explorer. My mom got her some Dora yogurt the other day and she, who could barely speak, lit up and ate food she normally wouldn't. I thought, you little sucker, they just conned you into eating yogurt (teasing). 

Recently, in trying to find her a Dora gift for Christmas, I was stunned to see how many products the little Latina has. Dora was on dolls, books, DVDs, bags, frozen vegetables, yogurt and ice cream. She's the highest paid Latina in Hollywood, not Jennifer Lopez (teasing)

Dora: hey J-Lo check out my bling:

Dora: What? I'm being audited by the IRS on an anonymous tip:

J-Lo: (whistling)

LEGAL FILE Madonna Lawsuit

For updates on the case please visit the Lawsuit page of my web site:

We've reached a settlement in the U.N. case regarding my former home. The settlement was reached with Kenneth Meyer and brokered by my new attorney, who is also going over the copyright case. Thanks to former Jamaican Prime Minister the Hon. PJ Patterson for finding the attorney. God bless you.

LEGAL FILE Burkle Blames Ovitz For Pellicano Invasion Of Privacy


Grocery Store Mogul Ron Burkle

Grocery magnate, billionaire Ron Burkle, slammed disgraced former Hollywood CEO, Michael Ovtiz, accusing him of hiring the now incarcerated, Anthony Pellicano, to illegally spy on him via wiretaps and other unsavory conduct. The pattern of invasion of privacy and harassment Burkle complains of, fits that of Pellicano's numerous victims.

``Michael hired Anthony Pellicano to come out and tap my phones and provide other illegal activity, which I think is repulsive and, I think, it speaks to his character,'' Burkle said in a deposition. - Bloomberg

In other Anthony Pellicano news, the disgraced PI is whining from prison that the Feds violated his 6th Amendment rights. Oh, put a cork in it, already. You worry about protecting your major orifices in jail and let everybody else be the judge of whose rights got violated, Mr. I wiretap, hack, threaten and stalk people when I'm not breaking into their homes Watergate style.

All of a sudden Pellicano cares about human rights. It's so hypocritical coming from this man. He violated most of the U.S. Code and Constitution at innocent people's expense, yet he is complaining about rights violations.

He allegedly wiretapped, hacked and destroyed hard drives, stalked, committed identity theft as harassment and threatened many people. He did this repeatedly on behalf of stars in Hollywood and a allegedly certain 2008 Presidential Candidate with connections to celebrities that wanted to know things about opponents, business partners, spouses in divorces and potentially lucrative new companies they wished to defraud out of their assets.

This man is alleged to have threatened a woman and her disabled child, to persuade her not to pursue legal action against one of his dirty clients.

This man is alleged to have sent people their live children's death certificates with notes stating he knows where they go to school.

He allegedly harassed and terrorized one woman so badly in Los Angeles on behalf of a Hollywood degenerate, terrifying her to such degrees that she flew all the way to Israel to phone and report it to the FBI in America, as Pellicano was said to have bugged her phone and property, watching her every move, as he has done to others.

This is the type of psychopath we're dealing with. It takes a sick mind to do these things. Yet stars in Hollywood, some of whom have been indicted, with more to follow, knew and kept lining up to pay this man to engage in this very illegal conduct.

Because in Hollywood they are long on money and short on brains. Under the law, if you commission a crime, you may as well have done it by the time it gets through criminal court.

As far as I am concerned, as someone who has seen your tactics up close, they need to lock you away and throw away the key, as you are a psychopathic public menace that cannot be trusted with any form of freedom.

And the stars that knowingly paid you are just as disgusting and contemptible as you are. You Hollywood degenerates that paid this man need a dose of your own medicine via a government probe. Criminals are subjected to this, so why not you, as you have broken the law:

You need to be wiretapped via judicial order with your business and that of your family ending up in transcripts, just like you paid Pellicano to illegally do to innocent people, in violation of the U.S. Code.

You need to be followed around and watched like a house pet, by government employees, to see exactly what you get up to, just like you paid Pellicano to illegally do to innocent people, in violation of the U.S. Code.

You need to be threatened and barked at, but by government employees questioning you to ascertain just how much you knew and when, just like you paid Pellicano to illegally do to innocent people, in violation of the U.S. Code.

You need to have your computers hacked, hard drives copied, bank accounts scanned, medical records accessed and prescriptions photocopied, but by government employees, just like you paid Pellicano to illegally do to innocent people, in violation of the U.S. Code.

You deserve some old fashioned justice in legally being subjected to the same treatment you dished out, but at the hands of the authorities, in action other criminals have had to face in government sanctioned investigative probes.

LEGAL NEWS The 1.75 Billion Dollar Firewall That Failed

Unisys struck a 1.75 billion dollar deal with Homeland Security for computer security, but the system was breached anyway. Well, just as long as it works, then (not). Can you say refund. 

FBI looks into security breaches, pings Unisys

Network security solutions sold to the US government had better do what they say on the tin. That's the message put forward this week by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), which is probing claims Unisys overlooked a series of taps into Department of Homeland Security systems by Chinese hackers.

The agency believes Unisys failed to prevent Chinese access to an estimated 150 DHS computers for five months last year and says the firm subsequently covered up its lapse once detected.

Unisys has received $1.75 billion in network security deals with the DHS and the Transportation Security Administration since 2002. Unisys disputed claims it botched installation of network security and said it would be found innocent of criminal fraud.

SPIRITUAL Faith In Times Of Trouble

In times of trouble people sometimes ponder the meaning of their life. We live in a world that is in turmoil, often with more problems that we can count. But you have a choice. You can do the courageous thing and face your problems with faith, in the belief that with prayer things will get better - or you can do the negative, let go to defeat. The latter is not the right path to choose.

Sometimes the unthinkable happens. No one wants that, but sometimes it does. However, it is in those moments that you have to decide in your heart and mind that you are not going to give up, but move forward in faith.

Time will diminish the hurt. But you have to take that first step forward in the path of progress.


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